The Next Level For Recreation Cheer Uniforms

What is The Next Level for Rec League competitive cheerleading uniforms? Cheer Starz, Reach the Beach and Maryland Cup Nationals Champions, Spirit Cheer from Jarrettsville Recreation Center have a few tips to get you there. Their winning cheer uniform is a sight for sore eyes, a silhouette that is stunning on every cheerleader on the squad.

Tip 1: Create a smooth, flattering canvas. A matte-finish, such as the Black DryTech featured in Spirit's rec cheer uniform, is the way to go if you're looking for smooth lines. It's available in in various colors, so you're not stuck with just black. If you're super concerned with hiding unwanted lines, we recommend sticking to a darker shade, but otherwise, you have a choice of more than 30 colors to choose from. There's also a couple added perks to using DryTech, and that's the stretch and wicking technology that's manufactured in the material. It stretches to fit all figures, while also locking away moisture that may cause irritation and discomfort. It's a win win. 

Tip 2: Decorate the most flattering part of the body with dazzling appliques and jewels to draw the eye in the right direction. What muscles do we, as cheer athletes, tend to use the most? We use our arms, shoulders and backs to punch out motions, tumble and lift our flyers, leaving all of those muscle groups looking spectacular. Let's make good use of those solid, sturdy lines, and accentuate them. Spirit Cheer chose a Vinca Mystique and White Sparkle Hologram applique to give their Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Uniform Top U169L all the right attention. The colors offset the black with a soft, feminine quality that really gives these ladies a beautiful glow. In the back, they've accented their toned muscles by framing them with an intricate strappy design that, again, looks feminine but also praises the athleticism of the cheerleader.

Tip 3: Bling! We're all striving for champion status here, so why not image that we're all winners. This might just be your season to accept that oversized trophy, all eyes following you. Make sure you look the part of a star. Here, Spirit Cheer went all out with packed clusters of Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, dancing among the mystique and hologram design lines. It's nothing less than star quality.

Tip 4: Don't forget about the bottom. Those legs deserve a little attention as well, and why wouldn't you tie it into the design? It doesn't take much to complete the look. Options for cheer bottoms include uniform skorts and skirts, which include a sewn-in spankies, as well as cheer shorts. Spirit Cheer simply adorned the hem on their Low Rise Single Strip Hem Skirt U713L with the matching Vinca Mystique from the long cheer top, and the two pieces look as those they were packaged together. It's #GKFabulous!

Have a knack for design? Comment below, and let us know what advice you have to take cheer uniforms to The Next Level. If you haven't been exposed to all the possibilities, create an account, and browse our Special Order Design Studio, where you'll have an opportunity to play with styles, colors and design applications to create your own personal style.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Lincoln Way North Feeling Rejuvinated in GK School Fit Uniform

Lincoln Way North High School Cheerleaders love the style and comfort of their new GK Cheer uniforms! They are among the many trending teams who ditched their pleated skirts and sleeveless shells for a more practical, comfortable and fashion-forward GK long sleeve top and cheer skirt, and they couldn't be happier! Their Head Coach, Jaime Calby, thought the ordering process was both fast and efficient, and was excited that, "we had our uniforms on time for our first competition." She was also impressed by the quality and comfort of the fabric, a key component to a exceptional uniform.

Lincoln Way North Cheerleaders proudly represent their school in a V Neck Triple Stripe Uniform Top U170L made with Black DryTech fabric to keep them dry and comfortable during performances. This school cheer top also features a beautiful display of Lincoln's school colors, represented with White and Gold Mystique, in an asymmetrical, draping design along the shoulders and sleeves. Gold Mystique cuffs, a LWN logo adorned with heavily packed Brillaince SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and a single row of Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that accents the creative upper body lines are small details that add a lot of interest to this elegant cheer uniform. Their matching Black Nylon/Spandex Low Rise 3 Stripe Skirt U723L lends symmetry to this uniform by replicating the triple Gold and White Mystique side lines that shape the uniform top. It also features an elastic waste and built-in spanky for added comfort.

Tired of your old, drab school cheerleading uniform? Shop our selection of GK School Fit Uniforms and start fresh for your next season. GK Cheer Representatives are thrilled to help out with design trends, fittings and pricing so you don't have to go it alone. Take your team to the next level with GK, and we'll make sure that your high school cheerleaders look and feel superb both on the sidelines and in competition.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.




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Joshua High School Soars in their GK Cheer Uniform

Congratulations to Joshua High School Cheerleaders on their recent win at the Redline Championships in Frisco, TX! They took first place in the Advanced Large Senior Division, and looked awesome doing it!

