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It happens to every team at some point in time. You train hard, master skills, and coordinate routines. You're all set and ready for cheer competition season, and you have a last minute addition to your team... Don't worry!  You are a valued GK Cheer Customer, and we are here for you. Let us take care of it for you with GK's ground breaking Rapid Reorder Program.

Introducing RAPID REORDER, an exciting new program from GK Cheer.

This revolutionary program has never been offered before.

We will ship your fill-in order within four weeks or it’s FREE!* 


You are a GK Cheer Customer.  You bought the best, and we care about you.

Submit your fill-in order of up to four cheerleading uniforms by contacting your local Cheer Account Manager or our Customer Service Department.  To qualify for the Rapid Reorder guarantee, the cheer uniforms you order must be identical in design, size, color and embellishments to garments on previous orders.  Submit your payment in full, and we guarantee we will ship your fill-in order within four weeks from your payment date or the garments are free.  We can provide this service because all aspects of our garment production are handled right here in the USA, in Reading Pennsylvania, by a dedicated team of specialists.

If your garments need some tweaks, such as alterations or size changes, you will still get our special attention but because garment changes often result in pattern or design work, we cannot guarantee a four week shipment in these cases.

Without GK Rapid Reorder Program Happy GK Rapid Reorder Customers
Don't Settle for Basic Fill-Ins! With the new Rapid Reorder Program from GK, you can get your Special Order & Custom Fill-Ins in four weeks or less or they're FREE!*

At GK, we understand that your cheerleading uniform needs don't end after your initial purchase.  It's typically a decision you are making for two to three years.  Choose the only cheer uniform company that can guarantee that your fill-in orders will ship in four weeks or less!  *Visit our website for more information and exact details.

GK Cheer.  The Next Level.

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Top Gun Lady Jags Win Big in Custom Cheerleading Uniforms from GK

The hot Florida sun wasn't the only thing shining bright during the March 2014 UCA International All Star Championships, as Top Gun's Lady Jags stole the show once again! Ranking as the National Champions in the Level 5 Medium Senior division, the Lady Jags were the belle of the ball in their custom GK cheer uniforms! The crowds went wild as the team rocked out their highly skilled routines, making the difficult technique look effortless. While it was no easy feat competing against some of the world's best teams, this Top Gun team knew exactly where to turn for their all star cheer uniforms. As Kristen Rosario, Top Gun Owner & Coach, puts it, "no other uniform company can compete when it comes to providing the perfect combination of unparalleled creativity and premium quality. By choosing GK, I know that Top Gun Lady Jags will hit the floor in an absolute one-of-a-kind uniform that fits perfectly and sparkles brighter than the rest," and sparkle it did!


 The judges couldn't help but notice Top Gun's innovative style and sensational spirit broadcasted through their exclusive GK cheerleading uniforms as they began their routine. They brought to life a customized White Dry Tech halter top with a classic cheer skort, creating a clean canvas for colorful combinations and fierce designs. Yellow Mystique fabric outlines the uniform giving this wardrobe wonder an extra level of exhillarating energy. Black mesh removable sleeves are underlined with White Sparkle Hologram to add an elegant dimension that is sure to shimmer under the spotlights. As the girls flaunted their ambitious routine, viewers marveled at the diamond shaped back accented with Berry Mystique lace up straps that highlight the Top Gun Cheerleading trademark paw print. Clear SWARVOSKI ELEMENTS applied throughout the ensemble add displays of vivacious radiance.To finish off this winning look, jaguar claw marks in Yellow Mystique fabric release a whole new level of spirit to this competition uniform. Start drafting out next season's look by visiting GK's website, or contact your GK Cheer Rep to customize your winning look today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Maryland Twisters F5 wins Best Uniform at Champions League

We are excited to announce that the Maryland Twisters F5 team has won the "Best Uniform" title at Champions League! The Twisters have long been a favorite of GK Cheer, wearing the most up to date, fashion-forward designs, and always looking fabulous. Now their efforts have paid off in more ways than just feeling great during competition because they are wearing the coveted Best Uniform in the sport! Congratulations!

