Cheer Sport Great White Sharks Win Big at Worlds 2015

Congratulations to the Cheer Sport Great White Sharks for their incredible win at Cheer Worlds 2015. This All Star team from Canada seemingly effortless battled it out against some of the finest international cheer teams and came out on top as the International Open All Girl Level Five Grand Champions! Their reputation for being the most decorated All Star cheer team in Canada stands firm as they travel back home with another trophy.

Cheer Sport Great White Sharks Grand Champions at Worlds 2015

These cheer queens worked endlessly this season to be crowned the 2015 World Champions, and it paid off. They performed a flawless routine on Monday night and were soon announced the gold trophy winners for a second consecutive year. This award winning team displayed unending amounts of teamwork, dedication to the sport of cheerleading, and fabulous sportsmanship that helped keep them on top.

Great White Cheer Sport Sharks Custom GK Cheer Uniform

A key to maintaining the confidence of a level five shark is sporting a drop dead gorgeous All Star cheerleading uniforms. Every queen needs to be ahead of the trends and sport a stylish cheerleading uniform fit for royalty, which is why Cheer Sport Sharks continue to choose GK Cheer apparel year after year. Click here to find out more about their All Star cheer uniforms. 

We are so proud of these incredible athletes and wish them continued success as they reign supreme in Canada. Click here to find out how you can design your own cheerleading uniform that is Cheer World’s worthy!

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

Click the links below to see more custom designs sported at Worlds 2015:

Never Before Seen Cheer Sport Sharks Custom GK Cheerleading Uniforms 

It’s a Wonderful GK Cheer Uniform World at Worlds 2015



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