The ladies from Joshua High School performed in V Neck Triple Stripe Uniform Top U170L and Low Rise 3 Stripe Skirt U723L. The top is comprised of Black Nylon/Spandex and features a fabulous asymmetrical, draping shoulder detail in Royal Mystique, lined with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and White Mystique. Blue and white triple striping line both the cheer skirt and the uniform top to elongate the cheerleaders' bodies and to enhances the visual effect of their custom applique embroidered, mystique logo that serves as the focal point of Joshua High Schools' cheerleading uniform. It's strategically covered in Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to light up the stage and to give the high school cheer uniform a hint of all-star style. Complete with built in spankies, the cheer top and cheer skirt combination looks great on these Redline Champions. 

Complimenting the girls high school cheer uni, the boys competed in a GK Men's Loose Fit Polo Shirt L1035 in Royal, paired with our Men's Basic Black Ponte Pant CB900. The choice of men's cheer outfit gives Joshua High School male cheerleaders a comfortable, yet respectable appearance to represent their high school on the competition floor.

Take your high school cheer uniform to the next level by shopping our School Fit cheer uniforms that follow all the school rules while giving you an extended creative outlet to perfect your team's look. Or, go one step further and try a GK cheer leo, which gives you great, creative style possibilities, and full uncompromising coverage.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Express Cheer Wins National Championship in GK Cheer Uniforms

Congratulations to the Express Cheer Senior 4.2 team. They are the 2014 NCA National Champions, and they look better than ever in their purple GK Cheer uniform! If you didn't have an opportunity to see this fiercely fabulous team at the last TX competition, there's still time to get an up close and personal view of their awesome GK cheer crop top and skirt! Look for them in Arlington, TX in April when they compete at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Nationals at the AT&T Stadium.

What will you look for when trying to spot these champions? Out of all the things that GK loves about Express Cheer's uniform, one element impresses us the most. At first glance, we can't help but to enjoy the bold and beautiful visuals that Express Cheer's Black DryTech and shimmering Vinca Mystique fabric combinations lends our eyes, or how their name is spelled out in 100% Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS across their chest. But in taking a closer look, their cheer crop top is very unique, offering a classic scoop neckline for maximum ease of motion and comfort, and a halter strap that leads to a sports bra like strap in the back, giving the design a stylish accent. Then, as we browse photos of other competing teams, the difference is obvious. The GK Cheer uniform on Express Cheer fits better than the rest. The lines in their Low Rise Wrapped Band Skirt 707L, and even their built-in Vinca Mystique boycut spankies, are clean and free of wrinkles or bulk; the crop top fits like a glove; and the girls look comfortable and confident!

When your next competition rolls around, pay attention to the fit and style of your competitors cheer uniforms. If you spot one that's flawless, it's bound to be GK. Check out our wide variety of uniform tops, and cheer skirts to find your team's perfect style and fit. And don't forget about the men on your team. They'll need a matching Men's Cheer Uniform as well.

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Gifford Middle School Wins FL State in GK

Congratulations to Gifford Middle School on their win in Daytona Beach at The STATE Cheer and Dance Championships of Florida! Could the winning point have been their awesome GK Uniform? We doubt it, but they definitely drew some positive attention on competition day.  Here's what they told us, "We were at The State in Daytona. Sooooo many compliments on our GK uniforms! Even the sound guy was saying they were his favorite! Thank you so much!"

Gifford Middle School scored big at their competition in a GK Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Uniform Top U169L and a Low Rise Flipped Front to Back Skirt U735L which they made their own by incorporating their team colors and logo. On the front, this White Nylon/Spandex ensemble seems simple, but Gifford's bold school colors, represented with Sunshine Mystique and Electric Turquoise Mystique ribbon design lines down the sleeves, really pop on their clean surface. On the back, Gifford's Shiny Sunshine and Turquoise color combo turns into an intricate strappy v back, a feminine design that delicately emphasizes the girls' athletic physique. Since the Gifford logo adds an extra touch Electric Turquoise Mystique on the cheer top, Gifford evened out the design by accenting the intricate back silhouette with the same Turquoise on the curvy design back of the skirt and on the attached spanky. No cheer uniform is complete without a little bling these days, so we added Brilliant SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS along the vine details, strappy back and logo.

Champions like Gifford Middle School Cheerleaders shine bright in talent, demeanor and apparel. Since the uniform requirements vary between schools, GK offers School Fit Cheer Uniforms in addition to the Special Order Uniforms shown above. Browse both categories in our online gallery to choose the winning look best suited to your squad.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.