What is it about this GK Cheer uniform that puts it above the other teams' Next Level? Before we decide, let's take a look at each individual element of the design. Afterwards, I'll let you be the judge.

The crop top is a custom design that allowed the F5 team to feminize their athletic team uniform to depict the charm of a regal cocktail garment. Here's how they did it.

Instead of dressing in the classic and very popular Nylon/Spandex or Mystique fabrics, F5 took a risk and chose to present themselves in Black Velvet. This luxurious fabric is plush and soft, and commonly associated with royalty or nobility. In fact, it's so beautiful that it was once a common decoration for royal walls and noble frocks. As with most precious elements, velvet does require a little extra care, but it's a small price to pay for the deep black, luxurious cheer uniform that gives F5 the confidence they need need to stay on top.

The challenge now is to grace this regal fabric with proper embellishments, and what an amazing selection they made. The natural Black Velvet neckline of this gorgeous cheer crop top features a deep scoop neck, but the real neckline is adorned in Black Mesh and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in varying color tones. Sophisticated garments require jewelery, and that's exactly what these jewels created for F5's all star cheer uniform. They flawlessly drape across the collar bone and shoulder blades with Briliance, Jade and Electric Blue necklace lines. It's a first in cheer fashion, and it's brilliant!

These same Brilliance, Jade and Electric Blue SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS also create an intricate and intriguing pattern along both long sleeves, as well as the right corner of the Black Velvet Low Rise Skirt U701L. If a picture really does say a thousand words, then let's just soak it all in.

Finally, who wouldn't advertise their team on this masterpeice, as Coach Tara Cain calls it? This entire F5 logo is SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! It's phenomenal! Again, just soak it all in.

So what caught the judges eye first? You be the judge, and remember that next season offers yet another opportunity to have the best cheer uniform in the nation. How will your compare?

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Top Gun Large Coed Named Grand Champs in GK Cheer Uniforms

Top Gun, known worldwide for their exquisite fashion forward uniforms, certainly hit their mark with their new GK custom design for the Large Coed Level 5 team. The team is composed of hardworking, passionate cheerleaders who are as amazing off the floor as they are on the competition floor. Each member of the Large Coed Team knows that they are role models for the younger cheerleaders not only in their gym, but throughout the all star community. Just this weekend, the Top Gun Large Coed team won their first ever Nfinity Champions League Grand Champions, and was able to raise a total of $12,000 to donate to their charity, The Blue Missions Group!

2014 Top Gun Large Coed Level 5 Back of GK Cheer Uniforms

Top Gun Owner & Coach, Victor Rosario says, "We outfit our Large Coed Team in nothing but the absolute best in performance Cheerleading Apparel.  When choosing GK uniforms, we know that we'll get sewn-in-the-USA quality that other manufacturers cannot come close to achieving."

The Large Coed Team is performance ready in their new custom uniform, which features Black and Gold Nylon/Spandex, Black and Yellow Mystique, Sterling Silver Mystique and Black Mesh and Black DryTech. All of these fabrics have exceptional four way stretch that moves with the athlete no matter how difficult their routine. It’s important that the athletes not only feel comfortable in their uniforms, but also look fabulous. Top Gun chose to emphasize their sleek Black uniforms with hints of Sterling Silver Mystique and lots of Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. GK understands the importance of using only the highest quality of crystals to create an exceptional shine under the competition lights. For that reason, GK only uses 100% SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The patented nine facet cut crystals with platinum foiling creates a brilliance unmatched in the cheer industry.

Both the male and female JAGS wear similar all-star uniforms, with slight variations to give each gender an appropriate glow. This is a great tip to remember when designing a team uniform for your gym. Where the women's uniform is comprised of Black Mystique, which shimmers in the light, and contrasting Gold Nylon/Spandex accents, the men chose to reverse the application and, instead, use Black DryTech, to represent their masculinity, and Yellow Mystique accents. The combination of contrasting color and fabric selections adds depth to the fabulous design, all while allowing each gender to feel comfortable and glamorous in their perfect fit uniform.

