Budget Friendly Cheer Uniform is a Hit with Lewis University

Looking for a way to save on next year's collegiate or high school cheerleading uniforms? Lewis University in Romeoville, IL was due for a new look but wanted to stay on budget. With the help of GK Cheer's Senior Territory Account Manager, Kyle Gadke, this cheer team was able to find a stylish look for a fraction of the cost. 

Lewis High School Sporting their GK Cheer Uniforms

Budget Friendly GK Cheer High School UniformThese Lewis ladies creatively took our Long Sleeve Crew Neck Cheer Uniform Top CB153 and made it their own by adding their school name in sparkling red and silver hologram sequinz. This scoop neck full length cheerleading uniform top is designed in our moisture wicking, anti-microbial black drytech fabric and features a sleek contrasting white drytech racerback. They paired this personalized cheer top with our In Stock Low Rise Cheer Skirt CB700 that comes in black drytech with white drytech side panels, traditional side slits, and an attached boycut brief. This cheer skirt also comes in navy, royal, and black with red stripes. 

All of our In Stock cheerleading apparel can be personalized by adding your team name or logo in your choice of embellishments. Click here to shop our In Stock Cheer Wear and find a stylish look without breaking your budget. 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions. 

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The Newest Trend in All Star Cheer Uniforms

Sublimated cheerleading uniforms open up a whole new world of designing potential, and this year, we took it a step further by sublimating our most delicate and fashionable fabric, mesh! The elegant, timeless look of sublimated mesh paired with a personalized design sets new standards for All Star cheerleading uniforms.  Oregon Dream Team from Portland, OR is one such example. This breathtaking All Star cheer uniform worn at the 2015 Cheer Worlds was envied by all and left everyone eager to design their own cheerleading apparel with sublimated mesh accents

2015 Oregon Dream Team Custom All Star GK Cheer Uniform

2015 Custom Oregon Dream Team All Star Cheer Uniform by GKWith nothing but a neckline to go off of, GK's talented designers perfectly captured Oregon Dream Team's personality and fierce style in this awe-inspiring masterpiece. The Dream Team ladies are sporting a modified cheerleading halter crop top with a fun strappy back. Shimmering ocean mystique adorned with hundreds of clear Swarovski® crystals highlight the elegant off the shoulder styling that continues into a contemporary halter top. The real beauty of this All Star cheerleading uniform is the unique sublimated mesh sleeves that feature a white to blue fade of Os printed on white mesh finished off with Swarovski® encrusted ocean mystique cuffs that emulate diamond bracelets. More clear Swarovski® crystals radiate their gym name in custom logos across the center chest, back, and neckline. The custom All Star cheerleading shorts in moisture wicking black drytech offer a sassy ocean mystique side design with a faux belt waist band covered in sparkling® Swarovski crystals. 

2015 Custom GK Cheer Uniform for Oregon Dream TeamThe Oregon Dream Team men perfectly complement their female teammates in this black v-neck men's cheer shirt and coordinating men's cheer pants. This men's cheer wear is designed in our anti-microbial and moisture wicking fabric to keep them cool and comfortable during the heat of the competition.  A sleek ocean mystique style line wraps around the center of the cheer shirt underlining the clear Swarovski® crystal logos on the front and back. A vibrant white to blue sublimated fade on the sleeves is printed on our moisture wicking inktek fabric. The custom men's All Star Cheer pants feature a shimmering ocean mystique design lines on the side.

Sublimated mesh is the latest trend in the cheer apparel industry. Don't get behind the times, bring your All Star cheerleading apparel design ideas to your Local Territory Account Manager or our Customer Service Department to create your dream cheer uniform.  

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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Sublimated Mesh Makes NJ Spirit Explosion FAB 5 Cheer Uniform the Most Coveted Look at Cheer Worlds 2015

Top Gun Large Coed Breaks the Mold at Worlds 2015 with Sublimated Cheer Uniforms

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GK Cheer Uniforms Pave the Way for Success

Meet Infinity Cheer Empire of Sanford, NC. Instantly, you will sense that their confidence is contagious, their lighthearted charm refreshing, and the air of sophistication that surrounds them is envied by all. Why? Because these All Star athletes are outfitted in the champion's choice of cheerleading apparel, GK Cheer. The perfect fit, sleek, stylish design, and comfortable fabrics allow these All Stars to keep their mind focused on winning the championship title and off their cheerleading uniforms. The choice to compete in GK cheerleading uniforms has helped pave the way for an incredibly successful year as they brought home numerous first place wins at multiple competitions and a Grand Champion title at the Liberty Classic Spirit Solutions, won by their level 4.2 team, earlier this year. 

