Meet Tamara Reed, GK Cheer Territory Account Manager for Northern California

Northern California, get ready for GK Cheer to take over your All Star gyms and outfit your athletes in the highest quality, most fashion-forward cheerleading apparel in the industry. Tamara Reed, the Territory Account Manager for Northern California, is ramped up and ready to take your style and cheer swag to new heights this competitive season. 

Tamara Reed, GK Cheer Sales Rep.

The sport of cheerleading has been a leading passion for Tamara for many years. She comes to us with over 12 years of cheer coaching experience including a recent promotion as the head cheerleading coach for Davis High School. Previously, she owned an All Star cheer gym which gave her first hand experience with the ordering process. Knowing the concerns and struggles that can arise while trying to place your All Star cheerleading uniform on time, she is more than confident to ensure that the gyms in Northern California will not face those same battles. She is ready to bring her expertise to the forefront and make ordering your dream cheer uniform an easy and positive experience. 

Being a coach and gym owner, Tamara knows exactly what your looking for when it comes to trendsetting All Star cheer uniforms and practice wear. This well seasoned individual is excited to bring you the brand that outfits more World Champions than any other. 

Click here to contact Tamara Reed and start designing your dream cheerleading uniform today!

Don't live in Northern Cali? Click here to find a GK Cheer Territory Account Manager in your area.

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions. 

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Meet Shelly Altman, GK Cheer Territory Account Manager for Arizona

We are excited to introduce the newest member of the GK Cheer family, Shelly Altman. Shelly will be the Territory Account Manager for Arizona. With years of experience in the sport of cheerleading, we can't wait to see what new and fresh ideas she will bring to the table to increase brand awareness to her territory. 

GK Cheer Territory Account Manager Shelly Altman

Born and raised in Arizona, this native knows what the gyms are looking for in All Star cheerleading apparel. She began cheerleading at the young age of eight and has maintained a love and passion for the sport throughout her entire life. After graduating from California State University Fullerton, she married her assistant cheer coach whom she worked with at an Orange County All Star gym. They have two children and enjoyed coaching together for Pacific Coast Magic Anaheim and numerous high school and college teams. Recently, they were given the opportunity to move back home and become gym owners for an All Star Cheer and Gymnastics facility in Northern Arizona.  They are thrilled to begin their new journey in their home state together doing what they love and bringing the finest performance enhancing cheer wear to Arizona.

Because her years of cheerleading and coaching, Shelly knows what cheer gyms are looking for when it comes to quality cheer apparel, which is why she joined the GK Cheer sales team. With our trendsetting styles, high quality fabrics and embellishments, and perfect fit we meet the needs of All Star and sideline cheer teams worldwide. 

Welcome to the family, Shelly! We can't wait to see how you will bring GK Cheer to Arizona and outfit athletes in the finest cheer practice wear and cheerleading uniforms in the market. 

If you live in Arizona and are looking for that competitive edge this season, you can contact Shelly Altman at Visit our Territory Account Manager directory to find your GK Cheer sales representative to outfit your athletes in the most sought after cheer wear in the industry. 

GK Cheer. The Next Level. 


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COP Brands Awards GK as the Best Cheerleading Apparel Brand in the Industry

Thousands of All Star cheerleaders gathered from around the world to compete at COP Brands' Magical Championship of the World Competition in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on May 14-18. COP Brands, the largest international cheer and dance event company in Latin America, produced their finest event yet with All Star guests, elaborate stage designs and red carpet events. The spectacular Cali Smoed All Star cheer team flew in from California to attend this elite event. Other A-list members included renowned choreographer, Ray Jasper, the Spirit of Texas coach, Brad Vaughan and his guest Garrett Arzate, the founder of Twisted Spirit Brands and renowned choreographer, Luke Johnson, and GK's very own Executive Vice President of Design and Corporate Relations, Kelly McKeown. Even Kiara Nowlin, world champion power tumbler and cheerleader, made an appearance to say hi to her friends from GK and see these talented All Star cheerleaders vie for the championship title.
 GK awarded Best Cheerleading Apparel Brand in the Industry
Dance judges Bianca Poncedeleon, Sandra Enriquez, Anastasia Miller,
Jeffrey Harvey and Cheetah Platt with Luke Johnson and Kelly McKeown.
Kiara Nowlin at the COP Brands in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Ray Jasper, Kelly Mckeown, Brad Vaughan and Garrett Arzate at COP Brands 2014
In addition to putting on this prestigious event, COP Brands hosted the Spirit Awards during the competition. This red carpet event is to honor those in cheer and dance that outrank their competitors and set the standards for the industry. This year, GK won the Best Cheer Apparel Company in the Industry! Over the past 4+ years we have aimed to engineer and perfect cheerleading apparel. In fact, the same proprietary fit formula that we use for our Olympic gymnasts goes into each and every one of the cheer uniforms that we make. We are honored to be recognized  for our perfect fit, innovative designs and superior cheerleading apparel!

