Maryland Twisters Joselyn N. Carries On the Family Legacy

Former Maryland Twisters F5 All Star, Taylor Hall, is back on the cheer scene with her daughter Joselyn N., also known as Jossy in the gym world, who is following in her mom’s footsteps. This little cutie pie is carrying on her mom’s All Star cheer legacy as a Maryland Twisters team member and a GK Cheer catalog model!

Maryland Twisters F5 2009 GK Catalog Cover Model, Taylor HallTaylor Hall was the first ever GK Cheer catalog cover model in 2009. This inspiring athlete earned a spot on the Maryland Twisters F5 large senior team in the 6th grade. This accomplishment set her up to receive four NCA National Championships and a Cheer Worlds gold medal. She was also chosen as Inside Cheerleading Magazine’s All Sta All-American athlete. This prestigious award is granted by iC and Nfinity shoes who pick out the top 20 athletes that are true standouts in the sport of cheerleading. 

It’s now Joselyn’s turn to carry the flame and show the sport of cheerleading what she has to offer. One thing is for sure, this little lady has enough spunk and cheer spirit to uphold the family name! Look for her in our upcoming GK catalogs.

Maryland Twisters Custom GK Cheer Uniform

Joselyn is rocking a custom Maryland Twisters cheerleading leotard and matching cheer skirt. This stunning All Star cheerleading uniform in ocean mystique with a black mesh center insert offers a radiant royal sparkle hologram and black mystique wrap around ribbon design. Brilliance Swarovski® crystals shine as bright as this adorable All Star throughout the custom uniform. The black mystique cheer skirt features ocean mystique and radiant royal sparkle hologram ribbon accents with cascading brilliance Swarovski® crystals that appear like an exquisite shooting star across the night sky.

 Maryland Twisters All Star Custom GK Cheer Uniform

We are so excited to have this aspiring athlete a part of the GK family and look forward to seeing her contributions to the sport of cheerleading. Click here to see why Maryland Twisters chooses GK Cheer year after year to outfit their champions. 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.


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