All Star Cheer Uniform That Judges Love

Being new on the scene, ICT Cheer Legacy of Wichita, KS needed a trendsetting cheer uniform that would dominate the stage and leave their mark on the competition floor. Knowing GK Cheer had an eye for style and fashion forward designs, they decided to give us a try. The results far exceeded ICT Cheer Legacy's expectations and not only made their mark at the competition, but set the standard for All Star cheer apparel everywhere. 

Custom GK Cheer Uniform for ICT Cheer Legacy

Owner, Kristin Mountain, tells us, "GK Cheer is the best of the best! With ICT Legacy being a new gym this year, we knew we had to come out of the gate looking amazing. Working closely with our GK Cheer Territory Account Manager, Jaime Verble, and the design team we were able to design an All Star cheer uniform we instantly fell in love with. At every competition we have received numerous compliments from other parents, coaches, and even gym owners. We have even received several comments on our score sheets from the judges saying 'Love the cheerleading uniforms and the sparkle!'"

2015 Custom All Star Cheer Uniform by GK Cheer

2015 Custom ICT Legacy GK Cheerleading UniformWondering what makes this custom All Star cheer uniform stand out? The unique combination of sublimated technology with classic cut and sew styling brings this girl's cheer wear to the next level. The custom cheer crop top features white drytech and ocean mystique shoulder and cuff details that give way to a modified racerback design. Impressive sublimated logos on moisture-wicking inktek fabric jump out from every angle of this cheerleading crop top. The real gem of this All Star cheer uniform is the dazzling clear Swarovski® crystals that explode from behind the custom logos and outline the classic neckline. The custom cheer shorts in black drytech fabric display matching white drytech and ocean mystique side angles outlined with clear Swarovski® crystals for a flawless finish.

When designing your own cheer uniform, remember the sky is the limit. Our ink'd sublimated technology allows you to add personalized embellishments that are uniquely yours. Click here to learn more about our ink'd line to design an All Star cheer uniform everyone wants. 

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Custom GK Cheer High School Uniforms Set the Standard

McLean High School Varsity Cheer Squad in VA designed a unique cheerleading uniform that broke the mold for high school cheer apparel across the nation. Fashionable, classy, and sparkling with team spirit, these custom cheer uniforms bring an All Star look to this high school cheer team. 

Custom GK Cheer Uniform for McLean High School

2014 Custom GK High School Cheerleading One Piece

The McLean sideline sweethearts chose to go with a custom cheer one piece uniform, similar to our Funky Shoulder Cheer One Piece U1103, for optimal comfort and convenience. This high school uniform in striking gunmetal mystique displays red and white mystique trim along the cheer skirt hem and wide neckline with a unique right shoulder strap detail. White mesh sleeve panels outlined in red mystique create added breathable comfort and give this high school cheerleading uniform an athletic edge. A custom applique embroidery logo in white and red mystique embellished with clear Swarovski® crystals brings their school spirit to life. More clear and ruby Swarovski® crystals are scattered along the sleeves and gather at the cuff for a fire and brilliance that cannot be beat. 

2014 Custom GK Cheer Men's Uniform

The guys added a masculine twist to this high school cheer uniform by using moisture-wicking drytech fabric on their custom cheer shirt and pants. This graphite drytech men's cheer shirt, similar to our V-Neck Raglan Men's Cheer Uniform Top UM104, showcases contrasting white drytech stripes that run along the sleeves and give way to symmetrical red drytech cuff accents. A white and red drytech applique embroidery custom logo was added to the center chest. For an affordable alternative to a custom cheer pant, they chose our Men's Basic Cheerleading Uniform Pant UM500 in graphite drytech.

If you are looking for a totally unique look from what is offered in our Special Order Cheer Uniforms, you can choose to design your own cheerleading uniform. Let our talented designers take your concept and turn it into reality. Click here for more information on custom GK cheer uniforms.

GK Cheer. The Next Level. 



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Men's GK Cheer Uniform is All Star Parent's Top Pick

Coed teams look to their male athletes to be the strength, courage, and backbone of their team. So why not give them a trendsetting All Star cheer uniform that works as hard as they do?  All That All Stars in Amesbruy, MA did just that. They recently were given the opportunity to design a new All Star cheerleading uniform for their coed team. After working with a competitor's brand for years, they decided to go with GK Cheer and will never go back.