Click here to see why our dedication to providing the highest quality cheer wear and excellent customer service is noticed internationally. GK is engineered for cheer and ready to take your All Star team to the next level!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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The 2014 Worlds Senior Medium Coed Division is #GKFabulous

Congratulations to all of the teams that made it to Finals in the Senior Medium Coed Division at Worlds 2014!  It's amazing to watch each and every one of these incredible athletes perform on the floor.  We are blown away by the talent we've seen so far.  A very special congratulations goes out to all of the #GKFabulous teams in this division.  One thing's for sure: the Cheer Uniforms on Maryland Twisters Reign of Glen Burnie, Maryland, Spirit Explosion FAB 5 of Cinnaminson, New Jersey and American Cheer of Bakersfield, California sparkled brighter and fit better than the rest!   We are so proud of your performances.  You looked amazing!

Maryland Twisters Reign at Worlds 2014 in GK Cheer Uniforms Spirit Explosion Fab 5 at Worlds 2014 in GK Cheerleading Uniforms American Cheer in GK Cheer Uniforms at Worlds 2014
Maryland Twisters Reign
3rd Place

Spirit Explosion FAB 5
10th Place

American Cheer Flyers
4th Place

At GK, our Customers are a different breed.  They never settle for good enough.  They always push themselves, their staff, and their athletes to get better - more rigorous practices, more creative choreography, and most certainly the most unique cheerleading apparel they can dream of.  If you'd like to join these World Championship teams on the Next Level, check out the 2014 GK All Star Catalog today or visit our website to design your own Cheer Uniform!

GK Cheer.  The Next Level.

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Maryland Twisters F5 wins Best Uniform at Champions League

We are excited to announce that the Maryland Twisters F5 team has won the "Best Uniform" title at Champions League! The Twisters have long been a favorite of GK Cheer, wearing the most up to date, fashion-forward designs, and always looking fabulous. Now their efforts have paid off in more ways than just feeling great during competition because they are wearing the coveted Best Uniform in the sport! Congratulations!

What is it about this GK Cheer uniform that puts it above the other teams' Next Level? Before we decide, let's take a look at each individual element of the design. Afterwards, I'll let you be the judge.

The crop top is a custom design that allowed the F5 team to feminize their athletic team uniform to depict the charm of a regal cocktail garment. Here's how they did it.

Instead of dressing in the classic and very popular Nylon/Spandex or Mystique fabrics, F5 took a risk and chose to present themselves in Black Velvet. This luxurious fabric is plush and soft, and commonly associated with royalty or nobility. In fact, it's so beautiful that it was once a common decoration for royal walls and noble frocks. As with most precious elements, velvet does require a little extra care, but it's a small price to pay for the deep black, luxurious cheer uniform that gives F5 the confidence they need need to stay on top.

The challenge now is to grace this regal fabric with proper embellishments, and what an amazing selection they made. The natural Black Velvet neckline of this gorgeous cheer crop top features a deep scoop neck, but the real neckline is adorned in Black Mesh and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in varying color tones. Sophisticated garments require jewelery, and that's exactly what these jewels created for F5's all star cheer uniform. They flawlessly drape across the collar bone and shoulder blades with Briliance, Jade and Electric Blue necklace lines. It's a first in cheer fashion, and it's brilliant!

