Centre Dynamic Elite AllStars are Setting Trends in a One Piece Uniform

Check out Centre Dynamic Elite's dazzling new one piece uniform! This spirited team from Graham, NC recently revamped their program to incorporate a "fun, safe, and positive environment," and their fresh new color scheme and fashion forward cheer leo exemplifies the gym's new approach to cheerleading. They say, "We work hard, but we also play hard so of course WE HAVE FUN!!" They couldn't be happier with their hip, dramatic look!

Centre Dynamic Elite's stimulating competition uniform is a Special Order Funky Shoulder Cheer One Piece Uni U1103, an incredibly versatile design.  The asymmetrical neckline, inverted "y" shoulder strap and bold swirl designs throughout offer so many opportunities to mix up the colors and textures. It can be as sophisticated or creative as you want. Here, CDE chose to personalize their one piece uniform with a colorful array of Berry and Lime Mystique design lines against Black Nylon/Spandex for a dramatic pop of color. The Black Mesh inserts create depth that is maximized not just with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, but with Kiwi and Fuschia SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS as well. This same multicolored, sparkling effect is then duplicated in the Black Nylon/ Spandex around their radiant custom logo. We are overwhelmed at the amazing design selections featured in this team's uniform. Nicely done, Centre Dynamic Elite!

It's the small details that set one team apart from another. This is what the GK Special Order experience is all about, taking ours and making it undeniably yours. Begin your experience today by shopping our Special Order One Piece Unforms online, or by contacting your local cheer representative.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Fame Stands Strong on The Next Level

Fame All-Stars of Roanoke stand strong in their new GK Competitive Cheer Uniforms!. These International Open Coed Level 5 competitors will travel the country this season with their heads held high for the colors they wear, an easy venture for a gym that was voted 11th best in the country by American Cheerleader Magazine. Wherever the next level takes them, these All-Stars hope that you will share their road to Fame. And with 6 locations and 48 teams, you just might have an opportunity to join them.

These national competitors represent a fiercely successful team. They took their Special Order uniforms to the next level with a simple, yet effective, Red Mystique logo that stands out like a flame on their Black DryTech cheer tops. Both genders chose the same design on their  3 Keyhole Back Uniform Top U111L and V Neck Raglan Men's Uni Top UM104. This consistent repetition of colors throughout, Red Hot DryTech and White Tech Mesh sleeves on a Black DryTech top, provide visual symmetry throughout their performances. The DryTech fabric keeps Fame comfortable and dry, and the Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, meticulously placed on the women's Black Mystique v neck front and triple keyhole back design, add a sparkling, feminine effect to this solid, dare-to-compete look. That little extra flare of shimmer and glow also extends to their Offset V Jewel Cheer Short CB526. This low rise, two tone, Black & Red Hot DryTech cheerleading short features the same performance moisture-wicking fabric as the top, and clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS along asymmetric V shaped style lines. The men chose Men's Basic Black Ponte Pant CB900, a solid Black Ponte men's cheerleading pant that they ordered as featured in our catalog.

When promoted the right way, team colors can say it all. If you represent a team with fierce, bold colors and strong, solid routines, add a little extra shine to your logo when you design one of our Special Order cheer uniforms. And remember, the best athletes compete in talent and psyche. Give them something to think about.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Creativity is Prominent at East Athletic Cheer

Onyx, of East Athletic Cheer in Laconia, NH, is an All-Star cheerleading team who drew motivation for their second competition season from this flashy new, custom cheerleading uniform from GK. Onyx is a team that prides itself  on uniqueness, embracing its diverse qualities, and holding a high standard of athleticism for its members. Now, in just its second competitive season, these high standards are really beginning to take hold. Just recently, Onyx earned second place at Beach Blast 2013/2014 and is moving on to continue their winning streak.

To represent their team and ideals as unique, fashion-foward competitors, EAC chose a custom cheer crop top and matching custom low rise shorts. This ensemble of Black DryTech and Rainforest Mystique gives the girls a sophisticated glow that says, "we mean business." Creative details such as the ribbon effect and Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on their sleeves, along with the keyhole shoulder detail are added to soften the color combination and accent the cohesive asymmetrical theme of the uniform. The crop top also features a conspicuous White Mystique curly logo front and center and block team lettering on the back shoulder, so there will be no confusion as to whose wearing this brilliant design.