2014 GK Cheer All That Uniform2014 All That Sensation All Star Cheerleading Uniform by GK Cheer

According to Melissa Morales, team parent, her experience working with GK Cheer's Territory Account Manager, Heath Haskell, couldn't have been better. She tell us, "From Heath's innovative ideas and sharp eyes for clean lines, he helped us design a one-of-a-kind cheer uniform that is not only comfortable but really stands out. The material that GK Cheer used is lightweight and extremely comfortable which is key for my son. Thank you again for delivering on time and making this such a great experience."

Miguel is looking all that in our V-Neck Raglan Men's Uniform Top UM104 and custom cheerleading pant. The athletic boy's cheer shirt in navy drytech fabric offers strong stripe details in white spandex and pink sparkle hologram along the sleeves and shoulders. A custom applique embroidery logo in matching colors draws attention to the front while an even more sensational custom logo in brilliance Swarovski® crystals with a white spandex star blinds the competition from the back.  The custom men's cheerleading pants perfectly match the men's cheer top with complementary athletic striping along the sides. Find a similar cheer pant selection for your coed team here.

Did you know you can design your own girl's or boy's cheer uniform online in our Design Studio? Just pick your favorite All Star or high school cheerleading uniforms, choose your colors and fabrics, and add your unique touches with our embellishments for a one-of-a-kind look that will bring your competitive edge to the next level. Click here to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Show Stopping Custom All Star GK Cheerleading Uniform

All Star Legacy Cheerleaders from Upper Marlboro, MD lived up to their name in this memorable GK cheerleading uniform. This custom All Star cheer uniform left onlookers speechless as these young athletes sported their GK Cheer swag on the mat. The sleek silhouette and sparkling crystal embellishments kept this All Star team at the forefront of everyone's minds.

Legacy All Stars Custom GK Cheerleading Uniform

Owner Chanel Day couldn't get over the fabulous fit and superior customer serivce she receives when working with GK Cheer. She tells us, "I've ordered All Star cheer uniforms from GK Cheer since 2012 and have had nothing but great experiences.  What attracted me initially was the precise cheerleading uniform fit, attention to custom detail, and an overall superior craftmanship of the cheer wear.  I ultimately chose GK Cheer because I was looking for a company that could give my athletes a one-of-a-kind look. I knew what I created was what I would receive!  In addition to being in awe with our All Star cheerleading uniforms, I consistently received superior customer service from my Territory Account Manager, Julie Dawson.  She genuinely helped to ensure that all of my cheerleading apparel needs were met!  Her caring personality and willingness to exceed my standards were unmatched!  GK Cheer is definitely our All Star cheer uniform supplier for life!"

2014 Legacy All Stars Custom GK Cheer Uniform

These All Star athletes designed their own cheerleading uniform to take their competitive season to the next level. Their stylish scoop neck cheer crop top in white drytech features an audacious red mystique halter strap that falls into an open racerback design. Curved side shoulder accents in columbia blue drytech lead into a shimmering red mystique, black drytech, and white drytech wrap around sleeve detail. Brilliance Swarovski® crystals follow the sleeve swirl and intricately outline the scoop neckline. A custom applique embroidery logo in black drytech outlined in red mystique with an endless sea of sparkling brilliance Swarovski® crystals outline their gym name.

Their All Star cheer shorts in white drytech feature a black drytech faux belt with red mystique loops and brilliance Swarovski® crystals scattered along the side and embellishing the custom logo. If you love this custom All Star cheerleading uniform, check out our Side Panel Halter Cheer Crop Top U118 and our Low Rise Faux Belted Cheer Short U520L for a similar style.

If you see a unique and progressive cheer uniform chances are you're seeing a GK.  GK Cheer has the extraordinary ability to create the most cutting edge, fashion forward All Star cheer uniforms that will leave a legacy on the competition floor. Don't believe us? Click here to see for yourself why we are the most sought after cheer apparel manufacturer in the industry

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Why GK Cheer One Piece Uniform is Hassle Free

Everyone loves a spunky cheer crop top or the classic silhouette of a cheerleading long top, but have you ever considered a one piece uniform for your next look? The convenience, hassle free ease of All Star cheer one piece uniforms are quickly gaining popularity and will be showing up more and more on the floor. Think about it, no more forgetting your cheer briefs or remembering to pack every piece of your cheer uniform. No more seeing your athletes pull on their cheer uniforms during a performance. You can just grab and go with GK Cheer one piece uniforms

GK Cheer All Star Uniform

RockStarz All Stars show us how to do a cheerleading one piece uniform right! These classy ladies love the convenience of having all their uniform pieces in one place while still having an innovative, sassy design.