At GK Cheer, we're proud to say that our cheer uniforms are all sewn in the USA, in Reading, Pennsylvania. When you buy your cheer uniforms from GK, you help support American workers with fair wages and good benefits. If you want a fashion forward look like Top Gun, GK is ready to help you design your one-of-a-kind uniform.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.



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Professional German Cheerleaders Choose "The Best" Uniform Fit For Their Team

In Germany, to get to the Next Level in Cheer, you have to surpass Marco Templin and his JAGS! Their gym, EXTREAM Cheer and Gymnastics, began offering professional cheerleading as a sport just recently in 2012, a first for Germany. Even after other gyms adopted the trend, or should we say, tradition, the JAGS are lightyears ahead of the game. Marco intends to maintain this high ranking in the sport by offering his team "the best for the best" in training, gym equipment, and cheer apparel. This year, they are taking their GK Cheer uniforms to 4 competitions: Regionals, Southern Cheer and Dance Classics, Elite Cheerleading Championship and Spirit Challenge.

German Cheerleaders in cheer crop tops and cheer shorts

Their "best for the best" uniform showcases the JAGS' athletic physique and exceptional talent with a special order crop top and matching Low Rise V Binding Short U507L, both White DryTech cheer separates with Red and Black Mystique accents. The JAGS' uniform is a fabulous style, but the most outstanding feature on this uniform is the fit! GK fit is unparallelled to any other name and is reliant on sizing and on fabric. Sizing is a huge part of the equation. Because it's so important, we've created sizing charts online for you to view, and we also offer, and encourage the use of, our sizing samples, which can be rented and returned, or delivered by one of our Cheer Account Managers. As for fabric, GK Cheer's DryTech is a great place to start. Because the stretch quality is superb - not too much elasticity, but just enough to keep these ladies secure and looking great - each design looks as though it were custom made for each individual athlete. It also provides moisture-wicking and breathability to keep them cool during the big competition. Our Mystique fabrics are just as great, adding dimension and glow to make these stars shine brighter than the rest.

Think you can't order from GK because you're not in the USA? Think again because we've got your covered! Check out our list of International Distributers. No excuses. Get into the best, GK Cheer.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Gwynn Park High School Cheerleading Coach is a Testiment to GK Cheer's High Standards in Customer Care

How does your cheer uniform representative take care of you: do they treat you like family; do they they support you through adversity; do they challenge their own ideals to give you the best design, fit and quality to complement your team's personality? These are all things that GK Cheer strives for on a daily basis, and Gwynn Park cheerleaders are a testament to our dedication. Let me begin by describing this amazing team of athletes. Gwynn Park isn't just any high school cheerleading squad. This January marked their fifth straight year in a row as the Prince George's County Cheerleading Champions and Grand Champions. In addition, they've also been named the 2013 Overall (Grand Champion of the US) Nation's best Advance Varsity Cheerleading team by U.S. Finals, and Grand Champions of the Coastal's Maryland State Championship Battle at the Capital in Washington, DC and Reach the Beach Nationals in Ocean City, MD. In short, this team is pretty extraordinary.

As for Gwynn Park's cheer uniforms, Head Coach, Kim Christian, says, "I wanted to take the time to say how much we truly appreciate and love GK Elite Sportswear. I have been a customer for the past 3 years and order all of my competition uniforms from your company. We were the first school in our area to go with the non-traditional uniform for competition, and I fell in love with the quality and fit of your product. I can honestly say that my girls are the trend setters of all the high schools in Prince George's County, MD, thanks to GK."

In competition, these amazing cheerleaders wear a Funky Shoulder One Piece Uni U1103 which offers them a seamless look, creative design line possibilities and complete, full-coverage comfort. They represent their team colors with our shimmering Yellow and Black Mystique and White Sparkle Hologram for a full-body glistening effect during their routine. They even added a little extra bling to the Black Mesh mid-section design for a sophisticated glow. The entire design comes together flawlessly and put Gwynn Park High School on The Next Level in both cheer uniform fashion and in cheer competition routines.