Onyx is one of the many innovative teams who project their creativity not just in routine, but also in uniform. If creativity is a prominent theme on your team, you're outlet for expression is right here at GK. Visit our Special Order Design Studio or contact your local Cheerleading Representative today to begin building your perfect look.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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What's New At GK For 2014

The moment is finally here. We've just released The Next Level 2014 GK Cheer catalog.  It's online right now! But first we have to give credit where credit is due. There's no mistaking that the entire company has put a lot of hard work and creative energy into this new book, but the real brains behind the project is Cindy Artz, GK Cheer's Marketing Manager. Cindy challenged herself to take GK Cheer's 2013 product offerings and presentation to the next level, to make changes that would invoke the passion, drama and creativity that we expect from all of our best athletes.  Here's what she has to say about it.

GK: There are a lot of changes to the new catalog this year, and we’re very excited to see what you’ve done, but first tell us about all of the things you love about the 2013 edition that we can expect to see again this year.

 CA: 2013 was a great year for GK because we introduced the one piece uniform and cheer leotard, as well as the School Fit line, and both were successful. When we asked our customers to ‘Make a Statement’ our All-Star and High School teams both saw the creative potential in these one-piece garments and designed some really unique and gorgeous uniforms. You will definitely see that in our catalog for 2014. The School Fit gives middle and high schools the opportunity to make a statement as well, by replacing their dated uniforms with more stylish trends that are also conservative enough to appease school officials.

Of course the GK performance practice and camp wear is a tried and true collection that you'll continue to see for years to come. Athletes love this collection because it's both comfortable and stylish, and it's available in an array of color combinations. We have ramped that line up a bit to include even more style and color selections.

GK: Who is featured in the 2014 Cheer Catalog?

CA: For 2014, we have a wider variety of models ranging from mini’s to college level cheerleaders to give a better representation of our size selection. All of our styles are available in child extra small to adult 3x. You'll also see some familiar faces from popular teams such as Maryland Twisters, Cheer Tyme, World Cup, and many other well-known all star teams from around the country. The catalog wouldn't be complete without some of our best high school athletes as well.

GK: What has GK done to make browsing the catalog easier for the consumer?

CA: This year, for ease of shopping, we divided our catalog into two parts, the GK All Star Collection and the GK School Fit Collection. Since the catalog is dual-sided, each collection occupies its own front cover, allowing you to easily find what you're looking for. This separation also allows us to give each group their own inspirational design gallery with larger photos throughout. It's really an amazing concept.

In addition, we color coded each section of the catalog so you won't have to flip through the entire book to find what you want. Now, when you are looking for a size chart or a Design Studio page, you'll now exactly which section of the catalog to flip to.

GK: What types of trends can we expect to see this year in cheer uniforms?

CA: This year we will continue to see the cheer leotards and one piece uniforms grow in popularity. Both silhouettes allow for some amazing and creative design elements throughout the torso area that traditional two piece styles cannot.  We will also see sublimation become very popular in both competitive uniforms and in practice wear. GK’s ink’d sublimation program allows teams to create one-of-a-kind prints that will reflect their personalities. You'll send us a concept, and we'll create a print just for you. It's really exciting.

GK: Speaking of exciting, what are you most excited about in the new catalog?

CA: I’m most excited about the Custom Design Gallery. The gallery showcases some of the most breathtaking and innovative designs we collaboratively created with our customers in the past year. I wish we could have added even more ideas because our customers tend to be the most creative athletes in the industry. Unfortunately, we could not put all of our custom designs in the catalog, but we hope that the designs we have featured will inspire teams to be creative with their uniforms.

The introduction of GK’s ink’d sublimation is also very exciting to see. The program has been years in the making, taking the necessary time to research the best technology, fabrics and inks. It’s great to finally be able to make it available to our customers and to let them see why it’s the best sublimation available in the cheer industry. Sublimation is available in Special Order styles for competitive uniforms, practice wear and warm-ups. Just pick your style, give us your color and print ideas, we’ll take it from there!

GK:  What did you add to the selection that customer have been waiting to see in the GK line?