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Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleaders Take it to the Next Level

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading from Penn Run, PA step up their look with new GK Cheer Uniforms! The co-ed teams of various levels were ready for a look that would earn them the attention they deserve. In collaboration with their local GK Cheer representative they successfully designed three different uniforms to meet the needs of each of their teams, all with one consistent look. As you can see, the Cheer Trixx athletes are so happy with their choice!

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading used sparkling fabric to take their uniforms to the next level! Here, a combination of Mystique and Hologram fabrics create this radiant look. The women's special order Fierce Strappy Crop Top U144 and Fierce Strappy Uniform Top U144L both have Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to accent the straps and design lines. This top is designed in our Sunshine Mystique, Imperial Purple Mystique, and White Sparkle Hologram fabrics and features an asymmetrical neck line with long sleeves, and a fierce strappy back. The Cheer Trixx logo is proudly displayed on the front of each uniform with a Sunshine Mystique lightning bolt and "CT" in Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The team chose our Low Rise Asymentrical Swirl Short U509L in the same fabrics to create a continuous look for their youth teams, and chose to give their advanced squad a more distinguished style with a custom designed cheerleading skirt which features a bold lightning bolt pattern and a heavy dose of White Sparkle Hologram that's consistent with the pattern on the crop top. This skirt  features attached spankies in Sunshine Mystique.

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading Male Athletes go brilliant and bold with an Imperial Purple Mystique Special Order V neck Raglan Men's Uni Top UM104 and matching Purple Ponte Special Order Men's Basic Cheer Uni Pant UM500. This solid silhouette is accented with  Sunshine Mystique style lines that trace the shoulders and sleeves and an embellished "CT" logo to coordinate with the rest of the team apparel. Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS give added glow to the striking men's uniform.

Cheer Trixx definitely knows how to elevate their style! Choose GK Cheer to take your team to the next level this season. Contact your local cheer representative to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.



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The Next Level for Royalty Athletics: New Cheer Uniforms

We love how Wisconsin All-Star cheerleaders, Royalty Athletics, have set themselves apart from their competitors!  They took their new cheerleading uniform to the next level with a bold crown logo made of Clear and Black SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on a beautiful complimentary violet cheer top, and they are gorgeous!  This isn't just any up and coming team. Their first season in 2011 earned them 3 first-place awards. Since then, the 19-athlete group has grown into upwards of 70 athletes, with 6 award-winning teams.  Director and Owner, along side of Niki Oxley, Leanna Pacyna says, "Offering opportunities to compete against teams we respect and working toward goals for each team and athlete will always be a priority for Royalty." With a reputation for well executed routines, mastery in stunting and tumbling, and first place titles at Jamfest Super Nationals and US Finals, Royalty is definitely on that list of well respected teams.

To show their pride and confidence Royalty special ordered this Violet and White DryTech cheer Crop Top U171, featuring a one shoulder asymmetrical neckline, Black Mesh detailed sleeves that are studded with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and a peek-a-boo back.  It's a gorgeous combination that's accented with a spray of Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on the back. Their Violet DryTech Low Rise Skirt U707L features built-in Violet DryTech Spankies.

Complimenting the lady's All-Star cheer top and skirt, the guys chose a special order Men's Swirl Cheerleading Top UM119 in Violet DryTech with accents of White and Black DryTech and the same bold black and Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crown logo on the front. The pant is a custom design in Violet DryTech with a White DryTech stripe down the side of the leg and hip line. GK also offers Special Order Men's Cheer Uniform Pants that can be personalized with your teams colors.

Royalty Athletics has raised the bar with their sparkling bold crown logo. Now it's your turn to show up the competition. Create your own Special Order Cheer Uniform, and make them crave your status. Designs can be imagined and created right from the comfort of your home or office, right now. So stay ahead of the game and get started today.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.











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Forgot Your Spankies? GK Has Got You Covered!

Remember the last time you showed up to a cheer competition and realized that you forgot your spankies, an essential uniform piece?  Well, let that be the last!  With GK Cheer Uniforms, you will never have to worry about forgetting your shorties ever again!  GK uniforms have you covered with their comfortable and convenient built-in briefs.

If you aren't yet convinced, just read the many benefits of GK Cheer Uniforms with built-in briefs:Maryland Twisters in GK Cheerleading Skirts with Built in Briefs

  • Built-in briefs provide 1 waistline for a clean style line on your cheerleading skirt
  • No bunching or constant adjusting of your cheer uniform
  • Built-in briefs are engineered as one cheer garment, eliminating bulky layers
  • Built-in brief and skirt stay put with no torquing
  • Quick and easy one-piece dressing for cheer events
  • One less cheer uniform item to pack for cheerleading competitions
  • One less item to forget!