Julia Scribner, Cheer Director, gives us more insight into the relationship between GK Cheer uniforms and the confidence created by wearing them. She tells us, "GK Cheer has been our All Star cheer uniform retailer of choice for the past three years, and we have had nothing but wonderful experiences. Our Territory Account Manager, Nancy Christenson, goes above and beyond to make sure we stay on top of getting our order placed and received in a timely fashion. At almost every competition we attend, someone can be overheard talking about our purple, black, and white All Star cheerleading uniforms. We could not be more please with GK Cheer and will continue for years to come."

GK Cheer Funky Shoulder Crop Top U143

This custom All Star cheer uniform catches the attention of everyone who sees it. The asymmetrical cheer crop top in black and white drytech showcases a flattering imperial purple and steel mystique cross body swirl design that cascades down the sleeve. The fun shoulder strap adds a funky twist to this stylish crop top. Hundreds of clear Swarovski® crystals along the black mesh sleeve, sassy style lines, and custom team logo bring an immeasurable amount of sparkle throughout this All Star cheerleading uniform, especially when combined with the lights on stage. If you love this look, check out our Funky Shoulder Crop Top U143.

The custom low rise cheerleading, similar to our Low Rise Asym Cheer Short U609L, features our moisture wicking black and white drytech fabric with imperial purple and steel mystique waves that coincide with the custom All Star cheer top. 

The guys are sporting an equally eye-catching cheer uniform that perfectly coordinates with their female teammates, similar to our Funky Shoulder Men's Cheer Top UM114. This men's crew neck cheer shirt in black and white drytech features an imperial purple and steel mystique wave design. A custom team logo in clear Swarovski® crystals is proudly displayed across the center chest.  

They paired this custom men's cheer top with our Men's Double Stripe Cheerleading Pant. This black ponte men's cheer pant offers an imperial purple and steel mystique stripe accent along the side. 

GK Cheer has the largest collection of All Star cheerleading uniforms in the market. Click here to find your winning look for next season! 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions. 

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Under Armour Cheer Uniform Takes Center Stage at NCA Nationals

Montclair State University Cheerleading Team stole second place in division three, while wearing their new Under Armour Sideline cheer uniforms at the NCA Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL last weekend. Their confidence and competitive edge, brought on by the world's leading brand in cheer wear, was undeniable as they battled it out in front of thousands of spectators. Congratulations, ladies! 

Montclair State University Cheer Team at 2015 NCA Nationals

Under Armour Spirit ArmouFuse Cheerleading UniformThe Montclair State ladies are a dream team in our recently released Under Armour® Spirit ArmourFuse Cheer Uni UA101. This sublimated UA cheerleading liner is designed with sleek red, white, and black stripes that wrap around the side and give way to a custom MSU logo across the center chest. Bold red shoulder stripes run down the full length of the sleeve. This athletic design is printed directly on our moisture wicking inktek fabric for optimal performance and unbeatable style. 

This UA Spirit ArmourFuse® Cheer Skirt offers the same triple stripe detail along the hem as the UA cheer top and features two side slits. All of our Under Armour® cheer skirts come with an attached boycut brief for comfortable coverage. 

Wearing the right cheerleading apparel is essential to your team's success. With Under Armour® Cheer, you are not only choosing the brand with the highest reputation in the athletic realm, but you are choosing confidence, comfort, and an exceptional fit for your athletes. Click here to browse through the 2015 Under Armour Cheer Sideline Collection. 

Under Armour® Cheer. 

Click the link below to read more about our Under Armour Sideline Cheer Collection:

Under Armour Sideline Cheer Apparel is Here

Under Armour Cheer Now Online

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Nicole Spina, Under Armour Cheer Representative for Eastern Illinois

We are excited to introduce Nicole Spina, our newest Under Armour Cheer Sideline Representative for Eastern Illinois. Nicole will be in charge of educating and outfitting local high schools in the newest Under Armour® cheer wear exclusively by GK. 

