5 Ways to Design Your Own Cheer Uniform Under $110

Looking for a way to design your own cheer uniform without breaking the bank? We’ve got 5 ways you can outfit your team in a sassy cheer uniform for next to nothing! Reavis High School in Burbank, IL ran into this same situation and with the help of GK Cheer, they were able to personalize these fabulous uniforms for one low cost.

5 Ways to Design Your Own Cheer Uniform for Cheap

Here’s how to design your own cheer uniform on a budget:

5 Ways to Design Your Own Cheer Uniform on a Budget1. Choose an In Stock Cheer Top and make it your own. Items that are in stock are less expensive and have a faster delivery time because they are already manufactured and ready to ship. These high quality, figure flattering tops are designed in our moisture wicking drytech fabrics for extreme comfort and performance at an unbeatable price. You can even personalize any of our In Stock options in your choice of colors like Reavis did. The Reavis girls are sporting our Long Sleeve Crew Neck Uniform Top CB153 in white and navy drytech and the boys are in our Men’s Basic Uniform Top CB903 in white drytech.

2. Pair your In Stock Cheer Top with an In Stock Cheer Skirt or Men’s Cheer Pants. Reavis personalized the Low Rise Cheer Skirt CB700 and Men’s Basic Cheer Pants CB900 by taking the In Stock style and working with their Territory Account Manager to get it in their team colors.

5 Ways to Design Your Own Cheer Uniform on a Budget3. Add your team name or logo in sparkling sequinz™. Sequinz™ provide the maximum bling on a budget. Choose from 23 different colors and two different sizes for a stunning sparkle that looks like a million bucks.

4. Make your team name or logo the focal point of the whole uniform! At only $10 per location, you can go all out on your sequinz™ logo design that dresses up your cheer uniform to the nines.

5. Pay for quality and comfort, not crap. By saving money in the design aspect of the cheer uniform, you can now afford to purchase a high quality cheer uniform that is durable and works as hard as your athletes do. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. Fortunately, with GK Cheer you get premium quality at an affordable cost.

By following these simple steps, you will get more bang for your buck that will last for years. Click here to browse our large selection of In Stock Cheerleading Uniforms. Contact your local Territory Account Manager for more information on how to design your own cheer uniform.

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