These same Brilliance, Jade and Electric Blue SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS also create an intricate and intriguing pattern along both long sleeves, as well as the right corner of the Black Velvet Low Rise Skirt U701L. If a picture really does say a thousand words, then let's just soak it all in.

Finally, who wouldn't advertise their team on this masterpeice, as Coach Tara Cain calls it? This entire F5 logo is SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! It's phenomenal! Again, just soak it all in.

So what caught the judges eye first? You be the judge, and remember that next season offers yet another opportunity to have the best cheer uniform in the nation. How will your compare?

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

To find out what else the Maryland Twisters surprise their judges with, check out the following related articles: Maryland Twisters are Going to Majors in GK Cheer Uniforms, Maryland Twisters Supercells Make a Statement in GK Cheer Couture  or California All Stars and Maryland Twisters Win at Worlds Wearing GK Cheer!


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New Gym Finds GK Cheer a Breeze to Work With

GK is proud to welcome Velocity Cheer Gym to our list of talented customers who respect and appreciate the exceptional quality and unparallelled design of GK Cheer Uniforms! Head Coach, Audra Bartlett, founded Velocity only recently in 2013, and is already winning competitions. When asked about an essential piece of her business plan, cheerleading uniforms, she'll tell you this. "GK has been wonderful to work with. I love GK because of their sleek designs and their willingness to work with you! Shipping has been fast and prompt. Cheerleading uniforms are made extremely well and they are beautiful. Working with GK has been a breeze. Ashley, my GK Account Manager, has been very accommodating and helps me with whatever I need! I will definitely be using GK next year. I already picked out my uniforms and can't wait to see the artwork! Thank you, GK!"

Velocity outfitted their half year teams in our modest School Fit cheer top, School Fit Triple Wrap Uniform Liner U415L and our Navy Regular Rise Skirt U701, stamped with a Lemon Lime Hologram Sequinz star. The cheer top combines Navy Nylon/Spandex with alternating lines of our bright and fresh Lime Mystique and a clean White Nylon/Spandex to give this simple design a brilliant array of dimension. What's so great about the clean blue pallet of this cheer top bodice is that it lends the White Nylon/Spandex and Lime Mystique Velocity logo with its inlay of Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, an opportunity to pop off the shirt and explore your senses. The younger team wears an entry level, value top,  a Navy DryTech Basic Mock Neck Liner 150 complete with the team's Velocity logo. The girls look fabulous, but Coach Bartlet's next season uniform is already in the works, and it will be better than ever. Be sure to look for her at your next California cheerleading competition.

Whether you're a new gym or a veteran cheer squad in search of better quality and design, make sure you include GK in your search for the Next Level Cheer Uniform! Our knowledgeable Cheer representatives are experienced in coaching, cheer choreography and design. A terrific source of expertise in uniform design and pricing, they will take you to the next level with ease. Give them a call, or order your design online from our School Fit or Special Order selection today.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Warrior Elite All Stars Parade in GK Cheer Uniforms

Warrior Elite Allstars from Maui, HI were proud to rock their custom GK Cheer Uniforms in their local County Fair Parade. "Thank you for our custom uniforms! MAUI LOVES THEM! "We have received awesome compliments on our uniforms in the past and most recently our white capri suits made their debut in our county fair parade which made the crowd go wild! They absolutely loved it. This cheer apparel look was so out of the box, so different, so us!", says coach, Cyn Los Banos. She and two other coaches, Chante Diaz and Stacie Laferriere are excited to start this new season with a new cheer uniform look. Now in their third season with GK uniforms, the team is thrilled to start with a fresh modern look.

Warrior Elite is made up of 30 competitive cheerleaders and 5 exhibition cheerleaders. They have 4 teams this season and will be competing in the American showcase in Anaheim, California in April. Just this past March, Warrior Elite competed in the contest of champions and placed first in the youth level 1 and junior level 2 divisions. They also won a grand champion award for scoring the highest point in the entire level 1 division, which included a $1000.00 cash prize.