Under Armour Cheer Sale Representative for Eastern Illinois, Nicole Spina

Nicole was born and raised in Saint Louis Missouri. In 2006, she attended Lindenwood University where she was a part of the cheer squad for four years. After graduating in 2010 with a Bachelors in Dance, she quickly set off for a professional dance career in Las Vegas, NV.  After a successful three years in the show Jubilee!, she set off for the high seas where she performed for two years in 10 different shows on multiple cruise ships. Now, Nicole stays close to home and helps out choreographing the dance portions of cheerleading routines.

Between her extensive dance background and seasoned experience in retail and brand management, Nicole is an expert on what cheer coaches are looking for in their team's cheerleading apparel. She is so excited to share the most coveted sideline cheerleading wear with her local high schools. 

Live in the Eastern Illinois region and looking for a way to enhance your cheer team's spirit with Under Armour® Cheer? Contact Nicole today at nspina@cheergk.com to get started designing your own cheerleading uniform. 

Not from the Eastern Illinois area? Click here to find an Under Armour® Cheer Representative in your area today!

Under Armour® Cheer.




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All Star Cheer Uniform that Shows Sophisticated Style

More often than not, All Star cheer uniforms are designed to test the limits of fashion and innovation, but American Cheer Flyers from Bakersfield, CA took a different approach when designing their cheer wear. They chose a timeless look that will never go out of style. This 2015 World's team will be going to Florida in elegant style as they rock this iconic All Star cheer uniform that fits their classy team spirit perfectly. 

American Cheer World's Team At the 2015 All Star Games

2015 American Cheer All Stars Custom GK Cheer UniformThe classic style lines, conservative silhouette, and contrasting color combination is what makes this All Star cheerleading uniform stand out from the rest. The custom crop top designed in our moisture wicking black, white, and royal drytech fabric features bold cross body stripes that run the full length of the long sleeves. Hundreds of glittering clear Swarovski® crystals add that much desired glam factor to this custom crop top without over doing it. The finishing touch, a custom logo in red hot, white, and royal drytech beautifully displayed across the center chest. If you love this sophisticated look, then check out our V-Neck Triple Stripe Crop Top U170 to design your own cheer uniform top.

They paired this All Star cheer crop top with our Regular Rise Cheer Skirt CB701. This classic cheerleading skirt designed in black drytech features two side slits and an attached boycut brief for unrestricted movement and comfort. 

Design your own cheerleading uniform in our Design Studio to create your own iconic look. With the largest variety of fabrics, colors, styles, and embellishments in the industry, we guarantee we have you team's style in store. Click here to get started today!

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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Introducing Sherri Blais, Under Armour Cheer Sideline Representative for Massachusettes

Meet Sherri Blais, one of our newest members to the GK family! Sherri will be in charge of outfitting cheer teams in Massachusetts with our newest line, Under Armour® Sideline Cheer. Having spent her life invested in the sport of cheerleading, she is more than qualified to bring the most innovative, performance enhancing sideline cheer wear to Massachusetts.

Under Armour Cheer Sales Rep. Sherri BlaisBorn and raised in Massachusetts, Sherri began cheerleading at eight years old. She quickly fell in love with the sport and was actively involved in high school and All Star cheerleading while growing up. In 2006, she graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in marketing, but continued to coach All Star and high school teams. 

For the past eight years, Sherri has been living out her dream as a professional choreographer and has helped teams of all ages set the standard statewide. In addition, she has been a head coach for high school sideline cheer squads for 10 years, an All Star coach for nine years, and a cheer judge in two different states, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 

When it comes to new cheerleading uniforms, this well seasoned athlete knows what the judges are looking for and the teams need to keep their spirit up! Contact Sherri today at sblais@cheergk.com for more information on how to design your one of a kind Under Armour® sideline cheerleading uniform.  

If you don't live in Massachusetts, click here to find your local Under Armour® Cheer Sales Representative today

Under Armour® Cheer.

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Personalized GK Cheer Uniform Screams Carleton University School Spirit

The Ravens cheer squad of Carleton University in Ontrario, Canada know a thing or two about what the crowds are looking for in a cheerleading uniform. Competing at some of the largest cheer competitions in Canada, this accomplished collegiate team has found a way to bring their school spirit to these elite competitions with their one-of-a-kind cheer wear.  Receiving compliments left and right, this talented team is an incredible asset to their school with the awards and style to prove it. 

