Meet Lindsay Jacki, GK's New Business Development Manager for the Western USA

GK is proud to welcome Lindsay Jacki to our team as the new Business Development Manager for the Western states. Lindsay will be overseeing the western territory cheerleading accounts and looking for ways to maximize GK's impact in this part of the country! She comes to us with over nine years of professional experience in the cheer industry, including her role as Director of Cheerleading at Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania, Director of Marketing at Pinnacle Lodging in Colorado and a National Cheerleading Team member. She received a Bachelors Degree in Communications from Purdue University in Indiana where she was also the captain of the cheerleading team. We are excited to have this incredibly accomplished athlete join our team! Keep reading to hear Lindsay's plans to take the west to the next level with GK Cheer! Lindsay Jacki, GK's Business Development Manager for the West

GK: Why did you choose GK? What attracted you to join the sales team?

LJ: I’ve had a lasting relationship with GK and have had the privilege of working with the company on some innovative projects in the past. Everyone was so open to creativity and stretching boundaries, while also remaining professional. GK was the first company I reached out to when I decided that I wanted to continue working in the cheer industry.

GK: What is your plan to expand GK awareness in your western territory?

LJ: I want the West to be able to identify GK as innovative and personal. That “WOW” factor when you emerge on stage for the first time every season is what we take personal pride in. I want these gyms to see us as their partners in this process, that we are fully invested in their vision just as they are. This will be when the West is won!

GK: Being a former All Star cheerleader, what did you look for in a uniform?

LJ: Functionality, comfort and creativity. Cheerleaders are, first and foremost, athletes. When we’re out on the field, court or mat, our focus needs to be on our skills, but we are also representatives. Whether it be for our school or our gym, we want to showcase what we’re working for. 

GK: What was it like being a part of the first ever USA Cheerleading World Championship team?

LJ: As an athlete, you grow up watching sports like gymnastics and see those individuals be able to compete and represent their country. Walking out during opening ceremonies and waving the USA flag is an accomplishment I will forever remember. Since 2009, every year of the ICU championship has shown major amounts of progression and versatility between the competing countries. It’s a testament to how far the sport has come.

GK: How will your past experience as director of Woodward Camp help you in your new position?

LJ: Cheerleading is unlike any other sport in that we are constantly innovating, changing and growing. Being the director of Woodward Camp, I was able to witness the different challenges facing the cheer industry and became immersed in all aspects of the culture first hand. I made connections working with coaches, gym owners and athletes, and was open to an ever-revolving door of individuals showcasing their gym, skills and fashion. This knowledge will be instrumental in what I have planned for GK!

GK: What makes you the most excited about being a part of the GK family?

LJ: I can’t wait to be a part of a team that values professionalism and creativity while also pushing the boundaries of cheer. Innovation only progresses when everyone works together, and GK has an invaluable group that makes everything run smoothly.

GK: What is your favorite GK product?

LJ: For competition, it’s the cheer leotards. It gives the uniform a whole new dynamic, but for practice, it’s the low-rise tech mesh panel cheer short. I wear them whether I’m tumbling or running outside. And did I mention SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS?

GK: Do you have any final remarks to share with us?

LJ: Cheerleading is unlike any other sport in that we’re relatively brand new. A sport like baseball that’s been around for years, adheres to their rules and regulations. Cheer has the opportunity to push their boundaries and make their own rules. Every year you see something new, whether it be a creative new skill, or a daring new fashion. GK is at the foreground of these innovations, and I’m so thankful to be included.

Welcome to the GK family Lindsay! We are thrilled to have you on board an can't wait to see all the exciting things you have in store for GK's Western Territories!

Need help placing your cheerleading uniform order for next season? Contact your local cheer representative today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Meet Janie Lapierre, GK's Cheerleading Territory Account Manager for Eastern Canada

GK is proud to introduce our new Territory Account Manager for Eastern Canada, Janie Lapierre!  She comes to the company with over twenty years of experience in the cheerleading industry. She has a Bachelors Degree in Fashion and previously owned her own cheerleading apparel business and event company.  In an interview with GK, her passion for the cheer industry came across as she told us, "I want to become one of the best Territory Account Managers GK has ever had! My desire is to truly understand my client’s needs so they don’t have to worry about their cheerleading apparel.  I want them to feel like they can rely on me!" Janie is very excited to start this new chapter in her life, and we are thrilled to have her on board!  Read on to see her plans to bring Canada to the next level with GK Cheer!