2014 GK Cheer All Star Uniform

These RockStarz cheer girls are stunning in this custom cheer uniform. A white drytech bodice provides a crisp, clean look while shimmering navy mystique sleeves give an eye-catching contrast. Bright seaglass sparkle hologram and white drytech trim wraps around the sleeves and gives way to the strappy back that reveals a dramatic open back cut out in the center. A faux seaglass sparkle belt showcases the one-of-a-kind cheer skort. Jade Swarovski® crystals explode with a diamond like sparkle from behind the custom applique embroidery logo in navy mystique. Nothing says RockStarz like the unending fire and brilliance of clear Swarovski® crystals scattered throughout the sleeves for a fabulous finish.

Ready for a hassle free All Star cheer wear? Click here to design your own one piece cheerleading uniform and bring your team to the next level.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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How to Make Your All Star Cheer Uniform Stand Out

Want to have the trendsetting cheer wear that everyone is talking about? Keep reading to find out how Jersey Elite All Stars took their style to the next level in their custom GK Cheer uniform. Elegant audacity, contrasting color combinations, and a sleek fit set this All Star's cheerleading apparel a part from the rest. 

Jersey Elite All Stars Rock Custom GK Cheer Uniform

Custom GK Cheer Uniform

These All Star athletes started with a sleek cheerleading leotard that provided a clean, crisp look and showed off their custom cheer skirt. Next, they chose high performing black drytech fabric with moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties for all day comfort. Choosing a contrasting color combination is key to standing out in the crowd which is why Jersey Elite chose shimmering columbia blue mystique to accent the shoulders and cuff detail. Striking sterling silver mystique along select style lines and the strappy "X" back brings a central color theme throughout this cheer wear. A figure flattering inverted v detail in white sparkle hologram gives way to elegant wrap around black mesh fabric along the center. No trendsetting girl's cheerleading uniform is complete without the finest bling money can buy. Clear Swarovski® crystals bring a brilliant sparkle to the black mesh insert while silver sequinz™ accent the sleeves. To finish it off, they added a custom team applique embroidery logo in sterling silver mystique outlined in crystals.

The custom cheer skirt is equally inspiring with a timless black drytech base and a wide white sparkle hologram waist belt. Unique corner accents in columbia blue mystique with sterling silver mystique criss cross details mirror the "X" back and bring exquisite dimension to this custom cheerleading skirt. 

If you love this custom All Star cheer uniform, check out our Fierce Back V Neck Cheer Leotard U1003 and our Low Rise Corner Accent Cheer Skirt U709L for a similar eye-catching look. We challenge you to be the next trendsetting team with a unique, innovative GK Cheer uniform

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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How to Design a Custom Cheer Uniform That Others Want

Want a custom look that is sure to get you noticed this season? Idaho Inferno All Stars of Idaho Falls, ID did just that in this custom ink'd sublimated GK cheer uniform. Ink'd by GK is the latest, state-of-the-art technology that allows you limitless creative ability to design your best cheerleading apparel yet! Keep reading to see how these All Star athletes are rocking some of the finest cheer apparel in the market.

Inferno All Stars in Custom GK Cheer Uniform

Sublimated GK Cheer Uniform

Idaho Inferno All Stars will be turning heads in this one-of-a-kind girl's ink'd cheerleading uniform. This custom cheer crop top in our moisture wicking inktek fabric showcases an artistic bright blue and white cross body flame with a contrasting white and silver angled cuff detail on the right sleeve. Shimmering silver mystique trim outlines the asymmetrical neckline and the left shoulder strap. The sublimated low rise cheer shorts perfectly compliment the unique cheer crop top with front to back white accents and a wide silver mystique comfort waistband. Metallic silver Swarovski® crystals are added along select style lines to add even more brilliance and fire to this stunning All Star cheer uniform. The real show stopper is a metallic silver crystal accent sparkling beneath the sublimated logo lightly packed with electric blue Swarovski® crystals across the center chest.

Our goal at GK Cheer is to guarantee a memorable All Star or High School cheerleading uniform by outfitting your athletes in the highest quality, most innovative team cheerleading wear in the industry. Ink'd by GK Cheer allows you infinite possibilities in designing your unique cheerleading apparel that will captivate your team's personality. Click here to turn your ink'd ideas into reality today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Maryland Twisters Set the Standard in Custom GK Cheer Uniform

The Maryland Twisters are known for their highly skilled routines, talented All Stars, and fashion forward GK cheerleading uniforms. This year's Cell's All Star cheer uniform is no different. The eye-catching design and flawless fit proves to be a cut above the rest and ushers in a perfect storm of compliments at every competition. 