Custom GK Cheer Outfit for Carleton University Cheer Squad

Personalized GK Cheerleadign Outfit for Carleton University

The Ravens are a memorable force in this sublimated GK Cheer uniform that is clean cut and straight to the point. The V-Neck Long Sleeve Crop Top SBC100 printed on inktek displays an artistic red sleeve fade that gives way to a black back drop. A white sublimated team name is proudly displayed across the center chest with their custom Raven logo on the back. A matching Basic Cheer Skirt SBC702 with attached boy brief pulls this inspiring look into a clean finish.

Ink'd by GK Cheer allows you to design your own cheerleading uniform with no limits. Our state of the art sublimated technology produces the brightest printed designs on the highest quality fabrics for an award winning look every time. Click here to learn more about our ink'd sublimated cheerleading apparel today

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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Milton Union Stands Out In Their GK Cheer School Fit Uniforms

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2015 GK Cheer Catalog is Better than Before

We are excited to announce that the 2015 GK Cheer Catalog is now online! Throughout the years, we have earned the distinction of being the preferred All Star cheerleading apparel of World Champions such as Top Gun All Stars, Maryland Twisters, and ICE Athletics, as well as many more Top All Star Teams. Why? Because we are the choice of champions. We have made it our mission to bring you a cheerleading apparel collection that is better than before and includes five specific additions that top this catalog off as our best yet!

2015 GK Cheer Catalog

Solid GK Cheer Crossover Liver This year, we are offering new crossover cheer liners for layering under your cheer crop top for USASF compliance. These comfortable cheerleading uniform liners can be designed in any color you desire to extend the life of your uniform and turn your crop top into a long cheer top instantly. Click here to view our Solid Crossover Liner U1005 or our Mesh Crossover Liner U1004 and get the most out of your All Star cheer uniform.

We know being the best on the floor is what you were born to do, so we added 12 new Special Order Cheerleading Uniform styles to help you look like the champion you are. Click here to see the new cutting edge designs inspired by you, our loyal customer.

Additionally, we have expanded our variety of In Stock Cheer Practice and Team Wear, In Stock Cheer Uniforms, and Men's Cheer Apparel to make it easier to find looks to express your team's spirit at any budget. Check out your expanded selection of the finest cheer wear in the industry here.

Lastly, find yourself falling in love with more fabrics and colors to choose from than ever before! Design your own cheer uniform in your gym's colors and favorite fabrics for a first hand look at why GK Cheer is the choice of champions. 

GK Cheer offers the best designs, highest quality, and largest variety in the cheer industry. Flip through our 2015 GK Cheer Catalog Flipper to see how your team can be better than before.

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions. 


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5 Star GK Cheer Warm-Ups for 5 Star Cheer All Stars

Looking for a one-of-a-kind cheerleading team warm-up that will get your gym noticed? Check out 5 Star Cheer Company's in Houston, TX new sublimated GK cheer warm-ups! We were able to capture their team spirit and print it directly into a fierce, athletic design that is sure to stand out wherever they go. 

Owners James King and Lance Baker tell us, "Our cheer warm-up design is exactly what we asked for AND MORE!  Working with the GK Cheer's design team was very easy and, like us, they did not rest until we were 100% satisfied. We only provide the best for our athletes; therefore, it only makes sense for GK Cheer to be our sole provider!  Our GK Sales Representative, Valerie Dunn, has provided us nothing but 5 Star service."

5 Star Cheer in Sublimated GK Cheer Warmups5 Star Cheer in Sublimated GK Cheer Warm Ups

GK Cheer Sublimated Warmup for 5 Star Cheer

5 Star Cheer Company will be turning heads in our Fitted Elite Warm-Up Jacket SBW100 and matching Fitted Elite Warm-Up Pant SBW200. This cheerleading warm-up suit features a flawless black to blue fade with royal drytech on the inside collar. A stunning team logo is printed on the left side and center back, while side style lines displaying "We are Ready" run up and down this cheerleading pant and jacket. This entire design is printed on inktek fabric for a clean, seamless look.

The sky is the limit with ink'd sublimated cheerleading apparel by GK Cheer. We use only the highest quality ink, fabrics, and state-of-the-art technology to provide the most cutting edge designs. Why, because you're worth it!  Work with our talented design team to create your dream cheerleading apparel today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.  



