What to Look for in Cheerleading Shoes

There comes a time in every cheerleader’s life when their favorite pair of cheerleading shoes are ready to retire to a quieter place, aka the trash can. We call this sacred moment the “the blue shoe moment”. Why? Cheerleading Shoes by GK CheerBecause their cheerleading shoes have gone through everything with them: the time they failed to stick the stunt to the time they won a championship title. So after the burial-in the trash can-has commenced, what’s next? Bottom line, they need a new pair of cheerleading shoes and they need them before cheer camp starts!

This leads us into our introduction of the GK Fusion™ cheerleading shoe.  When we set out to reimagine the cheer shoe, we asked more than a hundred top athletes what features they needed. We sketched, tested, engineered and re-engineered. If a feature didn’t exist, we invented it.  If a material wasn’t available, we created it.

GK Fusion Cheerleading Shoes

The result is the revolutionary GK Fusion™. “Fusion” because it brings together everything you asked for. It’s like no other shoe you’ve ever worn, but you’ll know it’s “yours” the moment you lace it up. That’s because we didn’t design it…you did. Call it a rebound, but true love will soon follow.

GK Fusion Cheerleading ShoesThere are nine features that are exclusive to the GK Fusion™ shoe including u-throat lacing, a superior toe grip ready for tumbling, and an exoskeleton that provides enhanced stability, support and long-term comfort. The best part? They are affordable and more durable than other shoes in the industry which leaves money left over for a new cheer camp outfit!

This little cutie pie from Cheer Extreme in Raleigh, NC eats, sleeps, and breathes cheer. She recently won a GK Fusion shoe giveaway and couldn’t wait to try out her new kicks with her Modified X Back Cheer Crop Top CB140 and Red Hot DryTech Side Panel Shorts CB520 from the 2016 All Star Games. The results: she couldn’t believe how comfortable, light, and flexible they were! She just made the Junior 3 and is so excited to share with all her teammates how much she loves her new GK Fusion™ cheerleading shoes.

Find out more about the GK Fusion™ cheer shoe here including testimonials, research, and how to get a pair. We promise you and your cheerleading shoes will live happily ever after!

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.


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Reply May 25, 2016

Great shoes and a great article!

Sara W.
Reply May 25, 2016

Looking GREAT K!! Congrats on making Junior 3!!!

Reply May 25, 2016

What an ingenious way to engineer shoes... And the model is cute as a button!

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