GK: How do you plan on growing the GK brand in Canada?
JL: I plan to use the experience and contacts that I have acquired in the past seven years to grow Gk in Canada.  I can't wait for my clients from my previous business to discover the great company I now represent.  I think teaming up with GK will bring a lot of success to the company.  I am so excited to bring these amazing cheerleading uniforms to Canada and to represent the most innovative cheer brand in the world!

GK: Why did you choose to join the GK team?
JL: GK is well known in Québec and was the local cheerleading brands biggest competitor. I was at a cross roads in my life where I had to choose to continue with my own business or become a part of the GK team. I decided that working with GK will allow me to have more time to do the things I want, such as spending more time building relationships in the cheer industry.

GK: Does the Cheer apparel market differ in Canada than the US?
JL:  In the main cities of Montreal and Quebec it is quite similar, but when you go out of these areas, All Star competitive cheerleading is not as developed or well known.

GK: Being a gym owner, what do you look for in practice wear?
JL: Style and Comfort.  When I buy a product for my athletes, I want them to feel confident while remaining comfortable in their cheerleading apparel.  I know that if they feel confident in their cheer uniforms they will perform confidently, so style and comfort in training and competing are really important.

GK: How do you think Canada will receive GK?
JL: The Canadian cheerleading market is thrilled to have access to GK in an easier way!  I think it will be a great adventure!

GK: What are you most excited about in your new position?
JL: Talking directly with the clients. With my previous business, I was in a position where I had to work on more strategic and operational things which caused me to loose contact with the clients. I love talking with the clients and helping them with their cheerleading apparel needs.  I am thrilled to go back on the road and meet new people in the cheer industry.

GK: What did you think about your visit to the GK Headquarters in Reading, PA?
JL: It really felt like home!  I was impressed with how efficient GK is and loved seeing all the smiling faces everywhere I went!  It really felt like a family.  It was a lot of fun and a great experience. I can’t wait to see everyone again!

Welcome to the family, Janie!  We are so happy to have you be a part of the team and look forward to watching the plans you have for Canada unfold. 

If you need help ordering your GK cheerleading apparel contact your local Cheer Account Manager today!  For international sales, contact your International Sales Distributor to start planning next seasons GK cheer wear!

GK Cheer. The Next Level. 

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Express Cheer Senior 4.2 Wins Big at the 2014 Summit National Championships in GK Cheer Uniforms

Express Cheer Senior 4.2 team is crowned with another championship title in their purple GK cheer uniform at the 2014 Summit National Championships! After blowing away the competition at the 2014 NCA National Championships, they headed off to Orlando, FL to compete against some of the best All Star teams in nation! This incredible team from Texas knows you either go big or go home, and this time they did both! Congratulations, girls! You are an exceptional group of athletes and continue to set the standard in your gorgeous GK cheerleading uniforms! 

Express Cheer Senior 4.2 in Custom GK Uniforms at the 2014 Summit National Championship

Express Cheer Senior 4.2 continues to stun the crowds in their sensational girl's cheerleading uniform. This successful team knows the importance of prioritizing comfort and style to optimize their performance. GK cheerleading uniforms are designed with perfect fit, innovative designs, and top of the line quality materials. Our perfect fit cheer wear increases performance by allowing athletes to compete without pesky wardrobe malfunctions popping up. GK cheerleading uniforms will never bunch, gap, or constrict movements because they are designed to move with the athlete. 

Next season, pay attention to the cheerleading uniforms at the various competitions. If the fit is flawless, the embellishments sparkle brighter than the rest, and the confidence of the athletes is clear you are most likely viewing a GK cheerleading uniform. Check out our wide variety of uniform tops and cheer skirts to find your teams perfect fit and style. Don't forget about the men on your team! GK has top of the line men's cheer tops and men's uniform pants that will take your team to the next level!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.




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Maci From Spirit Explosion Takes Center Stage in a GK Cheerleading Uniform

Look out cheer world! This Spirit Explosion superstar is on the radar and ready to rumble in her GK cheerleading uniform! Maci, who has been cheering with Spirit Explosion since she was four, tells GK that, "My uniform is part of who I am and who I represent when I walk onto the mat. This past year, my Mini 2 team won 1st place at the All Star Challange Return to Atlantis, Mid Atlantic Cheer Nationals, Garden State Championships, Cheer for Charity, Northeast Championships and The Spring Festival. This year, I will be taking the mat as a Youth 3 cheerleader. I am excited to start working with my new team and I'm looking forward to representing Spirit Explosion and GK both on and off the mat for many years to come!"

