Why KCAC Uniforms Slayed at Worlds

Kansas City Athletic Cheer (KCAC) Platinum All Stars of Overland Park, KS walked into the 2016 Cheer Worlds with the perfect balance of class and sass. These lovely ladies know a thing or two about captivating a crowd, but what makes their 2016 Cheer Worlds uniform so fantastic?  Keep reading to find out.

KCAC Athletic Cheer Platinum at 2016 Cheer Worlds

Class & Sass

This KCAC custom uniform offers the perfect balance of class and sass. The spunky crop top with the off the shoulder styling and faux halter top neckline merges the timeless elegance of yesteryear with the trendsetting style of tomorrow: not to mention the sublimated lace accents, but that’s coming up next.

Lovely in Lace

Holy moly, did you see the lace?! KCAC took class to a whole new level by adding sublimated lace details along the sleeves, shorts, and strappy back. By using state of the art technology, GK Cheer was able to create a delicate lace accent by sublimating it onto high performing mesh so it wouldn’t rip during the heat of competition. KCAC Athletic Cheer Platinum at 2016 Cheer Worlds

Less is More

Notice how this custom cheer uniform focuses on a few focal points instead of an all over explosion of artwork. The sleek radiant royal sparkle hologram, white nylon/spandex, and black nylon/spandex base anchor the look and allow the engineered sublimated lace accents, spunky neckline, and strappy back to really stand out.

KCAC Athletic Cheer Platinum at 2016 Cheer Worlds


They are Fabulous

KCAC Platinum All Stars’ cheer uniform is so fabulous because, quite frankly, they are fabulous. Their confidence, skill set, and superior sportsmanship made this team stand out even more than their custom cheer uniform did at the 2016 Cheer Worlds. Not only that, but they gave a flawless performance with no deductions which carried them into the semifinals where they were able to sport this stunning cheer uniform on the 2016 Cheer World’s stage for a second day! Now, what’s not fabulous about that?

Feeling inspired by this sassy yet classy custom cheer uniform? Contact your local Cheer Sales Representative or our Customer Service Department to bring your cheer uniform ideas to life! For more inspiration, check out our 2016 Custom Design Gallery here.

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions. 


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