We've increased our color selections in our most popular styles and we also added in stock School Fit basic skirts in Black DryTech and Navy DryTech. These styles are in stock and available to ship in only a few days.

Over the past five years, our customers have made GK the fastest growing apparel company in the cheer industry by constantly challenging us to design and build the highest quality, most cutting edge uniforms in the sport. Last year you proved that you really do know how to 'Make a Statement', and wow, did you ever blow us away!  In response, we’ve proclaimed 2014 as the year to: TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Go explore our new 2014 Catalog. You won't be disappointed. While you're there, let your imagination go wild as you consider what you will do to bump it up a notch.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Monmouth Cheer Represents Visual Magnificence

Monmouth Cheer Academy all-stars are magnificent in their new GK Cheer Uniforms! This is MCA's first year competing as all-stars, and they're doing great, which is no surprise to the Academy. They tell us, "When cheer coordinator, Daniel Morelos, began the program he already had a following from his successful history with Monmouth Gymnastics. Word spread like wild fire and Monmouth Cheer Academy, also known as MCA, was able to form two full teams. We created a Junior and a Mini team and trained athletes who have never cheered a day in their life to compete with all-stars." MCA's most prized accomplishment is the profound passion that their girls have for the gym's newest sport.

To display their enthusiasm for their new found sport, Monmouth chose our V Front V Back Crop Top U107 and Low Rise Round Edge Cheer Short U525L to keep them dry and comfortable during their intense performances. We love how they coordinated their brilliant color combination, Sapphire DryTech and Red Slither, and embellishments in a way that fosters bold visuals on the the competition floor. Accomplished gyms understand the aesthetic significance of Jewels in performances, and Monmouth Cheer, with over 40 years of gymnastics competition experience, is no exception. To create a special glow under the florescent lighting of the stage/floor, Monmouth chose to adorn the White DryTech lettering on their Junior and Mini cheer uniforms with lightly packed clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and outline the entire name in Red Slither to create a clear, bold statement. The Sapphire belt and continuous design lines on the short add visual drama during routines, and the one inch extended inseam, assures maximum coverage and comfort throughout. This longer short is so great for school age athletes that we made it standard in our School Fit Collection.

Start your team off on the right foot this season. Give them a spirited, Special Order uniform from the fastest growing cheerleading apparel brand in the industry.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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The Next Level in Quality and Fit From A Cheerleader's Perspective

If you're ready for the next level of team uniforms, then GK is the brand to take you there. Don't just take our word for it though. Tiffany Garretson is a former cheerleader who has worked in the cheer industry for 14 years, and she's here to tell you about her experience with GK Cheer.     

GK: As a former cheerleader, what do you look for in a uniform? 

TG: The first thing I look for is ultimate comfort during performances.  Long gone are the days of zippers, buttons, and restrictive, uncomfortable fabrics.  You don't want to be itchy or have to worry about adjusting your uniform while cheering for a game or performing at a competition.  That's why GK's innovative 4-way stretch fabrics are so great. They fit like a second skin and are available in so many colors. Next, I look for style. Flexible embellishment options enhance a team's ability to make their uniform unique, without compromising the stretch of fabric. Finally, I look at price. I love that I can design a uniform for any gym or school on any budget.  Today's athletes are lucky to have it all when they choose GK - great fabric, color and embellishment choices, style and comfort - all in one uniform.

GK: Social media has exploded in the cheer industry over the last few years. How do you use social media?

TG: To keep up with all of my teams, I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Since I can't attend every competition, I love seeing the updates and pictures that everyone posts!  GK is great about recognizing their athletes on their own social media. With just a few clicks, I can quickly forward information back and forth from my gyms to the factory. It's a very personal experience on both ends.

GK: You mentioned GK's 4-way stretch fabrics. How important is that type of quality in a cheer uniform? 

TG: Four-way stretch fabric moves with you. After wearing polyester uniforms for 22 years, it's amazing to have that superior quality in our fabrics!  You should feel great after putting on your uniform because when you feel better, you perform better.   On the competition floor, you shouldn't have to think about anything but your routine.  All of GK's fabric choices provide athletes with amazing comfort and the ability to focus on hitting their skills.