Having said that, extraordinary teams sometimes experience unfortunate situations, just as all of us do, and Gwynn Park is no exception. During the season, Gwynn Park's uniforms were stolen, and the team was devastated! Lucky for them, Coach Kim had a good standing relationship with their GK Cheer Representative, Julie Dawson, who's collected business sense and exceptional quality of customer service put the team back on track for the next competition. She was quickly able to get them GK Cheer Practice Wear, decorated with sequinz, and they still looked like they had it all together for their competition. 

Kim continues with, "We want to thank GK staff and the Owner for providing my team with an alternative uniform at a time when they had nothing. My team was able to look appropriate at their next competition.  They were able to perform with confidence and win the Reach the Beach National Championship as well as achieve the highest score of all the Advanced High School teams.  They also won a Paid Bid to the U.S. Finals Championship, where they will defend their title as the Overall U.S. Champion for Advanced Varsity Cheer teams. GK is not just a company who provides uniforms, they are a company that cares about their product and customers.  We want to thank GK for treating us like family and not just another customer."

There's a lot at stake when choosing a cheer uniform brand for your team. Quality and price is obvious, but we encourage you to factor relationships into the equation as well. Superior customer service is more than just placing an order and giving shipping feedback. It's about building integrity in the marketplace and among clients. It's what GK strives for every day, and it's what our teams report throughout the industry. The Next Level begins at GK. Contact your local Cheer Representative and our collection of superior cheer uniforms today. You won't be disappointed.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Fierce Tinys Compete with Pride in GK Cheer Uniforms

They're small in size, competing at ages three to five, but don't be fooled. These Fierce Tinys from Fierce All Star Cheerleading, have drive and passion - enough to make the competition jealous! These cuties wore a cheer uniform from GK when they proudly tumbled onto the competition floor to win a cheer trophy that stands as tall as they do. Way to go Fierce Tinys!

The Tiny's are all about attitude, and their new cheer uniforms from GK are a perfect match for their big talent. Color tells the story in this custom cheer top and Triple Stripe Cheer Skirt U723. It's a modest style, similar to many of School Fit Uniforms, that lends itself to the use of a bold color combination, such as the Ocean Mystique and Lime Green Mystique stripes represented on the Fierce Tiny's cheer top and regular rise skirt. Against the Black Nylon/Spandex body, these shimmering shades have a brilliant glow that compliments the Silver and Royal Hologram Sequinz logo proudly displayed on the front of the Tiny's cheer top. It's a champion uniform perfectly designed for these fierce divas.

An excellent choice for High Schools, Rec Teams and Tinys, the School Fit Cheer Uniforms by GK is the modern solution to the classic shell and pleated cheer skirt. This line offers quality, 16-stitch count and four-way stretch fabric for durability and mobility, moisturing wicking technology for comfort and updated styling for aesthetics. It's just the formula you need to take your team to the next level.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Fame Wins Nationals in Sparkling GK Cheer Uniforms!

Meet the Fame Athletics All Star Cheerleaders of San Jose, CA, the 2014 American Masterpiece National Champions!  These athletes excel in every area of cheerleading from jumps and stunts, dancing and tumbling to beautiful smiles and fashion insight. They competed at their national cheer competition in one of our all time favorite cheer uniforms, and they loved it every step of the way.


Fame stormed the competition, confident as ever, in their custom cheer crop top and low rise short from GK. Their top is a dazzling piece of art in Black Nylon/Spandex with Ocean Mystique style lines that follow their decorative Black and White Nylon/Spandex star embellishments. Accented with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, these shooting stars give this square neck cheer top just the glowing element that puts Fame on The Next Level of cheer. Still, that wasn't quite enough for these all star cheer champions. If stardom is the name of their cheer game, then those stars would have to rise to the top, and they did. The back of this ingenious crop top features two sets of triple Ocean Mystique style lines rising from the scoop in their back to the center of the halter design, where the third star rises. Fame's custom low rise cheer short is just as amazing. The bottom of this Black Nylon/Spandex short features a simple continuance of their name, Fame, with athletics neatly embroidered on the bottom corner. The cheer belt is what really blows us away though. In Ocean Mystique with White Nylon/Spandex faux buckle lines, this belt is packed with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 360 degrees around the girls' hips.