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Perfection Prep All Star Cheer Strikes Big in GK Sublimated Cheer Uniforms


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GK Sublimated Cheer Uniforms Set the Standard

Looking for a memorable cheerleading uniform that will turn heads this competitive season?  Take a look at Advanced Cheer All Starz in Arkansas City, KS new fashion forward sublimated GK cheer uniforms. This sensational team stole the show at Arkansas City's Fall Fest as they sported their beautiful, cutting-edge cheerleading apparel. Onlookers couldn't get over the sleek, stylish design and the clean, seamless look of these girl's cheer uniforms.

Advanced All Stars in GK Sublimated Cheer Uniform GK Sublimated Cheer Uniform is a Hit with Advanced Cheer All Stars

GK Ink'd Sublimated Cheer Uniform

These cheer cuties are showing their fabulous team spirit in a sublimated V Neck Long Sleeve Cheer Top SBC203 and Low Rise Basic Cheerleading Short SBC604. A seamless, translucent star design is beautifully printed directly on inktek fabric and flawlessly covers the entire cheerleading top and cheer shot in one consistent flow. Rich purple, white, and black ink saturate this All Star cheerleading uniform for a fantastic display of captivating color. Team pride radiates from team logo that practically jumps off this extraordinary cheer top. White mystique binding around the v neckline creates a clean, crisp finish to this inspiring All Star cheerleading uniform.

Click here to learn more about our ink'd sublimated line that gives you endless possibilities to create a one-of-a-kind cheerleading uniform, or fill out our Sublimation Form to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

Click the links below to see how these All Star teams took their cheer uniform look to the next level with ink'd by GK Cheer:

It's a GK Cheer Sublimated Uniform World for Elite Cheer Sensation

Platinum Onyx Rocks Worlds 2014 In Sublimated Practice Wear

Perfection Prep All Star Cheer Strikes Big in GK Sublimated Cheer Uniforms

Sublimated Cheer Wear Sets the Standard for Space Coast Cheer

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Sublimated GK Cheer Uniforms Give ICE Mini Flurries an Affordable Custom Look

ICE Athletics Mini Flurries will undoubtedly steal the show this season in their stylishly sassy sublimated GK cheer uniform. Standing here with her sister, this little lady shows no short supply of team spirit as she sports her fabulous custom All Star cheerleading uniform for the camera. After a couple year break from the Mini One program Amy Yoder, ICE Fort Wayne Gym Director and Coach, is so excited to have them back and looking better than ever. As Amy puts it, "We know our Mini Flurries look the fiercest of them all in their new GK Cheer sublimated uniforms." 

ICE Athletics Mini Flurries in Custom GK Cheer Uniforms

ICE Athletics Custom Sublimated GK Cheer Uniform

This adorable mini is rocking our V Neck Long Cheer Top SBC203 and Low Rise Basic Cheer Short SBC604.  Rich navy blue fades into a bright white background laying the perfect canvas for stunning golden yellow and beautiful blue transparent swirls to dance across this custom cheer top printed on inktek fabric. Intricate depth and dazzling ombre effects bring this All Star cheer uniform to the next level. Ice Athletics logo is dramatically printed on the front and back of this one-of-a-kind GK cheerleading uniform while navy nylon/spandex binding trims the v neckline. 

Design your own cheerleading uniform without paying custom prices! Ink'd by GK Cheer features the highest quality inks, state-of-the-art printing technology, and the finest fabrics to give you the most exquisite display of sublimated cheerleading apparel. Fill out our Sublimation Form today to get started creating your dream All Star cheer uniform today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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GK Cheer Practice Wear Gives Broward Elite a Fierce Edge

It's a GK Cheer Sublimated Uniform World for Elite Cheer Sensation



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GK Cheerleading Uniform Shows Spirit at Quapaw High School

The Quapaw Varsity Cats of Quapaw, OK are at it again in their fabulous GK cheerleading uniform.  A little over a year ago they celebrated their Battle of the Rings victory. This year, they took it to the next level by being named the Oklahoma Class 2a Regional Champions. Hard work, passion for the sport of cheerleading, and sleek, personalized cheer uniforms continue to keep this team on top!