Warrior Elite is strutting their stuff in a special order Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Uniform Top U169L a square neck full length cheerleading uniform top with criss cross, knotted strappy back and abstract vine sleeve designs in White, Black, and Lavender Ice Mystique. Their team name and flower logo was created in Black Mystique and elegantly embellished in Lavender and Fuschia SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. A custom designed pant was made to match in White, Black, and Lavender Ice Mystique. This tasteful and clean look by GK is the perfect choice for this Hawaiian team to start their new season.

Are you looking for a unique look for your team? Shop our Special Order Cheer Uniforms today where you can customize your look by choosing any fabric and any color combination. Add your team name or logo in your choice of jewels, sequinz, applique embroidery or imprinting where available. If you are looking for a truly custom look, contact your local cheer representative. Tell us your vision and we will make it happen!

GK Cheer. Make A Statement.

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Gabi Butler Adapts to New Life in Cali with SMOED

After a busy and eventful summer, Gabi Butler, our 2013 Cheer Catalog front cover model shares with us how she is adjusting to her new life in Cali with team SMOED. She was excited to tell us all about a few of the challenges she has faced and what she has learned so far with her new lifestyle change. Learn about her intense training regimen and how she loves to model our innovative cheer leading apparel.

1. We understand you came from Top Gun All Stars in Miami, FL. Now that you are a California girl and joined the California Allstars, what challenges and lifestyle changes have you had to overcome or adjust to?

The biggest challenge has been the conditioning.  Top Gun did conditioning, but SMOED does a lot more.  It was really hard to get used to it but now I am in better shape and it has helped me to perform better at competitions because I am stronger.  I have also had to get used to the weather change.  In FL, it is warm most of the time, but here in Cali it gets cold a lot.  I had to get some cooler weather clothing to keep me warm.  Shorts in Cali don't always work!!

2. What have your summer activities consisted of? Have you had some down time to enjoy any hobbies?

My summer was VERY busy.  I had many clinics that I was teaching over the summer at different gyms all over the country.  I also was a guest at Camp Woodward in California and in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of down time because of all the clinics, but I did have a little bit of time in Florida to enjoy my family and the beach.

3. Why do you like modeling for GK Cheer?

It has been such an honor to model for GK Cheer because they have such amazing uniforms.  I really love going to the competitions and seeing all of the amazing GK designs.  When they chose me to be on the cover of the catalog I felt so honored and proud. The GK staff is really nice, and it's always great working with them!!

4. How do you train? Tell us about a typical training day on your own and with your new team.

My day usually starts with breakfast.  I have to eat before I start my day.  Then I will usually do some type of workout like Acro Yoga or running.  I like to do a core workout every few days to strengthen my core.  Practices are really tough.  Coach Eddie and Coach Orby work us really hard, but I know that it helps me to be stronger at competition.  We do a lot of running, usually 4 - 5 miles.  Then we hold a plank position for a while.  We usually do about 40 - 50 candlestick back tuck drills followed by full up drills repeatedly.  It's kind of crazy, but it really keeps us in great shape!

5. When it comes to a competition or performance, what do you do to get psyched up before you go out on the floor?

It may sound weird, but I usually have a conversation with myself in my own head.  I remind myself to be confident and to have faith above fear.  Then I talk to my teammates and together we get pumped up to go out and hit our routine.  Usually there's not much we need to do, because as soon as I hit the floor and hear the crowd, I get focused and ready to perform!

6.  Tell us about your favorite or specialty tumbling skills. How about any stunting skills?

Right now I just got my 2 to whip double really solid.  I am very excited about that.  I am also working 1 1/2 through to whip double in running tumbling and I also have a front front through to double as well.  I have really been working on getting better at my tumbling.  It is something that I really want to get more elite skills in.  Stunting has always been a strong point for me and I do really well with 1 man coed stunting.  I feel really balanced in the air and it has always been a comfortable place for me.

7. What are your goals for the future? Do you plan on attending college?

I do plan on attending college, but I haven't decided yet where I will go.  I really love animals and would love to be a veterinarian.  I also would love to continue to be involved in cheer.  Maybe I will have the opportunity to coach one day when I am too old to cheer, but I think that time seems really far away!

