How Reign Athletics Dressed For A Clean Sweep At Cheer for the Cure

Reign Athletics had a clean sweep at the Champion Spirit Group Cheer for the Cure Competition with EVERY team taking home GRAND CHAMPIONS from the event.


“Not only did all of the wins make our program feel great today, but the amount of parents, athletes, coaches and gym owners from other gyms complimenting our athletes on our uniforms made our athletes feel amazing. Look good, feel good. Thats why we choose GK!” -Patrick Williams, Owner, Reign Athletics.

Not only did every team come out on top, but they looked good doing it!

That bling tho’! ?


These custom cheer uniforms for Reign Athletics feature over a whopping 3,700 Swarovski crystals. The arms, choker, sleeves, collar, waistband, pants, and even the bow are completely blinged out for a look so bright you’ll need to wear shades! ?

14907161_10157662072495414_3602333429051085432_nSublimated mesh? More like sublimated FRESH!

When it comes to customizing the perfect look for your team, every little detail helps enhance the overall look. Reign Athletics went with a subtle sublimated mesh cut-out featuring their iconic “R” logo. Blink and you’ll miss it, but once you see it, it’s hard not to appreciate. And it doesn’t just look good – our performance mesh is built to stretch with your routine, so you don’t have to worry about it ripping!

These uniforms look great in motion…

“Y’all team so weak. My team on fleek. We can’t be beat. You don’t compete.”

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… and they look great standing still!

SLE3T Mannequin Challenge

A video posted by Reign Athletics (@reignovereverything) on

On behalf of everyone here at GK, congrats to Reign Athletics on the big win!

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