Quapaw Varsity Cheer Team Wins in GK Cheer Uniform

The Quapaw High School Varsity Cheerleading Team took the title with our Abstract Flame Cheerleading Long Top, similar to our School Fit V Neck Liner U413L. Staying true to their school colors, this spirited cheer team chose kelly green nylon/spandex as the base and added contrasting white nylon/spandex to show off the fierce flame accents. Gun metal mystique adds sleek outlines to the v neck line and sophisticated design. They added their team name in a white applique embroidery to make it the centerpiece of this sensational school cheer uniform. Paired with our Low Rise Right Side Swirl Cheerleading Skirt U733L, in matching fabrics and colors, this cheer uniform is on the next level.

No need to pay custom prices for custom cheerleading apparel. All of our Special Order cheer apparel can be created to showcase your team's personality at an affordable price.  Design your winning girl's or boy's cheerleading uniform or cheer practice wear in our Design Studio today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Cheerville Athletic All Stars are Stunning in GK Cheerleading Uniforms




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Sparkling GK Cheer Uniform Catches CDA Xtreme All Stars' Attention

CDA Xtreme senior level four coed All Stars of Chester, NY were all smiles when they received their fashion forward GK cheer uniforms. Their fierce cheer wear is only the start of a winning streak for this season's senior four team. This eye-catching ensemble is sure to captivate the judges attention as they rock their sassy spirit this competitive season in style.

CDA Loves Their New GK Cheer UniformsCDA Loves Their New GK Cheer Uniform

CDA's New GK Cheer UniformThis cheerleading uniform features flattering designs, funky accents, and sparkling embellishments.  Our Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Crop Top U169 offers a black drytech base with black mesh shoulder accents.  Electric turquoise mystique and white drytech add brilliant contrasting color to the intricate woven sleeve design and cute strappy back.  Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS generously embellish the sleeve for a sparkle that shines brighter than the stars in the sky.  They added their team name in an electric turquoise and white drytech applique embroidery across the center chest and outlined it in more brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  These athletes paired this sensational cheer crop top with our Low Rise Single Waist Binding Cheer Skirt U742L in black drytech with an electric turquoise and white drytech waist band to complete this All Star cheerleding uniform. 

If you love this look, design your own School Fit or All Star cheerleading uniform with our Design Studio!  Our Special Order Cheer Uniforms are the perfect way to create a customized look that captivates your team's personality at an affordable price!   All of our All Star cheer uniforms include the finest crystals by Swarovski and give you the chance to create your dream cheerleading apparel online!  Visit our Design Studio to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level. 

Check out these other GK All Star uniforms for more inspiration: 

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Cheerville Athletic Girl's GK Cheer Uniform Pops with Personality

These sassy sisters from Cheerville Athletic All Stars in Hendersonville, TN love showing over their spunky spirit in their perfect fit GK cheerleading uniforms. Olivia, level 4, and Addie L., level 2, have fallen head over heels with the sport of cheerleading and are so excited to have All Star cheerleading apparel that explodes with the same size passion!   

Cheerville All Stars Love Their GK Cheer Uniform

Cheerville Athletics GK Cheer Uniform These Cheerville Athletic All Stars are feeling confident in our perfect fit One Shoulder Swirl Cheer Uniform Long Top U171L. This fashionable All Star cheer top is designed in sapphire nylon/spandex with bright neon green drytech accents along the sleeve swirl design and keyhole back. White tech mesh brings a clean, fresh pop to this energetic GK cheer top while adding an unbeatable breathable comfort.  No All Star cheerleading uniform is complete without a sparkling finishing touch. Brilliance Swarovski® Crystals outline the asymmetrical, off the shoulder neckline and accent their team name displayed across the front in a neon green and white drytech applique embroidery.  For a flawless finish, Cheerville Athletics chose our Low Rise Basic Cheer Skirt U701L designed in sapphire nylon/spandex and a thick neon green drytech waistband. 

Did you know that all of our boys and girls GK cheerleading apparel styles come in a wide range of sizes to outfit your tiniest tumblers to your level 5 All Stars?  Create a unified, professional look across your entire gym by designing coordinating girls and boys cheer uniforms for each level. Get started by checking out our girls and boys cheerleading wear size chart today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

Click the link below to see how Cheerville Athletics unified their look:

Cheerville Athletic All Stars are Stunning in GK Cheerleading Uniforms



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