2014 Maryland Twisters Cells Custom GK Cheer Uniform

2014 Maryland Twisters Cells Custom GK Cheer UniformYou can see the MD Twisters Cells compete this year in a custom cheerleading leotard and coordinating custom cheer short. Black mystique provides a sleek base while electric turquoise mystique, seaglass sparkle hologram, and white sparkle hologram create an abstract wrap around wave design throughout. Cascading brilliance Swarovski® crystals artistically outline the front and back curves and create a sparkling accent to the scoop back neckline. Custom Maryland Twister applique embroidery logos in white sparkle hologram and electric turquoise mystique add a strong competitive edge to this one-of-a-kind All Star cheer uniform. If you love this look, check out our Special Order Cheerleading Leotards here.

What makes this All Star gym choose GK Cheerleading apparel to outfit their teams year after year? Our perfect fit, high quality, 4-way stretch fabrics, and progressive designs gives the Maryland Twisters the confidence they need to take home the championship title. While their talent and skill is memorable, our cheer uniforms leave a lasting legacy this All Star gym is famous for. Click here to visit us online and see why we are this champion's choice. 

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Meet Shelly Altman, GK Cheer Territory Account Manager for Arizona

We are excited to introduce the newest member of the GK Cheer family, Shelly Altman. Shelly will be the Territory Account Manager for Arizona. With years of experience in the sport of cheerleading, we can't wait to see what new and fresh ideas she will bring to the table to increase brand awareness to her territory. 

GK Cheer Territory Account Manager Shelly Altman

Born and raised in Arizona, this native knows what the gyms are looking for in All Star cheerleading apparel. She began cheerleading at the young age of eight and has maintained a love and passion for the sport throughout her entire life. After graduating from California State University Fullerton, she married her assistant cheer coach whom she worked with at an Orange County All Star gym. They have two children and enjoyed coaching together for Pacific Coast Magic Anaheim and numerous high school and college teams. Recently, they were given the opportunity to move back home and become gym owners for an All Star Cheer and Gymnastics facility in Northern Arizona.  They are thrilled to begin their new journey in their home state together doing what they love and bringing the finest performance enhancing cheer wear to Arizona.

Because her years of cheerleading and coaching, Shelly knows what cheer gyms are looking for when it comes to quality cheer apparel, which is why she joined the GK Cheer sales team. With our trendsetting styles, high quality fabrics and embellishments, and perfect fit we meet the needs of All Star and sideline cheer teams worldwide. 

Welcome to the family, Shelly! We can't wait to see how you will bring GK Cheer to Arizona and outfit athletes in the finest cheer practice wear and cheerleading uniforms in the market. 

If you live in Arizona and are looking for that competitive edge this season, you can contact Shelly Altman at Visit our Territory Account Manager directory to find your GK Cheer sales representative to outfit your athletes in the most sought after cheer wear in the industry. 

GK Cheer. The Next Level. 


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GK Cheer Practice Wear That You Will Go Wild Over

Need All Star cheer team practice wear that works as hard as your athletes do? Jersey Wild All Stars in Hamilton, NJ showed one of the finest displays of team unity in their stylish GK cheer practice apparel. This winning team knows in order to be the best, you have to train in the best which is why they chose GK Cheer practice wear to bring their unified, professional look to the next level.

GK Cheer Lemon Lime Trimmed V Neck Cheer Top CB147These Jersey All Stars are wild about our Lemon Lime Trimmed V-Neck Crop Top CB147 and our Tech Mesh Back Cheer Top CB133. This v neck cheer crop top features our high performing black drytech fabric with moisture wicking and anti microbial properties. Bright lemon lime mystique trim outlines the athletic racerback design that gives way to a black techmesh panel insert for the ultimate breathable comfort.  Our Tech Mesh Back Cheer Top CB133 showcases a racerback cheer practice top in black drytech fabric with shimmering lemon lime mystique side panels and a black techmesh back. A custom team logo in lemon lime and purple sequinz sparkles endlessly across the center chest of these personalized cheer practice tops. 