The men looked just as fabulous in their custom Black Nylon/Spandex top and Black Ponte pants! Their v neck top features the same gorgeous star lit design and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS as the women's cheer top, and their cheer pants are tastefully decorated with an Ocean Mystique tuxedo stripe for a flawless look.

The next level is calling you! Shop our collection of Special Order cheer crop tops, cheer shorts, and men's cheer uniforms today for a look that exceeds all previous expectations. You can't go wrong when you follow int the footsteps of champions. 

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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West Side Starz Prepare For Competition in GK Cheer Practice Wear

West Side Starz Cheerleaders from Kingston, PA love perfecting their routines in their matching GK Cheer practice wear! The sense of unity and team pride that these cheer tops and cheer shorts create among the team is only a small benefit of the practice wear concept. Cheer coaches see practice wear requirements as a safety measure, assuring that shirts and shorts are form-fitting to prevent accidents, and as a choreography tool to better visualize and align the athletes to their proper positions. We love seeing GK practice wear on athletes because it enables them look and feel phenomenal!

West Side Starz practice intensely in a GK Electric Racerback Cheer Top CB139 and a Basic Low Rise Short.  These Black DryTech cheer coordinates offer clean lines, a great fit and flexibility, along with a hint of bling, which no cheerleader should ever do without. The Starz chose this cheer top, compete with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS delicately highlighting a square neckline, to keep them cool and drying during their practices. What they love most about it is the ability to personalize the look with their own team name. Here, they chose to spell out STARZ in Silver and Turquoise Hologram Sequinz, which correlates nicely with the shiny, Electric Turquoise Mystique, racerback straps.

Everyone tries to give their cheerleaders the best competition uniforms, but how do your cheerleaders look and feel at practice? Do they wear loose shirts, or are they safe and secure in a long practice top or crop top? Are they wearing loose fit cotton shorts that slide around, or fitted practice shorts and skirts? The value of proper apparel in any sport is priceless, and GK offers stylish and economical solutions. Take your cheer practices to the next level with GK Cheer practice wear.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.



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Lincoln Way North Feeling Rejuvinated in GK School Fit Uniform

Lincoln Way North High School Cheerleaders love the style and comfort of their new GK Cheer uniforms! They are among the many trending teams who ditched their pleated skirts and sleeveless shells for a more practical, comfortable and fashion-forward GK long sleeve top and cheer skirt, and they couldn't be happier! Their Head Coach, Jaime Calby, thought the ordering process was both fast and efficient, and was excited that, "we had our uniforms on time for our first competition." She was also impressed by the quality and comfort of the fabric, a key component to a exceptional uniform.

Lincoln Way North Cheerleaders proudly represent their school in a V Neck Triple Stripe Uniform Top U170L made with Black DryTech fabric to keep them dry and comfortable during performances. This school cheer top also features a beautiful display of Lincoln's school colors, represented with White and Gold Mystique, in an asymmetrical, draping design along the shoulders and sleeves. Gold Mystique cuffs, a LWN logo adorned with heavily packed Brillaince SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and a single row of Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that accents the creative upper body lines are small details that add a lot of interest to this elegant cheer uniform. Their matching Black Nylon/Spandex Low Rise 3 Stripe Skirt U723L lends symmetry to this uniform by replicating the triple Gold and White Mystique side lines that shape the uniform top. It also features an elastic waste and built-in spanky for added comfort.

Tired of your old, drab school cheerleading uniform? Shop our selection of GK School Fit Uniforms and start fresh for your next season. GK Cheer Representatives are thrilled to help out with design trends, fittings and pricing so you don't have to go it alone. Take your team to the next level with GK, and we'll make sure that your high school cheerleaders look and feel superb both on the sidelines and in competition.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.