GK: Last year was your first competition season with GK. How excited were you to see your uniforms take the competition floor?  

TG: This was such an amazing year with GK!  This past Spring, I traveled to as many gyms as possible for fittings and design sessions.  It was great to meet all of the coaches and athletes and to attend their competitions throughout the Mid-west. I love watching them perform in their gorgeous GK uniforms!  I was also able to make the trip to Worlds and see the amazing designs come to life on the largest stage in All-Star cheerleading!  The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are so beautiful on the uniforms, but seeing them magnified on stage is absolutely amazing!

GK: GK guarantees the fit of your uniform if you use one of their ‘Try Us On For Size’ samples. How do you help your teams through this process?

TG: Depending on the time frame for ordering, gyms have the choice to either schedule a fitting or receive the GK 'Try Us On For Size' samples at their gym.  The sizing samples are great because the gym can keep them for up to two weeks to fit all of their athletes. The fit of GK's uniforms is unlike any other, so using the sizing samples is the best way to find the correct size.  The focus is on the fit rather than the actual size.  If we are sizing early in the year, each athlete will try on a few different sizes to see how much room they have to grow before competition season begins.  By comparing more than one size on the athlete, you can check to see how comfortably they move in each one.  One of the most important areas to fit is the shoulders.  I always have the athlete lift up their arms to ensure that they have space to tumble or perform another skill while wearing the sizer top and bottom.  The athlete, with guidance from the coach or a parent, is then able to choose which size feels the most comfortable.  I am always available to the gyms if they are doing the fitting themselves.  We can send pictures back and forth to make sure that their athletes are selecting the correct sizes.  Thanks to technology, FaceTime can also be utilized during a fitting to answer any questions. 

Thank you for your perspective on cheer uniforms, Tiffany.  There's definitely a lot to be said about fit and comfort, but appearance and sometimes cost are equally important.  You've done a great job explaining how it all works together.

As a coach or gym owner, you can began researching our styles and designs at our Special Order Design Studio. While you're there, remember that the studio has dual purposes. It's a means for special ordering your cheer uniform, and it's also a tool for inspiration. If you have ideas of your own, contact your local Account Manager for further assistance. Your Account Manager and our Customer Service team are  great resources for acquiring the 'Try Us On For Size' samples that Tiffany mentioned above.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Top Gun's Next Level Is Sublimation

Top Gun is one of the largest and hottest All-Star Cheerleading Gyms in the nation! With a winning streak too long to describe, there's no mountain these Jags can't climb. Last year we asked this trend-setting team to design a uniform that will take them to the next level, and here's what they did.

Top Gun Jags took their uniform to the next level with ink’d sublimation. Ink'd sublimation is the newest trend here at GK. It's a technology that allows us to take your custom patterns and print them on fabric right here in our very own facility in Reading, PA. The design possibilities with ink'd sublimation are endless, and who better to test it out than this funky, fashion-forward team, Top Gun.

This fabulous custom uniform utilizes inserted black and gold sublimation artwork pieces on both the custom crop top and the custom v waist short. The crop top features an off the shoulder, sublimated, halter neckline, similar to that of Unique Web Back Crop Top U141, and an open strappy back, fabricated from a combination of sublimated inkTek and Black DryTech, studded with Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. We love how Top Gun fused the pattern with an applique embroidery of the Jag's paw print logo as a focal point. With the corresponding Black and Gold TOP GUN name promoted on White Sparkle between Black Mesh sleeves, there's no chance that this team name will go unnoticed. The Jags then added White Sparkle and Black Mesh shorts to compliment their unique cheer top. White shadow proofing and sublimated accents, all finished with Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, create a seamless and glamorous ensemble.

When your creative capacity exceeds our design selections, sublimation provides an outlet to endless possibilities. Choose to add sublimated artwork into your custom design, as was done with the style above, or select one of our predetermined styles and add your own design. No matter how your order it, you're guaranteed an authentic original every time. That's what GK Cheer is all about.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Top Notch All Star Cheer & Dance Takes the Cheerleading Experience to The Next Level

Top Notch. The name says is all.  And if that doesn't take your imagination to another level, take a look at their hot new uniforms from GK! This Ashland, VA teams says, "we are totally passionate about 2 things:  (1) Providing an amazing experience for all of our students and their families and (2) Over-delivering on our promise to bring our students the very best (and most fun) cheer and dance experience they’ll ever know." This team took their experience to the next level when they ordered this GK cheerleading uniform. To put it simply, it's stunning!

