Monmouth Cheer Represents Visual Magnificence in GK Cheer Uniforms

Monmouth Cheer Academy all-stars are magnificent in their new GK Cheer Uniforms! This is MCA’s first year competing as all-stars, and they’re doing great, which is no surprise to the Academy. They tell us, “When cheer coordinator, Daniel Morelos, began the program he already had a following from his successful history with Monmouth Gymnastics. Word spread like wild fire and Monmouth Cheer Academy, also known as MCA, was able to form two full teams. We created a Junior and a Mini team and trained athletes who have never cheered a day in their life to compete with all-stars.” MCA’s most prized accomplishment is the profound passion that their girls have for the gym’s newest sport.

To display their enthusiasm for their new found sport, Monmouth chose our V Front V Back Crop Top U107 and Low Rise Round Edge Cheer Short U525L to keep them dry and comfortable during their intense performances. We love how they coordinated their brilliant color combination, Sapphire DryTech and Red Slither, and embellishments in a way that fosters bold visuals on the the competition floor. Accomplished gyms understand the aesthetic significance of Jewels in performances, and Monmouth Cheer, with over 40 years of gymnastics competition experience, is no exception. To create a special glow under the florescent lighting of the stage/floor, Monmouth chose to adorn the White DryTech lettering on their Junior and Mini cheer uniforms with lightly packed clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and outline the entire name in Red Slither to create a clear, bold statement. The Sapphire belt and continuous design lines on the short add visual drama during routines, and the one inch extended inseam, assures maximum coverage and comfort throughout. This longer short is so great for school age athletes that we made it standard in our School Fit Collection.

Start your team off on the right foot this season. Give them a spirited, Special Order uniform from the fastest growing cheerleading apparel brand in the industry.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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