Tech Mesh Back GK Cheer Top CB133

They paired these sassy cheerleading practice tops with our coordinating Asymmetrical Swirl Cheer Short CB534 for a winning look. These black drytech cheer shorts feature a sassy lemon lime mystique swirl front design outlined in sparkling clear crystals.

Personalize any of our In Stock cheerleading apparel with your team name or logo in your choice of jewels, sequinz®, imprinting, or embroidery. Click here to get started designing your own unique GK cheer wear. 

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Meet Carey Tiernan, GK Cheer's New Business Development Manager for the Midwest Territories

Congratulations to GK Cheer Territory Account Manager Carey Tiernan on her recent promotion to Business Development Manager. Carey will be overseeing the Midwest Territories cheerleading accounts and looking for ways to maximize brand awareness in that part of the country.

Carey Tiernan, GK Cheer Business Development ManagerCarey is seasoned in the sport of cheerleading and knows exactly what gyms are looking for in cheerleading apparel. Knowing GK Cheer offers only the highest quality, American made cheer wear fuels Carey's passion to bring our innovative sideline and All Star cheer uniforms and cheerleading practice wear to her territory. 

Ever since she was little, Carey has continuously been a part of the cheer and dance scene. As she got older, she pursued a Bachelors Degree in Dance from Wright State University where she performed on the nationally ranked dance team. After college, she became the captain of the Dayton Skyhawks, the cheer squad for the professional indoor football team. Throughout the years, she has continued to remain very active in the cheerleading world, including heading up and running two All Star programs, coaching levels 1-10 competitive gymnasts, judging All Star cheer and dance events for nine years, as well as gaining extensive experience in All Star cheer uniform sales and territory management. When Carey is not working, she spends her time raising her two beautiful daughters and helping her husband run their accounting business.  

We are so grateful to have this talented athlete a part of our team and look forward to seeing how she will continue to expand GK Cheer's influence in Midwest Territories. 

Need cutting edge cheerleading uniforms or cheer team practice wear? Contact your local Cheer Territory Account Manager today to take your team to the next level!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Cheer Tyme GK Uniforms You Have to See to Believe

This impressive large senior five Cheer Tyme Love cheerleading uniform encompasses innovation and creative design on a whole new level. Sublimated mesh, fierce camo accents, and hundreds of crystals make this All Star cheer uniform one of the finest pieces we have produced yet. Needless to say, Cheer Tyme Love was blown away by this custom GK cheer uniform, and it's not hard to see why.

Cheer Tyme Love Rocks Custom GK Cheer Uniform

2014 Cheer Tyme Love Custom GK Cheer UniformThis custom Cheer Tyme uniform utilizes the variety of different fabric combinations GK Cheer has to offer. Black mesh creates a modified mock neck top that gives way to a purple nylon/spandex open racerback design. Sublimated mesh sleeves showcase a brilliant purple ombre detail on top with a shimmering camouflage sublimated print design on foiltek underneath. Black mystique trims the off the shoulder neckline and outlines the purple nylon/spandex center that showcases the custom white opalescence and kelly green logo. A white opalescence arc adds a sleek contrast to this unique cheer crop top. The low rise sublimated cheer shorts compliment the cheer uniform top brilliantly. Designed with purple nylon/spandex with a wide, crystal encrusted black mystique waist band features a coordinating camouflage sublimated design to mirror the sleeves. Brilliance Swarovski® crystals bring an immeasurable sparkle to this breath taking custom cheer uniform.

Many companies are in the sublimation business, but not all sublimation is the same. The ink'd program at GK Cheer has been years in the making, taking the necessary time to research the best technology, fabrics and inks. Click here to read more about our ink'd sublimated line and see how you can take your cheerleading apparel to the next level.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Under Armour Sideline Cheer Uniforms Coming Soon

March 2015 marks the beginning of the most advanced, performance enhancing sideline Under Armour® cheerleading uniforms that have ever hit the scene. Our mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation and we have met our mark with Under Armour® cheer apparel exclusively available through GK Cheer

Under Armour Cheerleading Uniforms

Get ready to witness never before seen, state of the art cheerleading uniforms that feature the most cutting edge styles and designs.  We will be introducing ArmourFuse®, the most advanced sublimated designs that captivate the very essence of school spirit, passion, and winning pride.

Under Armour Cheer ArmourFuseUnder Armour Cheer Classic Uniforms

Jump into our cheer classic silhouettes featuring our performance enhancing fabrics with the Under Armour® stamp of approval. This large selection of legendary cheer uniforms will make sure everyone knows who owns the court!