Maci from Spirit Explosion in Custom GK Cheerleading UniformMaci from Spirit Explosion in Custom GK Cheerleading Uniform

This spunky Spirit Explosion cheerleader is looking GK Fabulous in this sensational GK cheer uniform. This explosive ensemble features Navy and White Nylon Spandex throughout with Red Mystique fabric adding exquisite color and incredible sheen to this illustrious girls cheerleading uniform. The halter cheer crop top, similar to our Hi-Tech Cheer Crop Top U174, creates a dramatic design with cut out shoulders and a striking white style lines. The cheer skirt, which is similar to our Corner Accent Cheer Skirt U709R, compliments this girls cheer top with thick White Nylon/Spandex accent lines and Red Mystique corners stitched against a contrasting Navy Nylon/Spandex back drop. Let's not forget about the bling! Decorated in the most brilliant jewels in the industry, clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS strategically outline the style lines and embellish the signature SE logo on the front and a spectacular star on the back.

All of our in stock and special order GK cheer uniforms come in child sizes! Whether you are looking for cheer practice wear for your young athlete, or an All Star show stopper, GK has what you need! Flip through our 2014-2015 All Star Looks Catalog for your young All Star's elite look today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Every GK Cheerleading Uniform Is Available In Child Sizes

Need a cheer uniform for your younger athletes that is just as unique as your level 5 unis? Don't worry....we can help! Each one of GK's cheer styles are available in child sizes! Choose from our wide selection of Special Order and In Stock children's cheer practice wear and uniforms! We offer the widest selection of kids cheer uniforms in the industry and each one is sized with your young athlete in mind. 

Let GK help get your minis and tinys started with our perfect fit practice wear. Click here to see our wide variety of boys and girls cheer practice wear to find just what your younger teams need. All of our in stock cheerleading practice wear can be special ordered in your team's colors!

Ready to hit the mat? With GK's exclusive designs you can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors for infinite possibilities to create your own youth cheerleading uniformsWith long tops, one piece uniforms and cheer leotards available in every style, your young athlete will look like a star! Formulated for a perfect fit and top of the line 4-way stretch fabrics GK is engineered for cheer!

Whether your ordering uniforms for your mini or International Open 6 Team, GK cheer apparel has all the cheer wear essentials to take your team to the next level. Click here to view our full selection of GK cheerleading uniforms and practice wear for all levels of cheer. 

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Take it to the Next Level with Custom GK Cheerleading Uniforms

GK is honored to create custom designs for many amazing All Star cheerleading teams. We can bring to life any design that you can imagine. If you are looking for a totally unique look from what is offered in our catalog, you can choose to design your own cheerleading uniform. Our talented designers will take your concept and turn it into reality. In just four easy steps you can take it to the next level at next seasons competitions with your brand new custom GK cheerleading uniform! Here's how:

Top Gun in Custom GK Cheerleading Uniforms at the 2014 Worlds Championship

1. Order swatches to help you select your fabrics and colors. 
2. Fill out our easy to use Custom Design and Custom Embellishment forms.
3. Once we receive the forms, our talented designers will create a color picture for your approval.
4. GK will create a sample garment for you to see and try on before you buy!

With low minimums, endless color options, top of the line embellishments and gorgeous fabrics, your one-of-a-kind cheer uniform will be the most breathtaking ensemble on the competition floor! Many of the top All Star teams, including Top Gun, ICE Athletics, and Maryland Twisters, have already taken their style to the next level with custom GK cheer uniforms.

ICE Athletics- lady Lightning in Custom GK Cheer Uniform at the 2014 Worlds

Are you ready to join the elite? Contact our customer service department or your local sales representative to start designing your next cheer uniform today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Top Gun's Next Level Is Sublimation


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United Elite is Stunning in GK Cheerleading Uniforms

Emily from United Elite All Star Cheer in Rockwall, TX is a show stopper in her GK cheerleading uniform! Spectators couldn't stop gazing at the endless sea of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that sparkled like diamonds under the spotlights. She tells us that, "My uniform from GK is very noticeable. The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are brilliant and they shine bright and beautifully on stage. This uniform really makes you say "WOW!" Plus, it is very comfortable and easy to tumble, stunt, jump, and compete in. My gym loves these uniforms!"  

