Cheerleading Uniform for Kids Encourages Cheer Tyme Sweethearts

This little cutie from Cheer Tyme Sweethearts in Gainesville, VA loves to shine, which is why she instantly fell in love with this sparkling cheerleading uniform for kids. After recently moving to the area, she began attending Cheer Tyme and quickly felt right at home.  Whenever she wears this beautiful cheerleading uniform for kids, it further strengthens the bond with her teammates and makes the adjustment to a new place easier.

Cheer Tyme Sweetheart Custom GK Cheer Uniform

CPCThis Cheer Tyme Sweetheart is proudly sporting a custom cheerleading uniform that is unlike anything she has seen before. The open shoulder styling gives way to kelly green and black drytech drytech straps for the perfect amount of sass. The black drytech and concord mesh bodice is decorated with an exquisite brilliance Swarovski® crystal logo that accentuates the faux sweetheart styling. The long sleeves feature a combination of concord mesh, white opalescence hologram, black mesh, and kelly green drytech fabrics designed in a stripped detail.  A white opalescence hologram and kelly green drytech custom applique embroidery spells out their gym name on the back.

The custom cheer shorts are equally eye-catching! Designed in our moisture wicking black drytech fabric, these cheer shorts feature white opalescence hologram and kelly green drytech side angles with white embroidery script along the right leg. The vibrant imperial purple mystique waistband displays an explosion of brilliance Swarovski® crystals that wrap around to the back.

Whether you are looking to outfit a beginner or level five cheerleader, GK Cheer takes great pride in providing the highest quality and most trendsetting styles available. All of our Special Order Cheer Uniforms are available in adult and child sizes. Click here to design your own cheerleading uniform for kids to give your younger athletes the confidence to succeed.

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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