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Express Cheer Wins National Championship in GK Cheer Uniforms

Congratulations to the Express Cheer Senior 4.2 team. They are the 2014 NCA National Champions, and they look better than ever in their purple GK Cheer uniform! If you didn't have an opportunity to see this fiercely fabulous team at the last TX competition, there's still time to get an up close and personal view of their awesome GK cheer crop top and skirt! Look for them in Arlington, TX in April when they compete at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Nationals at the AT&T Stadium.

What will you look for when trying to spot these champions? Out of all the things that GK loves about Express Cheer's uniform, one element impresses us the most. At first glance, we can't help but to enjoy the bold and beautiful visuals that Express Cheer's Black DryTech and shimmering Vinca Mystique fabric combinations lends our eyes, or how their name is spelled out in 100% Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS across their chest. But in taking a closer look, their cheer crop top is very unique, offering a classic scoop neckline for maximum ease of motion and comfort, and a halter strap that leads to a sports bra like strap in the back, giving the design a stylish accent. Then, as we browse photos of other competing teams, the difference is obvious. The GK Cheer uniform on Express Cheer fits better than the rest. The lines in their Low Rise Wrapped Band Skirt 707L, and even their built-in Vinca Mystique boycut spankies, are clean and free of wrinkles or bulk; the crop top fits like a glove; and the girls look comfortable and confident!

When your next competition rolls around, pay attention to the fit and style of your competitors cheer uniforms. If you spot one that's flawless, it's bound to be GK. Check out our wide variety of uniform tops, and cheer skirts to find your team's perfect style and fit. And don't forget about the men on your team. They'll need a matching Men's Cheer Uniform as well.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.






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Palm Beach Lightning All-Stars Leading the Way with GK Cheer

If you're a Florida Cheerleader, you know all about Palm Beach Lighting. With their name carries a degree of sophistication, earned through hard work, over 250 cheer trophies, 100 National Rankings, and some of the best cheer uniforms you'll ever see in competition. Below, the PBL Cheerleaders proudly model their GK Cheer crop top and skort.

Palm Beach Lighting Cheerleaders are knock-outs in their custom cheer crop top and low rise skort! Just the lightning bolts alone, displayed on their sleeves, are packed with hundreds of Electric Blue and Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! That doesn't include the gorgeous SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that sparkle so intensely both in and around their Ocean and White Mystique PBL logo, or on the Black Nylon/Spandex band and woven design on the cheerleader's backs. Someone definately had Cheer Champion in mind when they designed this custom cheer uniform! Creating an electric energy, Palm Beach chose to enhance all this glam with Ocean and White Mystique styling on the arms and around their back. They continued the arm lines down the sides of their custom cheer skort for a symmetrical, glowing look! Fabulous!

A little shine goes a long way. Add our beautiful shades of Mystique fabrics and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to your GK Special Order All Star Cheer Uniform and enjoy the glow as your athletes perform their hearts out. Don't forget to befriend one of our talented Cheer Representatives. You'll find them at your local and national competitions, sometimes selling, and sometimes coaching. You'll also find them our our US Cheer Account Manager page. Call them for sizing information, accessories, and design consultation. They're happy to help.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Okeechobee Xplosion S3 Team Glamorously Competes in their GK Cheer Uniforms

Okeechobee Xplosion Senior Girls pose in Florida at their first competition of the 2014 Season. Relentlessly forging through beginning season jitters, this ferocious squad put on their smiles, their awesome GK Cheer Uniform, and competed their hearts out to earn third place. Great job, S3!

Okeechobee competes and looks great in our Special Order Wide Strap Off the Should Crop Top 166. Stitched from Black DryTech, a fabric that is both comfortable and flexible, this stunning cheer top boasts a brilliant display of Gold Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS both on the chest, in the shape of their logo, and on both sleeves, where the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS spell out the team's name. Additional Violet and Gold Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS form gorgeous shooting stars on the opposite sleeve. The eye-catching crystals highlight OXA's tastefully chosen Imperial Purple and Gold Mystique shoulder strap, giving this sophisticated ensemble a glamorous pop of color. For ease and comfort during jumps and stunting, Okeechobee chose a Low Rise Skort, similar to our Low Rise Basic Cheer Skort 7001, with a Gold Mystique waist band and Gold Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS lining the sides and forming their team identity, S3, on the lover right corner. The combination is spectacular!