GK offers cheer uniforms with built-in briefs in a traditional cut or a boy-cut.  The color combinations for your GK cheer uniform are endless, so shouldn't the color possibilities for your built-in spankies be, too?  Have fun creating your uniform!  Make your spankies coordinate with the colors of your cheer uniform or create a pop of contrasting color during stunts.  You can even use fun prints!

With so many things to think about going into your cheerleading competitions, don't let your uniform be one of them!  Visit the GK Cheer Design Studio to discover what kind of built-in briefs work with your unique cheer uniform design idea.


GK Cheer.  Make a Statement.

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Never Lose Your Spankies Again! The Benefits of Built-In Briefs.

Spankies? Bloomers? Shorties? Whatever you call them, GK cheerleading uniforms feature built-in briefs eliminating worry without sacrificing fashion. Never again will you have to ask, in a panic, "Where are my spankies?!?" 

There are so many benefits of GK Cheer Uniforms with built-in briefs!  Did you know...

  • Built-in briefs provide one waistline for a clean style line on your cheerleading skirt
  • There is no fabric bunching or constant adjusting with built-in briefs
  • GK cheer skirts with built-in briefs are engineered as one cheer garment, eliminating bulky layers
  • Cheer skirts with built-in briefs stay put with no twisting
  • Built-in briefs make for quick and easy one-piece dressing
  • You'll have one less item to pack for cheerleading competitions

GK offers cheer uniforms with built-in briefs in a traditional cut or a boy-cut.  With infinite color combinations for your GK cheer uniform, your spankies can coordinate or create a pop of contrasting color during stunts.  How about an unexpected fun print like zebra?  If people are going to see your spankies, they better be awesome! 

Visit the GK Cheer Design Studio to see what kind of built-in briefs work with your cheer uniform design idea.

Different is Better. Be Different.

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Cheerleading Practicewear for The Holidays

In time for Holiday Gift Giving, GK has designed a limited edition line of Practicewear for Gymnastics and Cheerleading. Fun and Stylish Tank Tops, Crop tops and Shorts perfect for working out. Great as Holiday gifts.

Limited Edition Cheerleading Tops and Shorts

Crop Tops and Shorts

The Crop Tops feature GK's moisture wicking Dry Tech fabric accented with Shiny and colorful animal prints. The Zebra styling comes in Lime, Pink, Red and White. And for the Cat lovers out there, we feature a spotted Leopard style that is sleek and stylish. A;sp features are two style of matching cheer shorts. The CB510 and CB511 feature tapered boxer-short styling with the animal print flash up the sides. The CB512 and CB513 are spandex cheer shorts, sometimes called spankies. These cheerleading boy cut briefs are perfect for working out. You can mix and match colors and styles.
Crop Tops and Coordinating Shorts

Matching Tank Tops

Black Tank Tops with a stylish Zebra print across the front with Matching Cheer  or Gymnast lettering. Also available is our limited edition "I am an Athlete - Cheerleading is My Sport" promo T-Shirts.

Zebra Tank Tops

Click Here to Check Out this limited edition line of promotional practicewear today

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Cheer Alliance' Hot new Unis

New Cheer Alliance Cheer Uniforms
"We could not be happier with the way our semi-custom designed GK Cheer Uniforms turned out!  We were able to implement all the special details to our uniform without the custom price tag.

Cheer Alliance; Together Strong has the "CATS" acronym in our name. We were thrilled to find out that we could get "sparkly Cheetah spankies" built right into our skirts, and a claw mark over the shoulder out of the same hot fabric!  It is every cheerleader's favorite part of the uniform. The crisscross back design is so unique and we were able to embroider our "Together Strong" motto right on there.

We started off designing this year's uniform with some prerequisites since the level of tumbling and stunting has advanced so much in cheerleading. It was important to have our uniform made with stretch fabrics that fit right, comfortable to be worn all day, eye-catching on the performance floor and a unique look to represent our organization. Our motions and formation changes really pop with the two different arm colors; it was exactly what we were looking for. Our professional choreographers loved working with and integrating our uniform design into the routine. GK answered all of our wishes, and our cheerleaders' uniforms are on the top of every organization's favorite one of the year!"

Kellie VargaCheer Alliance
Owner, Cheer Alliance

Cheer Alliance' new Uniforms are made from the U108 Special Order Cheerleading Crop Top with Black and White spandex/Drytech stretch fabric. It is accented with a hot Cheetah print "scratches" on the shoulder. The Tops. Alliance is emblazoned across the front with Jewels.

See this style in the new 2010 Cheer Uniforms catalog - Available online February 4th!
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