Top Notch made our special order Funky Back Cheer Crop Top U133 their own by by adding Ocean and Vinca Mystique to the style lines in the arms and across the open back. Their color selection creates a subtle tone difference that adds depth to this exquisite design. Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS trace the shoulder line and accent Top Notch's brilliant clear and lavender jeweled logo. It's all about the bling. To compliment the top, they selected our Arch Back Cheerleading Skirt U734R in matching Black DryTech, which will keep the athletes dry and comfortable throughout their performance. They enhanced the skirt with the same two-tone fabric colors as in their cheer top for a clean, cohesive look. 

Before performing a single stunt, Top Notch leaves us with a visual impression of success. Paired with hard work and raw talent, the results are explosive, the next level of cheer. To compete with the best, you have to dress like them. Which Special Order Design gives your team the power to leave a lasting impression on your audience?

For assistance, we're just a phone call away at Customer Service. Your local Cheer Representative is also available at any time. 

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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The Virginia Gems, Sparkling on the Next Level

Look out, Cheerleaders! The Virginia Gems are preparing to take their place as champions in your state. They may be a new team, currently competing in local venues, but they're coming in with a bang! They've taken their entry into the cheer world to the next level with a brand new state-of-the-art facility at New Kent Gymnastics Center, and sparkly new uniforms from GK. Will their next step be national competitions? We hope so! They're goal is to be "polished and extraordinary...a sensation that will captivate the cheer world...the rarest gems on the competition floor."

For this up and coming team, gems are the inspiration for both performance and fashion. A gem is a thing of exceptional beauty and perfection, undeniable characteristics of the Virginia Gem's version of Exposed T Back Uniform Top 167L and  Exposed T Back Crop Top 167. This top, along with many of our other cheer tops, has a couple standard style variations, all of which can be personalized with a team name or logo in your choice of jewels, sequinz, appliqué embroidery or imprinting. Here you see the long and crop top with a T back that the Virginia Gems were able to bling out with their brilliant color selections and the addition of their team name in Hologram Sequinz and a clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS outline. One variation of this design offers a star appliqué on the sleeve, and this team used that pattern as inspiration to add there own signature appliqué that correlates with their name, GEMS, in Silver Hologram Sequinz with an Amethyst SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS outline. The Virginia Gem's pulled this silhouette together with a non-traditional, Regular Rise Short U520R. We love how they matched the Sterling Silver Mystique belt with the Sterling Silver Mystique band in both of their tops.

The Virginia Gems took their look to the next level with this eye-catching new uniform. It's this level that will give them the confidence they need to show off their new skills, and the inspiration they need to follow their dream of competing on a national level. This begs the question: which style from our Special Order Design Studio inspires you to take it to the next level?

GK Cheer. The Next Level.



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Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleaders Take it to the Next Level

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading from Penn Run, PA step up their look with new GK Cheer Uniforms! The co-ed teams of various levels were ready for a look that would earn them the attention they deserve. In collaboration with their local GK Cheer representative they successfully designed three different uniforms to meet the needs of each of their teams, all with one consistent look. As you can see, the Cheer Trixx athletes are so happy with their choice!

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading used sparkling fabric to take their uniforms to the next level! Here, a combination of Mystique and Hologram fabrics create this radiant look. The women's special order Fierce Strappy Crop Top U144 and Fierce Strappy Uniform Top U144L both have Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to accent the straps and design lines. This top is designed in our Sunshine Mystique, Imperial Purple Mystique, and White Sparkle Hologram fabrics and features an asymmetrical neck line with long sleeves, and a fierce strappy back. The Cheer Trixx logo is proudly displayed on the front of each uniform with a Sunshine Mystique lightning bolt and "CT" in Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The team chose our Low Rise Asymentrical Swirl Short U509L in the same fabrics to create a continuous look for their youth teams, and chose to give their advanced squad a more distinguished style with a custom designed cheerleading skirt which features a bold lightning bolt pattern and a heavy dose of White Sparkle Hologram that's consistent with the pattern on the crop top. This skirt  features attached spankies in Sunshine Mystique.