With this new line of performance enhancing high school cheer uniforms, we will be presenting Under Armour cheer warm-ups, gym bags, gym gear and accessories that are ready and waiting to ignite your passion for the sport of cheerleading to the fullest. 

GK Cheer has been chosen as the preferred partner to manufacturer Under Armour®'s newest line of cheerleading apparel available in child and adult sizes. We have been recognized as a leader in the cheerleading apparel industry for our superior quality, perfect fit, and extraordinary customer service. We understand what your athletes need to own the sideline and perform at their optimal potential, which is why Under Armour® chose GK Cheer to give you the finest cheerleading uniforms in the market. 

Every Under Armour® cheer product is doing something for you: it's making you better. Every piece is created with performance DNA to give you the building blocks for your most successful season yet. Our 4-way stretch fabric improves mobility and performance. We've designed every pattern to incorporate a proprietary fit formula that ensures an exceptional fit, and our four thread overlock stitching and 16 stitches per inch exceeds the industry standard resulting in the most durable cheer apparel in the industry. 

Be the best, be the strongest, be the standard with Under Armour® Sideline Cheer coming soon in March 2015.

I Will What I Want.

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Custom GK Cheer Uniform Brings Championship Titles to Fairfax High School

Need a cheerleading uniform that not only looks good but also works as hard as your athletes? Head cheerleading coach Wes Vaughan of Fairfax High School in Fairfax, VA came to us two years ago looking for a high school cheer uniform that was not only aesthetically appealing but would enhance the athletes' performance and confidence. Vaughan confirms that GK Cheer more than just delivered when he tells us that, "For the second year in a row, GK Cheer has delivered a quality, custom-made, unique, and outstanding cheerleading uniform that adds to the success of our program," which included bringing home an impressive list of accomplishments and the 2013 Virgina State Title for varsity cheerleading. 

Custom GK Cheer Uniform for Fairfax High School

Fairfax is sporting a custom GK cheerleading uniform that is similar to our One Shoulder Swirl Cheer Uniform Top U171L and School Fit Single Stripe Hem Cheer Skirt U713S. Royal drytech fabric brings a rich color that highlights the contrasting white drytech and black cross body stripes. Clear and electric blue Swarovski® crystals gather around the cuff and give off a radiant brilliance. A custom applique embroidery logo in white drytech amplifies their school spirit and tops off this custom GK cheer uniform top. The custom cheer skirt in royal drytech features a wide white drytech waistband with double side slits and attached boycut briefs.

Custom GK High School Cheer Uniform

Here at GK Cheer we know that when you feel better you perform better which is why we have perfected the fit of our cheerleading uniforms. Your athletes will have a greater range of movement, be more comfortable, and explode with confidence when they hit the floor in their GK Cheer uniforms. Click here to see why we are the most sought after cheerleading apparel brand in the market

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Save 50% on GK Cheer Apparel Clearance

For a limited time only save 50% on already reduced cheerleading practice apparel. Find clearance cheer crop tops, cheerleading shorts, and mesh workout jerseys for a fraction of the cost. Valid now through December 31, 2014, we are offering you the lowest prices of the season with an additional 50% off. Just use promo code C14C12CC at checkout to save! Quantities and sizes are limited and all orders are subject to stock on hand, so be sure to get yours today here. See below to get a taste of what's in store. 

GK Cheer Red Racerback Cheer Crop Top CB130A

Need a new cheer practice top? Check out our Red Racerback Cheer Crop Top CB130A. This basic scoop neck cheerleading crop top in red drytech features a comfortable racerback design with black binding trim. 

GK Cheer Berry V-Neck Crop Top CB148


For a sassy twist, choose our Berry V Neck Cheer Crop Top CB148. This deep v neck cheerleading practice top in berry drytech offers black binding with a stylish twist back detail.


GK Cheer Black Mesh Cheerleading Jersey L1021B

Show off your athletic edge in our Black Mesh Cheerleading Jersey L1021B. This sporty mesh cheer jersey features a white imprinted number '1' with a front jewel detail. Personalize this cheer shirt by adding your team name on the back. This style is also available in red, navy, and royal blue. 


Personalize any of our clearance cheerleading practice wear with your choice of jewels, sequinz®, embroidery, or imprinting where available. Our 50% off sale is only available until December 31, 2014 for U.S. Consumer Accounts. Use promo code C14C12CC at checkout to save. Click here to see our full clearance selection and start shopping today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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