This All Star cheer uniform is anything but ordinary in our Royal, Black and White Nylon/Spandex four way stretch fabrics. The judges marvel at this Fierce Strappy Crop Top U144 adorned with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that outline the bold strappy back and an asymmetrical neckline adds elegant audacity to the front. Bold Royal Nylon/Spandex bands add a beautiful pop of color throughout this girls' cheerleading uniform. The classic Low Rise Single Stripe Hem Slit Cheer Skirt U713L, perfectly pulls this youth's cheerleading uniform into a clean finish as clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS add extra shine to the royal blue hem line.

Ready to take your All Star cheerleading uniform to the next level on the competition floor? Check out GK's Special Order Cheer Uniforms to design your own cheerleading uniform. With GK's Design Studio you can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to personalize your cheer teams uniform for next season!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Maryland Cheer Chargers Compete In GK Cheerleading Uniforms

The Maryland Cheer Chargers strutted their stuff at the U.S. Finals in Virginia Beach on May 3-4, 2014. These Tiny Voltz are engineered for cheer in their GK girls cheer uniforms. Below, they posed for a picture with Season Daugherty of Epic Brands! Owner Linda Marshall tells us, "I love the variety of uniform selection that GK has to offer.  The customer service provided to me is exceptional.  I don't care how many times I may change my mind about a design or style, the reps work with me pleasantly." 

Maryland Cheer Charges in GK Custom Cheer Uniforms with Season Daugherty of Epic Brands

These Maryland Cheer Charger Tinyz are absolutely adorable in a Layered Swirl Sleeve Cheer Top U157L and Low Rise School Fit Cheer Short U624L. This long cheer top features an elegant asymmetrical neckline with a layered swirl sleeve design and double binding straps across the left shoulder. Ruby and Black SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS embellish the "MCC" logo across the top to bring exceptional sparkle to this sassy All Star cheer uniform.

Ready to take your youth cheerleading uniforms to the next level? GK makes it easy with our wide selection of Special Order Cheerleading Apparel available in child and adult sizes! With GK's Special Order exclusive designs you can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to create your own unique cheer uniform. Just pick your look, pick your fabrics and colors, and add embellishments! Visit our Design Studio to get started creating your All Star cheer look today!

Have a new team member and need a fill-in uniform fast? Don't worry! GK is here to help! Introducing our new Rapid Re-Order Program where your order will be shipped in four weeks or it's FREE! Click here for complete details or visit our Rapid Re-Order Blog Post for more information on this ground breaking program!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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GK Fabrics Are Engineered For Cheerleading

GK cheer uniforms have a unique, progressive look that will help your cheerleading team set the standard on the competition floor. Since 2009, we have become the fastest growing cheerleading uniform company in the industry. Our quality begins with our fabric. We work directly with our approved mills to develop fabrics that meet our stringent demands for 4-way stretch, color, and durability. To ensure the highest quality standards, all aspects of production take place in our factory in Reading, Pennsylvania. Our cheerleading uniforms are inspected an average of 11 times throughout the manufacturing process, and no uniform leaves the facility without passing our five point inspection process. In addition to our 4-way stretch fabric, we offer Z-Stitch technology and DryTech fabric to take your GK cheer uniform to the next level.

You will stand out on the competition floor with Z-Stitch! Our precision Z-Stitch technology allows you to incorporate more creative, intricate design details into your uniform. Our exclusive Z-stitch technique allows the design to have the same stretch as the base fabric without distorting the image.

Here at GK, we know that when you feel better, you perform better. That's why our DryTech performance fabric features moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties. DryTech keeps you cool and dry, and prevents the growth of micro-organisms. 
Super stretch fabric is a must have for super star athletes, which is why so many All Star cheer teams, such as Top Gun, Maryland Twisters and ICE Athletics, choose GK to manufacture their custom cheerleading uniforms. We make sure that minimal shrinking and exceptional stretch are key features of our 4-way stretch fabric. The 4-way stretch allows the fabric to move with the athlete no matter how difficult their performance.
If you're ready to take your team to the next level, then flip through our 2014 All Star Looks Catalog to see the finest cheerleading apparel in the industry. Stand out on the competition floor in GK's Special Order Cheer Uniforms that offer a large variety of exclusive designs, multiple fabric combinations and personalized embellishments to bring you an All Star cheer uniform. Contact your local cheer representative or our customer service department to place your order today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.
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Say "No" To Contracts With GK Cheerleading Apparel

You, as a GK customer are a different breed. You are the kind who won't just settle for good enough. You are the kind who is always pushing yourself, your staff and your athletes to get better, whether it's in the class room, in the gym or on the competition floor. You are always reaching higher. It might be a more rigorous practice session, a more creative choreography, or a more unique look, which is why GK doesn't hold you down with contracts! 