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading Male Athletes go brilliant and bold with an Imperial Purple Mystique Special Order V neck Raglan Men's Uni Top UM104 and matching Purple Ponte Special Order Men's Basic Cheer Uni Pant UM500. This solid silhouette is accented with  Sunshine Mystique style lines that trace the shoulders and sleeves and an embellished "CT" logo to coordinate with the rest of the team apparel. Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS give added glow to the striking men's uniform.

Cheer Trixx definitely knows how to elevate their style! Choose GK Cheer to take your team to the next level this season. Contact your local cheer representative to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.



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Charlotte Extreme All Stars Burst with Excitement in Custom GK Cheer Unis

Charlotte Extreme is bursting with excitement in their custom new GK Cheer uniforms! From Charlotte, NC this team maintains a positive learning environment where cheer athletes gain life skills as well as life long friendships! Good sportsmanship, dedication, and strength of character is a primary focus of this competitive cheer team. Charlotte Extreme chose a new custom GK Cheer uniform design this year and are thrilled with the results!

The athletes chose a unique custom GK Cheer design starting with a long sleeve top with a strappy cut-out neckline and criss-cross back in our Columbia Blue Mystique, Black and White DryTech, and Black Mesh fabric shoulder inserts for a textured look. This modern design is accented with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to highlight  the garment with a dazzling shine. Charlotte Extreme especially loves the back of their uniform created with a skyline design unique to their city. Their custom low rise skirt offers simple clean design lines in Black and White DryTech, Columbia Blue Mystique fabric, and embellished with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS with attached boycut brief.

Do you love this custom GK Cheer design? Is your team ready for  a whole new look this year? We are here to help! Work with our sales and design team to create a custom uniform like no other. Teams can make their own statement. We charge no minimums and all styles are available in both child and adult sizes. Start a fresh new look of your own today with our Design Studio or contact our Customer Service department who will be happy to assist you!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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The Next Level for Royalty Athletics: New Cheer Uniforms

We love how Wisconsin All-Star cheerleaders, Royalty Athletics, have set themselves apart from their competitors!  They took their new cheerleading uniform to the next level with a bold crown logo made of Clear and Black SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on a beautiful complimentary violet cheer top, and they are gorgeous!  This isn't just any up and coming team. Their first season in 2011 earned them 3 first-place awards. Since then, the 19-athlete group has grown into upwards of 70 athletes, with 6 award-winning teams.  Director and Owner, along side of Niki Oxley, Leanna Pacyna says, "Offering opportunities to compete against teams we respect and working toward goals for each team and athlete will always be a priority for Royalty." With a reputation for well executed routines, mastery in stunting and tumbling, and first place titles at Jamfest Super Nationals and US Finals, Royalty is definitely on that list of well respected teams.

To show their pride and confidence Royalty special ordered this Violet and White DryTech cheer Crop Top U171, featuring a one shoulder asymmetrical neckline, Black Mesh detailed sleeves that are studded with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and a peek-a-boo back.  It's a gorgeous combination that's accented with a spray of Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on the back. Their Violet DryTech Low Rise Skirt U707L features built-in Violet DryTech Spankies.

Complimenting the lady's All-Star cheer top and skirt, the guys chose a special order Men's Swirl Cheerleading Top UM119 in Violet DryTech with accents of White and Black DryTech and the same bold black and Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crown logo on the front. The pant is a custom design in Violet DryTech with a White DryTech stripe down the side of the leg and hip line. GK also offers Special Order Men's Cheer Uniform Pants that can be personalized with your teams colors.

Royalty Athletics has raised the bar with their sparkling bold crown logo. Now it's your turn to show up the competition. Create your own Special Order Cheer Uniform, and make them crave your status. Designs can be imagined and created right from the comfort of your home or office, right now. So stay ahead of the game and get started today.

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Pearland Elite All-Stars are on The Next Level

We're thrilled to feature this fierce Texas team, Pearland Elite All-Star Cheer Explosion (P.E.A.C.E.) in their new custom-designed cheer uniform.

