Platinum Athletics Electrifies In Sublimated Warmups

Like Thor’s mighty hammer, Platinum Athletics brings forth a powerful force from the heavens, electrifying onlookers and leaving the competition in utter shock. Could it be their sublimated warmup jackets from GK that leaves jaws agape and eyes as wide as the sun? Maybe… just maybe.

It Starts With A Spark

Creative sparks come in all forms. When designing for your team, think outside the box! If you can learn anything from the great artists of yore, it’s that nature is sometimes the best form of inspiration – especially the elements!

Platinum Athletics went with an electrifying lightning bolt theme that lends itself splendidly to custom sublimation. With sublimation, the possibilities really are endless. What will YOU dream up?

Details That Dazzle

Plain ol’ sublimation is all fine and dandy, but if you really want to give your look an added jolt, you need bling! Platinum Athletics added Heat Transfers in Swarovski Crystals on the front, back, and down the sleeve. Bring on the sparkle!


Are you ready to light up your look with custom sublimation? Contact your local US Cheer Account Manager and they will be gladly assist you with your team’s next cheer wear order.

Choice of Champions.

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