At GK, we believe our quality, styling, uncompromising fit and service are reason enough to go with and stay with us. GK does not hold our customers to a binding agreement because we listen to the needs of our cheerleaders and coaches about what they wanted and needed in a uniform. You will never see zippers, restrictive binding or non-stretch fabrics in our cheer uniforms. We want the cheerleader to feel comfortable and confident in their uniforms, so they can perform at their best without wardrobe distractions. 

With GK, you can take your All Star Cheer Uniforms to the next level without facing the hassle of a contract. Flip through our 2014 All Star Looks Cheerleading Catalog and our 2014 School Fit Looks Catalog to see the endless possibilities for next seasons cheer wear.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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BAMA All Starz Next Level is GK Custom Cheer Uniforms

Bama All Starz from Bessemer, AL are ready to take next season's All Star cheerleading uniforms to the next level with GK's Ink'd sublimated designs! These All Star athletes worked with our designers to create a custom look that is printed directly onto the fabric for a clean and seamless finish! With these bold designs and brilliant colors, the Bama All Starz are sure to captivate the judges attention. Daniele and Britten Blackburn, owners of the Alabama Cheer Center, tell GK, "we are so excited about our new design for our Day 2 uniform!! The quality of GK uniforms are like no other!  The customer service has been top notch and we couldn't be happier!  Our teams can't wait to step on the floor with this new design!"

Bama All Starz in GK Sublimated Cheer UniformsBama All Starz in Custom GK Cheerleading Uniforms

The Bama All Starz girls will be the talk of the town in this sublimated Cheer Leotard SBC901 with matching Regular Rise Cheer Skirt SBC702. Red Mystique fabric adds red hot shine around the asymmetrical neckline and waistband. A blue and red swirl design dances across this custom cheerleading uniform. If you love this fresh new look, then you will adore our similar 2 Strap Off the Shoulder Cheer Leo U1001 and Regular Rise Cheer Skirt CB701 available from our website for your All Star team!

Let's not forget about the stylish Bama All Starz guys! They will be equally striking in this Men's Cheer Top SBC500, similar to our Crew Neck Raglan Men's Top UM103with Red Mystique binding around the neckline. Our Sublimated Men's Pant SBC800 printed on inkTek fabric compliments the girls' cheer skirt marvelously, preparing the guys to take the competition to the next level! 

Love these All Star cheerleading uniforms? Take your team to the next level with Ink'd sublimated designs! GK has perfected the sublimation process by investing in the highest quality inks, fabrics and technology in the business. If you can dream it, we can create it! Click here to learn more about GK's Ink'd sublimation line and start creating your All Star cheer uniform today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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COP Brands Awards GK as the Best Cheerleading Apparel Brand in the Industry

Thousands of All Star cheerleaders gathered from around the world to compete at COP Brands' Magical Championship of the World Competition in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on May 14-18. COP Brands, the largest international cheer and dance event company in Latin America, produced their finest event yet with All Star guests, elaborate stage designs and red carpet events. The spectacular Cali Smoed All Star cheer team flew in from California to attend this elite event. Other A-list members included renowned choreographer, Ray Jasper, the Spirit of Texas coach, Brad Vaughan and his guest Garrett Arzate, the founder of Twisted Spirit Brands and renowned choreographer, Luke Johnson, and GK's very own Executive Vice President of Design and Corporate Relations, Kelly McKeown. Even Kiara Nowlin, world champion power tumbler and cheerleader, made an appearance to say hi to her friends from GK and see these talented All Star cheerleaders vie for the championship title.
 GK awarded Best Cheerleading Apparel Brand in the Industry
Dance judges Bianca Poncedeleon, Sandra Enriquez, Anastasia Miller,
Jeffrey Harvey and Cheetah Platt with Luke Johnson and Kelly McKeown.
Kiara Nowlin at the COP Brands in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Ray Jasper, Kelly Mckeown, Brad Vaughan and Garrett Arzate at COP Brands 2014
In addition to putting on this prestigious event, COP Brands hosted the Spirit Awards during the competition. This red carpet event is to honor those in cheer and dance that outrank their competitors and set the standards for the industry. This year, GK won the Best Cheer Apparel Company in the Industry! Over the past 4+ years we have aimed to engineer and perfect cheerleading apparel. In fact, the same proprietary fit formula that we use for our Olympic gymnasts goes into each and every one of the cheer uniforms that we make. We are honored to be recognized  for our perfect fit, innovative designs and superior cheerleading apparel!

