California All Stars and Maryland Twisters Win at Worlds Wearing GK Cheer!

The California All Stars and the Maryland Twisters F5 teams both competed in the 2009 Cheer Worlds competition in April wearing the new GK Elite Sportswear Cheer Uniforms.

GK Cheer Uniforms 0 Worlds

photos by Action Moments

GK’s New Cheer Uniforms took Cheerleading Worlds by storm, showing some of the hottest innovations in Cheerleading Apparel seen on this stage in years.

Responding to what cheer teams were telling us, GK designed uniforms for the needs of the athletes. We utilize the same super-stretch fabrics using in our Gymnastics apparel. and for Cheerleaders, that is what is needed.

Stretch fabrics that do not bind
Form Fitting
No Zippers
Jeweling Options to make you shine

GK offers both In stock Basics Cheerleading apparel, including Bra Tops, crop tops and shorts, and our Design Studio Special order Cheer Unis – where you choose the fabrics and colors for your team.

For people keeping score,

The Maryland Twisters were wearing

U105 – Long Sleeve Crop Top
U500L – Cheer Shorts

The Cali All Stars were wearing

U118 – Long Sleeve Crop Top

See the Cheer Uniforms Everyone is talking about Online!:

GK Cheer Uniforms

GK Cheer Team Coordinates

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