Cheer Chokers: The New Cheer Uniform Trend

As a lot of you probably noticed at Cheer Worlds, no trend is more on-point right now than uniforms with cheer chokers. Whether you’re looking for an outspoken statement (a cheer choker drenched in breathtaking Swarovski crystals, anyone?) or something with subtle beauty (perhaps a necklace-inspired neckline in softly shimmering mystique?), there is a cheer choker to fit every team’s style and NOW is the perfect time to get on board with the newest uniform must-have!

Infinity All Stars Cheer Uniforms with Cheer Chokers

If you’re wondering how you can make this trend work for your team’s new cheer apparel, or just how wearable it really is, just take a look at this fabulous uniform worn by Infinity All Stars, one of the teams that got the sassy cheer choker look SOOO right at the 2016 Cheer Worlds.

Infinity All Stars Cheer ChokersTheir custom cheer crop top consists of an eye-catching sublimated design that uses their team colors to play with light and shadow that, along with the use of brilliance Swarovski crystals, creates a spotlight effect on the logo emblazoned across the center chest. Add to this the matching custom gauntlets in mesh and drytech that feature a light scatter of brilliance Swarovski crystals over a one-of-a-kind sublimated print and you have something truly special. We can all agree that this dazzling cheer uniform is already a show-stopper, but Infinity All Stars wanted to take things a step further and decided to add a cheer choker neckline!

This custom cheer uniform makes excellent use of tri-strap detailing to create this fabulous choker neckline: two straps in the front connect to the cheer choker at the base of the neck, while a single wide strap careens down the center back and joins the custom cheer top. The cheer choker and straps feature even more brilliance Swarovski crystals in several rows that create a jeweled necklace effect in the front, while the single strap in back announces the team name in a way that is somehow both bold and understated.

As if their top isn’t fabulous enough, these fantastic pair of custom low-rise black drytech cheer shorts are embellished not only along the sides in brilliance Swarovski crystals, but also along the top to create an amazing belt and buckle detail. What a way to finish off this look!

We know you’re probably feeling inspired to see what YOUR team’s new cheer uniforms will look like with the incredibly versatile, functional, and fresh cheer choker! Please contact your local cheer sales rep or any one of our customer service representatives today to see how we can help you turn this inspiration into a very wearable reality!

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