This team is truly a force to be reckoned with.  Established only recently in 2011, P.E.A.C.E. has already stormed cheerleading competitions, making their mark by placing no less than second place in season events and compelling even veteran gyms to work a little harder.  And although the team is fresh blood, the coaching staff is not.  Together they boast regional and state medals, collegiate All-American experience, scholarship awards and decades of competitive gymnastics experience.

As seasoned athletes, this group of coaches clearly understands the importance of quality, stylish performance wear for their team. Cheer Director Rodney Cook (Tall Rod) states, "I wanted our athletes to wear something that was fashionable, strong, and encouraging! It needs to have the feeling of WOW, THAT TEAM IS AMAZING...We train like the best so we should look better than the rest."

Pearland Elite took this fabulous look to the next level by showcasing their gym's logo on the front of the top, surrounded by clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, while spelling out their name on the back of the uniform as well. This  custom asymmetric one strap leotard and skort represents the unique personality of their team very well. The mix of Mystique and Mesh adds depth to this extra secured cheer leo. The addition of the team's name on the back of the leo creates a cohesive look throughout their performance. The end result - an impressive competitive cheer uniform, tailored to fit these future champions. This Texas team is sure to make heads turn at their next cheer event.

Special order tops from our website, Funky Shoulder Leo U143L or Cutting Edge Sleeve Cheerleading Top U158L, represent similar looks and are available for purchase with a variety of personalization options. GK also offers a wide variety of skirts and skorts to choose from. For custom designs, contact your local GK Cheer Territory Manager  to find out how you too can compete in both skill and fashion at your next competition.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Prime Time All Stars In Funky Shoulder Cheer Uniform

Prime Time All Stars from Dover, NH are loving their new look from GK Cheer! Their teams thrive on building fun and challenging each other while learning life lessions through the sport of cheerleading. These passionate athletes compete in some of the biggest events in the world and wanted a one piece uniform that would take them to the next level at competition this year.

Prime Time chose our special order Funky Shoulder Cheer One Piece Uni U1103 a Black Nylon/Spandex and Imperial Purple Mystique one shoulder asymmetrical neck one piece cheerleading uniform which features a bold swirl design in our White Nylon/Spandex fabric and inverted "Y" shoulder strap. The swirl design is carried over to the back of the garment and our Black Mesh fabric inserts with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS mimic the looping pattern. The team added their "PT" logo in our dazzling Silver Hologram and Purple Sequinz.


Shown on the left is Prime Time's design from last year. This was also a custom made style but a crop top in White and Black DryTech and Imperial Purple Mystique fabrics with swirled sleeves and Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS along design lines. Their low rise matching skirt was created in our Black and White DryTech fabrics and Imperial Purple Mystique traced with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS accents.

This team is ready for the next level this year in their new GK Cheer apparel! Is your team ready to push the limits? We are here to help!

Shop our Special Order Designs today or create a custom look of your own with our Design Studio. Our customer service department will be happy to assist you with your next cheer uniform order.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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One United in Modern GK Cheer Apparel

One United Level 5 Juniors from Mooresville, NC showed off their fierce cheerleading uniforms from GK at competition. The owner, Joe Carpenetti, and the All Star Director, Tyler Stevenson are so happy with the custom style they selected for their team this year. Shown below is their team in our custom designed GK cheer outfit.


One United loves their custom look from GK. We designed a brilliant cheer leo in our Steel Mystique, Black and Gold Nylon/Spandex, and Black Mesh fabrics creating sharp and dramatic sweeping style lines that wrap around to the back of the garment. Their bold cheerleading leo features a keyhole back opening as well as a custom logo in Steel Mystique and Gold Nylon/Spandex and scattered Clear and Citrine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS throughout front and back bodice.

This look goes perfect with our custom made low rise short in the same fabrics and continuing style lines. This nearly seamless, perfect fit combination is sure to be a winning look at competition offering no chance of point deduction due to a skin baring or improper fitting top.

If you love the idea of this perfect fit cheerleading leo, check out our Special Order Women's Cheer Leotards today, or design one of your own with our Design Studio! Need some help coming up with a design? Our Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you.

GK Cheer. Make A Statement.


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