Archbishop Rummel Celebrates Spirit Division Win in UA Warmups Jackets

Champion teams are more than just a random assortment of individuals with a common goal. The elite are forged over flames that form bonds and put character to the test. Their glory is earned through blood, sweat, tears, and an iron will. It is only the most dedicated and focused of teams that come out on top, worthy of being named champions. Archbishop Rummel High School is one such team.

Archbishop Rummel High School from Metairie, Louisiana won the 2016 Louisiana State Spirit Division 1 Championship on Saturday, Dec 3, 2016. They gathered in celebration in true champion style, adorned in Under Armour Sideline warmup jackets in their team colors. To an athlete, a uniform is more than just fabric. To an athlete, a uniform is a symbol of pride and unity. It’s their armor and badge of honor.

Is your team ready to suit up and shout from the sidelines for all the world to hear? Is your team ready to shake the stands to every beat of every eight-count with a stadium of hearts that beat as one? Take your squad to the next level. Check out our Under Armour In-stock Cheer Uniforms, Cheer Basics, Warmups, and Special Order options.. You’ll be glad you did.

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