Coed Team Cheer Uniforms You Can’t Forget

Using elements of ombre sublimation is a great way to add visual appeal to your coed team cheer uniforms without sacrificing mobility or comfort. This option creates a completely customized ombre effect by Legacy Cheer All Stars Coed Team Cheer Uniformsallowing teams to utilize their gym colors in a 2-3 color gradient that can be as daring or demure as you choose. Wondering how this colorful trend could be just right for both your female and male athletes? Read on to find out!

One of our favorite examples of ombre sublimated coed team cheer uniforms at the 2016 Worlds comes courtesy of All Star Legacy of Ranson, WV. This is a team who clearly knew EXACTLY what they were doing when coming up with ideas for these phenomenal uniforms and we’d like to share with you some of the things that helped make their look a harmonious, sublimated success!

Fabric Choices

Through the use of moisture wicking black drytech for the base of both the men’s and women’s cheer tops, with the addition of white and columbia blue mystique to the women’s tops, these incredible athletes were able to start things off with a solid foundation in a high-performing and trusted fabric.


Styling for Coed Team Cheer Uniforms

Keeping things classic, this team chose to go with the universally beloved cheer skirt in a combination of black drytech (along with white and columbia blue mystique) for the women, while choosing a fully sublimated InkTek pant for the men.

Legacy Cheer All Stars Coed Team Cheer Uniforms

Embellishments and Design

Keeping with a “modern classic” theme, the embellishments and added elements are specifically designed to leave a lasting impression without overwhelming the eye. The partially open back with strap detailing in columbia blue mystique mixes perfectly with the team name and logo in the same color on the back and center chest, while the addition of a custom choker in black mystique looks just right with this tastefully styled women’s cheer crop top. As for embellishments, note the silver sequinz  beginning at the cheer choker and creating a surprising, shimmering trail down the right arm, as well as their placement along the sides of the custom cheer skirt to create a completely put-together look. For both the women’s and men’s cheer tops, we see even more silver sequinz used again, to great effect, in the team logo along the center chest.Legacy Cheer All Stars Coed Team Cheer Uniforms


Coloration for Coed Team Cheer Uniforms

We’ve gone ahead and saved the best for last on this list! One look at these coed team cheer uniforms and we think you’ll agree that ombre sublimation is absolutely a contender as top option in creating cohesive coed team cheer uniforms.  In just a glance you can tell that these All Star athletes are at the top of their game as both cheer and style. Note how the their team colors, through the use of ombre sublimation, transition seamlessly from black to Columbia blue on the left arm of both the women’s and men’s uniforms. The left arm of the women’s cheer crop tops were created with a cut-out shoulder using sublimation over InkTek resulting in a soft and feminine effect, while the men’s cheer tops forego the mesh for a decidedly masculine feel. The custom ombre sublimated men’s cheer pants were created to create a look that complements the women’s cheer skirts while bringing that “little something extra” into the mix.

Every detail in these uniforms, from the silhouettes up to the choice of ombre sublimation, was intended to give this team an exciting, unified team look and they’ve definitely made the grade: not to mention the 3/4 sleeve option! It was a new look this year and the storm of compliments confirmed they made the right choice.

Whether your team’s colors are bold and bright or calm and classic, there is DEFINITELY a way you can rock the look of ombre sublimation with your new coed team cheer uniforms. Contact your local sales representative for more information and to start the design process for your new favorite coed team cheer uniforms today!

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