8. Now that you have traveled across the country, we are sure you want to see more of the world. Name a place you want to travel to next and why?

I really want to go to Europe.  I have met a lot of cheerleaders online that cheer in the UK, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand.  I may be able to travel there next summer for clinics and I am really excited about seeing those places.  It's an amazing opportunity to travel the world and meet new people.  I really love it!!

In the photo above, Gabi is wearing GK Cheer's Off the Shoulder 3 Strap Cheer One Piece Uni U1101, a sleek and strappy off the shoulder one piece cheer uniform. This unique, clean design features a wide binding neckline, triple shoulder strap, and banded wrap around fabric details. This special order design can be ordered in your team's colors for your own custom look! Be sure to check out this and other hot looks in cheer with our Special Order Uniforms Design Studio.

We are so proud of Gabi as she continues to grow in her cheer career and look forward to hearing more updates in the future! Be sure to check back periodically for updates on SMOED's progress this season.

GK Cheer. Make A Statement.

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Catching Up with GK Cheer Model, Kelsey Baker

We were so excited to finally catch up with Kelsey Baker and get the scoop on how she is adjusting to her new life in Caifornia. Kelsey joined the California All Stars recently and moved her whole life across the country to pursue her dream of becoming a member of one of the country's most high profile All Star Cheerleading teams. Still in high school, Kelsey is doing very well in her new home out West. Kelsey shares her feelings with us as she prepares for a new school year.

We understand you came from Cheer Tyme in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Now that you are a California girl and joined the California All Stars, what challenges and lifestyle changes have you had to overcome or adjust to? Do you feel you have grown personally from this experience? Since moving to California, I've had a lot of adjustments to make in my life. First, one was made coming right off the plane to my new loving family. I had to adjust to their personalities and lifestyles. Luckily their daughter Katelyn, and I had a lot in common and clicked as sisters right away. But I had to adjust to a lot more such as culture shock, weather, the stores, restaurants and the geography of California. I think I have grown from this experience because not many 16 year olds move out of their homes, leaving behind their family, friends, and boyfriend like I had to, to live across the country. It definitely taught me life lessons that will forever help me. 

What has your summer activities been? Have you had some down time to enjoy any hobbies? Summer has been non stop since it started! Although cheer takes up a lot of summer, we always find fun things to do. The family here wants me to have the best California experience, so they bring me to a lot of tourist attractions. We go to amazing beaches, attend Hollywood entertainment, watch surfers, amusement parks, restaurants, and beautiful lakes! 

Why do you like modeling for GK Cheer? I like modeling for GK Cheer because of the amazing staff, and beautiful uniforms. The people working there are very welcoming and make me feel right at home! There's no pressure, just a fun day wearing beautiful uniforms made in that very building! I like being able to represent the cheer sport with a great company that has extravagant designs, and amazing people. When you work so hard year round, it feels good to put on a fresh designed uniform that brings us all together, expresses our team, and unifies us.  GK has creative and different uniforms that expresses the personality of each team. I'm always so proud of what they design.

Here at GK, we hear that before a practice begins, you are required to run 5 miles! Tell us about a typical day at practice? Yes, at California All Stars, a practice on my team SMOED always starts with running anywhere between 2 1/2- 4 1/2 miles in the ally behind the gym. After that, you go straight into conditioning, whether it's arms, legs, abs, or butt, immediately after that for about 45 minutes! Then you work on routine skills such as tumbling, stunting, and jumps. The last 25 minutes consist of conditioning again. It's like boot camp. We leave no one behind. If someone starts to lag, someone stronger goes back and pushes them to fight and not give up.

When it comes to a competition or performance, what do you do to get psyched up before you go out on the floor? At a competition, I get psyched by thinking about how amazing I'm going to feel to walk off the floor knowing we hit a routine and made our coaches happy.  That's what gets me pumped to get on the floor. I also think about the long hours in the gym and the the time I've put in for that very moment. The talent surrounds you in warm ups and that always pushes you to be your best and to shine with whatever skill you have. 

