Top Gun TGIF Rocks Out in Custom Cheer Uniforms

If you were lucky you got to see tons of top all star cheerleading teams debut their GK custom cheer uniforms at the 2016 Cheer Worlds. One of those show-stopping looks was worn by the Top Gun All Stars 10CS, International Small Coed Level 5 team or TGIF for short. This lively, fierce, and talented team performed their hearts out in their custom cheerleading uniforms!

IMG_6534One of a Kind Design

The all star team’s cheerleading uniform did not disappoint. They chose a stunning custom high neck crop top in black DryTech, yellow mystique, and black mesh fabrics featuring dramatic cut outs. TGIF’s cheer top displayed a stunning multilayered “TOPGUN” logo in their signature colors. The logo was encrusted with clear Swarovski® crystals for a final touch of sparkle.  The team paired the top with a matching skort in our basic black DryTech fabric. The basic coloring enhanced the multilayered “TGIF” lettering and the beautifully placed firework-like crystals.

All the Rage Gauntlets

To add a more dramatic flair the team choose gauntlets instead of long sleeves that paired perfectly with the rest of their cheerleading uniform. Appliqué stars enclosed with more Swarovski® crystals shined bright on the black and yellow gauntlets making them a beautiful focal point for the uniforms.

Baby Got BackIMG_6539_small

Standing out in a crowd is nothing new to the Top Gun team and boy did they with this edgy back. The bold cutaway strappy back revealed their signature “JAGS” logo and GK logo on a tiger paw patch in the center. It also didn’t disappoint when it came to bling, with each strap covered in Swarovski® crystals and even more placed around the logos.

We are so proud to be chosen by all star teams like Top Gun to create these gorgeous custom cheerleading uniforms every year! See even more of Top Gun’s past cheer apparel here. Be sure to check out our 2016 Custom Design Gallery for some inspiration on your team’s next winning cheer uniform design. Contact your local cheer sales represenative in your area to assist with your custom look in cheerleading apparel!

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