Ready to step it up a knotch? GK offers the most dazzling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the best in fit and fabrics and the most stunning designs in the cheer industry. Okeechobee's Special Order Cheer Uniform Top is just one of the many options of easy to design cheer uniforms in our Special Order Design Studio. Check it out today. You won't be disappointed!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Kansas City Athletic Cheer Takes it to the Next Level and Refuses to Go Back!

Kansas City Athletic Cheer fell in love with GK two years ago, and has proudly represented their team in prestigious competitions, such as Worlds, in our GK cheer uniforms ever since. When they earned their bid to another Worlds, their owner, Johanna Lucas, and her coaches decided to take it to the next level and order a custom all star cheerleading uniform. It was this design that they debuted in front of a hometown crowd at JAMFest Kansas City Nationals, and both the crowd and the cheerleaders were enamored! KCAC Coach, Kristin Birdsong, said, "The girls love the uniform so much that they decided to wear it both days at NCA, rather than just wearing it as a day-two uniform. They didn't want to take it off! Even with the strappy back, the uniform stayed in place perfectly during their performance!"

KCAC took their cheer crop top to the next level with an amazing strappy back design that combines sublimated InkTek with White Shadowproof lining and Black Nylon/Spandex with the ladies' natural open shoulder lines. Accents of Radiant Royal Sparkle give this glamorous top a hint of color and a bold logo that Kansas City proudly claims as their own. Let's not forget about the bling! Clear and Black Diamond SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS along the sleeves, and Diamond SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS surrounding the cheer logo give this elegant top the next level glow intended for champions. Coordinating perfectly with the KCAC's cheer crop top, the Regular Rise Cheer Short offers a Radiant Royal Sparkle waist band that creates symmetry between the cheer top and short. In addition, a sleek sublimation design on either side of this fashion forward short blends nicely with the sublimated piece on the crop top for a totally stunning and seamless cheer uniform.

KCAC looks amazing in their custom GK cheer crop top and cheer short! However,you don't have to go custom to be fabulous. Take a look at our Special Order Design Studio where you'll find numerous variations of crop tops, cheer shorts and cheer skirts, as well as the ever popular cheer leotards and one-piece cheer uniforms. All of these design easily transform into a unique design with your team colors and logo. Try it out, and show your competition what the next level is all about.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Broward Elite Special Needs Cheerleaders Choose to Shine in GK Cheer Uniforms

Broward Elite's Frenzy Kats from Davie, FL are about to experience the time of their lives when they travel to Atlanta, GA for Nationals in their new GK Cheer Uniforms this weekend. Who are the Frenzy Katz? Their program owner and spokesperson, Betty Suess, says,  "They are a group of Exceptional Athletes ranging from ages 8-30, all of whom have physical or intellectual disabilities. This team of competitive cheerleaders primarily competes locally with one away competition for Nationals in Atlanta, GA. Last year was the first time in eight years that Frenzy was unable to make the trip to Atlanta because the travel expense was too great for most of them. I believe that through the help and generosity of our community we will be able to raise the funds to also take them to our end of the year away competition in Orlando!!!" These special needs athletes will join 900 other teams, including 20-30 special needs cheerleading teams, this weekend for one of the most prestigious Nationals in the country. In GK cheer uniforms, they are sure to be among the best dressed. We are so proud to represent such a determined group of young cheerleaders who have overcome their disabilities to learn a skill that is both fun and rewarding for them.

These talented ladies from Broward Elite are are a symbol of strength and courage, wearing a Royal Criss Cross Neck Long Sleeve Top with a Regular Rise Cheer Skirt 701 from GK. This Royal DryTech top features Black, Royal and White DryTech striped sleeves and a decorative strappy v neck that looks and feels superb on the Frenzy Kats with their Royal DryTech cheerleading skirt.

GK is happy to fit any special needs cheerleading squad for their new cheer uniforms. In stock women's cheer skirts and women's long tops is a great place to begin your search for the perfect fit. For assistance, contact your local cheer representative, or customer service.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.



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