Customized Cheer Uniforms that are Anything but Ordinary

Once upon a time, cheer teams had to make the tough choice between style and comfort, between form and function. Fortunately, that time is long gone and athletes are finally able to have it all— customized cheer uniforms with the most eye-catching designs the industry has to offer.

No one knows this better than the lovely ladies at Phase Cheer and Dance Chantilly, VA.  When looking for customized cheer uniforms, the vision relayed to GK was clear: hold to the spirit of classic cheer uniforms in terms of silhouette and functionality, but amp up the wow factor with sophisticated color and design elements that would allow these talented athletes to make their mark both on and off the mat. The result is a truly show-stopping design that makes it clear these ladies are a force to be reckoned with!Designing Customized Cheer Uniforms that are Anything but Ordinary

customized cheer uniforms by GKWe started with a long-sleeve competitive cheer long top in breathable, moisture-wicking black drytech to give the team a traditional base, while creating an effect of shimmering free-flowing ribbons cascading down the length of the sleeves using sublimation on foiltek. To add a bit drama to the mix, the rich, sublimated ribbon colors were then brought onto center stage across the chest and incorporated into the team name using imperial purple and rainforest mystique embroidery. As if that weren’t enough to really get heads turning, the volume was turned up even further with the addition of brilliance Swarovski crystals in the form of a lightning strike element within the team name. Wanting just a bit more shine, but knowing that the unparalleled quality, clarity, and beauty of Swarovski  crystals means a little bit goes a long way, lightly scattered crystals were added to ensure a focal point of dazzling proportions!

Custom black drytech cheer shorts featuring side sublimation on foiltek details matching that of the sleeves pair perfectly with the cheer uniform top to create a contemporary take on these traditional cheer uniforms that won’t soon be forgotten!

Love these customized cheer uniforms? Click here to browse our Custom Design Gallery for more design inspiration for your next look. Contact your local Territory Account Manager or our Customer Service Department to see your customized cheer uniform designs come to life.

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