CNA Shows United Front in Custom Cheer Team Uniforms

“One Team, One Gym, One Family” is the motto of Tallahassee, FL based Cheer Nation Athletics, and WOW, did these talented athletes display that team unity at the 2016 Summit in Orlando. From the perfectly choreographed routines to their perfectly coordinated men’s and women’s cheer team uniforms, it was clear to all that this team was united together for one purpose: to win!

Cheer Nation Athletics cheer team uniforms

Cheer Nation Athletics cheer team uniformsWhat’s co-owner Dana Brown’s take? “Not only do we look great but the quality is unbeatable. We are so thankful for our amazing designs and the compliments we’ve received because of our custom cheer team uniforms!” We think the end result of this design process is truly spectacular and we know you’ll agree!Cheer Nation Athletics cheer team uniforms

Let’s start with the ladies, shall we? This elegant yet fresh cheer team uniform consists of two-pieces: a modern take on the classic cheer leotard and a stylish cheer skort.  From a distance, one can’t help but notice this custom leotard’s boldest features:  an off-the-shoulder choker-style neckline with both front and back strap detailing, along with clear and black diamond Swarovski crystals enveloping the team name (proudly displayed across the chest in the same vivid neon green drytech used to create an ribbon effect on the torso and sleeves) and seemingly floating down the lower sleeves to create the most incredible display of light.  Take a step closer, however, and even more surprises await—the polished shine of charcoal mystique used for the upper torso and back, the edgy beauty of navy mystique on the sleeves, the softness of navy mesh brushing across the midsection and creating the perfect setting for those stunning Swarovski crystals to flow down the lower sleeves.  For a smooth, continuous flow, the custom matching cheer skort was designed using charcoal mystique, sapphire mystique, and neon green drytech as well, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind cheer team uniform!

Cheer Nation Athletics cheer team uniformsNot to be outdone, the men’s team uniform consists of a custom cheer top and personalized cheer pant that echoes the women’s uniform but with a decidedly masculine feel. The custom men’s cheer top was created using charcoal mystique for the chest and back pieces,  but with navy mystique now getting high priority (and high impact!) placement on both the upper front torso and sleeves. Navy nylon/spandex was used to give a matte look on the midsection, and navy mesh on the lower sleeves adds just the slightest hint of softness to it all. On the center chest, neon green drytech once again calls out the team name and, set against a wave of navy mystique, creates a ribbon effect mirroring that of the women’s cheer leotards. Grounding this men’s look is the Men’s Triple Stripe Cheer Pant UM503, personalized in navy nylon/spandex with vertical piping along the sides in navy mystique and neon green drytech.

Congratulations Cheer Nation on your National Championship Title at the 2016 Summit-we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Love these customized cheer uniforms? Click here to browse our Custom Design Gallery for more design inspiration for your next look. Contact your local Territory Account Manager or our Customer Service Department to see your customized cheer uniform designs come to life.

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