Tell us about your favorite or specialty tumbling skills. How about any stunting skills? Since a very young age, tumbling has always been my favorite thing in a routine. I like doing passes that are very unique, or hardly ever seen! I also like lots of speciality in passes such as whips, Arabians, layout halves, one and a halves, etc. For stunting I also like to do crazy and daring things! I like to make my own spin on a stunt and add creativity.   

What are your goals for the future? Do you plan on attending college? I intend on going to a big name college and perhaps cheering. I want to major in something like communications or marketing which will allow me a broader opportunity in cheerleading related designs. 

Now that you have traveled across the country, we are sure you want to see more of the world. Name a place you want to travel to next and why? California is just a little taste of what I want to see in the world. I really want to go to Italy because I am Italian, and I love the culture, food, arts, buildings, and history there!

We wish Kelsey all the best with her future endeavors and look forward to hearing more about SMOED California All Stars.

If you love the look Kelsey modeled on page 7 of our 2013 Catalog, check out all of GK's new One Piece Uniform Styles.  

GK Cheer. Make A Statement.

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Fierce All Stars Bring GK Style to Worlds 2013

The athletes from Fierce All Star Cheerleading out of Rancho Cucamonga, California brought sass and style to Worlds 2013 in their GK custom cheer uniforms.  The Force cheer uniform makes a statement with its asymmetrical strappy neck line, use of mesh fabric, and one arm gauntlet. 

Force's custom cheer crop top is made mostly of Black DryTech and Black Mesh with stylized highlights of Berry, White, and Yellow Mystique fabrics.  The left shoulder area and entire sleeve are black mesh as is the gauntlet for the right arm. Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are scattered over the Black Mesh fabric areas and outline the dynamic straps.  Force is spelled out on the chest in alternating Berry & Yellow Mystique applique and then covered with brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Their coordinating cheerleading short is created with mostly Black DryTech with Berry, White, and Yellow Mystique.  Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS covering Yellow Mystique fabric create a faux belt buckle on the short while more SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS cover the rest of the waistband all the way around for bling from every angle.

In love with Force's style?  Check out GK's Fierce Strappy Cheerleading Crop Top U144 and pair it with Sharp Accent Cheer Short U519L for a similar look. Don't forget to add your own blinged-out belt buckle! Choose any fabrics and any colors to make the look your own! 

Click here to browse the 2013 GK Cheer Catalog for the best in cheer uniform styles & unlimited design possibilities. Start sketching your custom design ideas now!  Be sure to look up your local GK Cheer Territory Area Manager if you think you'll need some help with all of the choices!

GK Cheer. Make a Statement.



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Starlite Sparkles in New GK Cheer Uniforms

The Prodigy Allstar Cheerleading Team from Starlite Allstar Cheer & Dance Co. in La Puente, California combined GK custom design cheer tops and GK special order cheer bottoms to create a new cheer uniform for this coed team of athletes.

The women's cheer crop top and the men's cheer top are both custom designs created with Black & White DryTech accented with Berry Mystique fabric. 

Instead of the usual front chest logo, both the men's and women's cheer top have Starlite spelled out down the right sleeve using White DryTech fabric.  The women sparkle with the added brilliance of Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS highlighting their Berry Mystique accents and Starlite sleeve logo.

The women's black and white cheer skirt is GK's Basic Cheer Skirt U701L, a low rise cheerleading skirt with side slits and elastic waistband.  The skirt is created with Black & White DryTech.

The men's cheer pant is GK's Basic Cheer Uniform Pant UM500 in solid black. Both the skirt and pant are embellished with the Starlite logo made of the same fabrics to perfectly coordinate with the cheer tops. 

Good luck this season Starlite Prodigy!

Would you like a similar look for your all star cheer athletes?  Check out GK's Funky Back Cheer Crop Top U133 for the women and Funky Back Men's Cheer Top UM110 as a jumping off point for your custom design.  Then you too can pair your custom design cheer top with one of our Special Order cheer skirts or shorts for women or Special Order men's cheer pants to complete your all star look.

Different is Better. Be Different.

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California All-Stars Rockin' in GK Practice Wear

The California All Stars from Ventura, California recently showed off their new GK practice wear.  Champion cheerleaders need champion worthy practice wear and GK has many options to choose from.