Click here to see why our dedication to providing the highest quality cheer wear and excellent customer service is noticed internationally. GK is engineered for cheer and ready to take your All Star team to the next level!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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RockStarz Diamond All Stars Outshine the Competition in Their Custom GK Cheer Uniforms

RockStarz Diamonds stole the show in their diamond inspired GK cheerleading uniform! This All Star team acquired quite the list of achievements from numerous awards received at multiple New Jersey competitions, to placing 4th in the Small Senior B Division and 5th place in group A and B at the 2014 World Championship!  Incorporating their team name into every aspect of their cheer uniforms, this sensational team wanted to make sure their love for the sparkling gem was crystal clear. The RockStarz Diamonds worked closely with GK designers to make sure that this spectacular jewel was the main focal point for their custom cheer uniform. 

RockStarz Diamonds All Stars Team in custom GK cheer uniformsRockStarz Diamonds Team in custom GK cheer uniforms

Diamonds are a girls best friend on this All Star cheerleading uniform. Navy Mystique and Seaglass Sparkle Hologram give additional sheen and brilliant color to this radiant cheer crop top, while White DryTech keeps them cool and comfortable during the competition. On the back, Navy Mystique style lines display a large gem stone embellished with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Spectators were mesmerized by the glittering display of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals that were sprinkled throughout this cheer crop top. Our classic Low Rise Single Stripe Hem Skirt U713L in White Drytech with contrasting Navy Mystique hem lines pairs perfectly with this couture crop top to finish off this custom cheerleading uniform.

Start planning next season's winning look today! Design your cheerleading uniform in our Design Studio for a competitive look that is sure set the standard! Contact your local sales representative or our customer service department to take your All Star cheerleading uniform to the next level!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Top Gun All Stars Take Cheerleading to the Next Level in Orlando

Congratulations to the Top Gun All Star and Orlando All Star cheerleading programs who took cheerleading to the next level by joining together last month to become an undeniable powerhouse! The 2013-2014 year has been an exhilarating season for Top Gun. They began building their newest state of the art facility in Miami, brought home two more World Champion titles (totaling 8 Gold, 3 Silver and 7 Bronze) and had the largest athlete evaluations to date! If that isn't enough, they have just added the talented Orlando All Stars team to the Jaguar Nation making this the third city and fourth Top Gun location in Florida. Cory Hines, a Top Gun coach and GK account manager, tells us that "this is a franchising situation where Miami will be implementing several policies and training techniques as well as doing camps and creative workshops with Top Gun Orlando." Top Gun Miami, Top Gun SW and Top Gun Orlando are excited to come together and take on the next season with the unique ideals and philosophies that have made Top Gun All Stars one of the most talented and recognized cheerleading programs in the world!


We can't wait to see what this next season unfolds for the Top Gun All Stars and help design the innovative All Star cheerleading uniforms they are known for. Congratulations again on this exciting announcement! We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing what the Jaguar Nation has in store for the 2014-2015 season!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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GK Sublimated Practice Wear is a Perfect Fit for East Athletic Cheer

East Athletic Cheer, an All Star gym in Laconia, New Hampshire, wanted a fresh new way to unite their team members and make the most out of practice. Using inspiration from a local artist, East Athletic Cheer incorporated this creative piece of art into a fantastic sublimated design by GK.

Though this All Star gym may be new to the scene, they are sure to make an impression in their cheer practice wear. This sublimated cheer Crop Top SBC300 is bursting with spectacular color as intricate designs are beautifully printed across the InkTek fabric. An inspired star is showcased at the center of this cheer top. The matching Low Rise Shorts SBC604 perfectly match the cheer top in design and color to bring this practice look to a stunning completion. 

A matching Long Top SBC200 is a perfect fit for their younger athletes. Diagonal blue and pink streams run across the front and back as shooting stars dance in between. This creative design boasts clean lines, strategically placed accents and brilliant color to give an awe-inspiring look. Pretty in pink, this All Star team is sure to build team spirit with this unified look.

Do you have an inspiring design that you want to see incorporated into your cheer wear? Bring your inspiration to GK, and our talented designers will customize a sublimated look exclusively for your team! Fill out the sublimation form to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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