The Cali All Stars cheer top is GK's Radiant Back Cheer Crop Top CB132, a scoop neck Ocean Mystique cheerleading crop top with wide straps and unique radiant, tech mesh inset back. 

Their practice shorts are GK's Comfort Waist Cheer Short CB515, a low rise DryTech workout short with turned up hem and wide comfort fit waistband.

To make this IN STOCK outfit their own, SMOED added sequinz for sparkle and custom imprinted team name.

Looking for cheer practice wear? Shop the GK IN STOCK Catalog here.

Different is Better. Be Different.


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Congratulations to GK's Cash for College Scholarship Winners!

GK is excited to announce the winners of the first ever Cash for College Scholarship Contest!   The goal of GK's Cash for College Scholarship was to recognize and reward the volunteer efforts of high school juniors and seniors across the country.  Cheerleaders are dedicated athletes who spend long hours at the gym, yet, many still find time to give back to their community.  GK wanted to shine a light on those exceptional individuals to share with the world that kindness and support for one another goes well beyond the cheer gym.

The Grand Prize winner of a $1,000 Scholarship is Lacey Dunn from Peachtree City, Georgia!  Lacey plans on heading to Clayton State University after graduation.  She currently cheers for her high school's varsity squad and for Ace All Star Cheerleading. 

Lacey said, "Cheerleading and volunteering are both huge aspects in my life.  I love to dedicate my time to helping others and changing their lives for the better! Volunteering has taught me that helping others not only benefits them, but it makes you happy! It's a way to share love to others and touch their lives."

Lacey has spent time volunteering at local animal shelters and has assisted in running summer cheer programs for youth at her school.  "Cheerleading and volunteering have brought me so much joy and I hope to do both in my life through college and beyond," Lacey said.

Congratulations Lacey on your $1,000 Scholarship from GK!


The Second Prize winner of a $500 scholarship is Alyssa Dasca from Costa Mesa, California.  Alyssa attends Costa Mesa High School and is a member of her school's cheerleading squad.

Alyssa told GK, "Throughout my high school cheerleading career, I have been actively involved in community service with my team.  Each year, as a team we donate over 10,000 hours to community service."  Alyssa talked about how a commitment to community service strengthens her squad as a group and how she has gained tremendous personal reward from her volunteer activities.

Alyssa continued, "Doing so much community service at such a wide variety of events has helped me become a better person and it has helped me to understand the difficulties that others face." 

Congratulations Alyssa on your $500 Scholarship from GK!


The Runner-up and winner of a $250 scholarship is Lauren Deutscher from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Lauren will be attending North Carolina State University in the fall in Raleigh, North Carolina.  For the last four years she has cheered with the Virginia Wild All Stars.


"Helping out others, seeing the impact, knowing someone is better off now that they received help are all benefits that come from volunteering and helping out others in the community," said Lauren in her submission to GK.  Lauren talked about how cheering for Virginia Wild for the past four years has granted her many, many opportunities to volunteer and touch the lives of those in her community and how she has grown as a person, coach, and athlete as a direct result of those opportunities. 

Lauren said, "Seeing how much something simple can touch others inspires me to volunteer and I will continue to volunteer in college." 

Congratulations Lauren on your $250 Scholarship from GK!


GK would like to thank all those fantastic and volunteer-oriented cheerleaders who applied for the Cash for College Scholarship Contest. We received many inspiring entries.  GK is proud to be part of a sport that reaches outside of itself to help in so many ways and wherever possible.  We are equally proud to outfit cheerleaders - from custom uniforms to practice wear and everything in between.  Check out the 2012 Cheer Catalog here.

Different is Better. Be Different.


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Fame Athletics All Stars Take 1st in GK

Fame Athletics in San Jose, California is a cheerleading facility with teams for all ages and skill levels, including All Star teams.  When the senior all star athletes needed new cheerleading uniforms, Fame Athletics went with GK. They looked fantastic in their new uni's recently at the Jamz National Competition Las Vegas, Nevada where the top spots were taken by their Senior Co-Ed Level 3 Team and their Small Senior Level 2 Team.

GK worked with Fame Athletics to design a spectacular cheer uniform that lights up the competition floor from the moment they step on it.  Working with a sharp combination of Black Nylon/Spandex, Ocean Mystique, and White Heavyweight Nylon/Spandex fabrics, the cheer top began as something similar to GK's Unique Web Back Crop Top U141. FA switched out the web back design with a large Ocean Blue star outlined with Clear Crystals.  They also added Ocean Blue stars to the lower sleeves and Electric Blue crystal star embellishments to the upper sleeves.  Clear crystal bling enhanced the rest of the cheer top and set off their FAME logo across the front chest. Their one-of-a-kind cheer top pairs perfectly with GK's Low Rise Wrapped Band Skirt U707L in the same fabrics and Clear crystal embellishments. 

Go Fame Athletics!

Thank you for making GK look great! Good luck with the rest of your season!

Check out Fame Athletics in Las Vegas! 

Is your team looking for a new and different cheer uniform?  Browse our 2012 Cheer Catalog here.  Have an idea in mind and need some help getting started? Find your local GK Cheer Territory Account Manager here.  They are ready to assist you from design idea to finished cheer uniform.

Go with the original, the innovator, the brand that started the revolution.  Go with GK.

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Pacific Coast Magic Wins Two World Bids Wearing GK Custom Cheer Uniforms

Pacific Coast Magic is a premier all star cheerleading facility in California, boasting four gyms under its umbrella.  Their latest competition results are a testament to their success in the sport of all star cheerleading.  The Spirit Sports "Duel in the Desert," one of the largest West Coast cheerleading competitions, took place the first weekend in February in Palm Springs, California and the athletes from PC did their Orange & Purple proud!

The Small Senior 5 Team, Fantasy, won a paid bid to worlds and their Open Coed Level 5 Team, Karma, captured an at-large bid to worlds.  Way to go PCM!

PCM chose GK to design their latest uniforms for four of their all star teams.  Kellie E. Elliott, Co-Owner of Pacific Coast Magic said, "As an owner in the all star cheerleading industry, I believe the look for our program must exemplify style, class, comfort, and beauty on the competition floor.  GK's fabrics and fit are the best in the industry and I am so proud of our newly designed GK uniforms for this year!"

PCM's Fantasy and Believe teams created a beautiful custom cheerleading uniform made of mostly White Heavyweight and Purple Nylon/Spandex fabrics.  Silver and Sunshine Mystique were used for the abstract flames on the cheer top and for the unique straps.  A Sunshine Mystique applique logo was added and then covered in Clear Crystals.  Clear Crystals throughout their design make their uniform sparkle.  The coordinating skirt echoes the same curving design and sparkle as their crop top.

The Mysterious and Karma teams went with a statement-making cheer top for the men and women with Sunshine Mystique ribbons accenting each of the cheer tops.  The same Purple Nylon/Spandex and White Heavyweight fabrics were used, but the PCM logo here is a Sunshine Mystique and Purple Nylon/Spandex applique.  Clear and Mango Crystals bring a sparkling finishing touch to the cheer uniforms.

If you love PCM's stand-out looks - check out GK's Layered Swirl Sleeve Cheer Crop Top U157, an asymmetric cheerleading uniform crop top with layered swirl sleeve design and double binding straps across the left shoulder or the Abstract Flame Crop Top U159 for similar design elements.  For the men on your team, check out GK's Funky Back Men's Cheer Top UM110, a crew neck men's cheerleading uniform top with long sleeves and back wrapping design paired with Wide Side Stripe Men's Cheer Pant UM501.

Get your team the same class, comfort and beauty that PCM captured with their design.  Our all new, 2012 Cheer Catalog is available here for you to browse for inspiration and ideas or visit GK's Cheer Deign Studio  to bring your cheerleading uniform vision to life. 

Need some help to narrow down the infinite possibilities GK has to offer?  Find your local Cheer Territory Account Manager here and have your own assistant to help you navigate the design process.

Go with the innovator, the original, the brand that started the revolution.  Go with GK.




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