The Newest Trend in All Star Cheer Uniforms

Sublimated cheerleading uniforms open up a whole new world of designing potential, and this year, we took it a step further by sublimating our most delicate and fashionable fabric, mesh! The elegant, timeless look of sublimated mesh paired with a personalized design sets new standards for All Star cheerleading uniforms.  Oregon Dream Team from Portland, OR is one such example. This breathtaking All Star cheer uniform worn at the 2015 Cheer Worlds was envied by all and left everyone eager to design their own cheerleading apparel with sublimated mesh accents

2015 Oregon Dream Team Custom All Star GK Cheer Uniform

2015 Custom Oregon Dream Team All Star Cheer Uniform by GKWith nothing but a neckline to go off of, GK's talented designers perfectly captured Oregon Dream Team's personality and fierce style in this awe-inspiring masterpiece. The Dream Team ladies are sporting a modified cheerleading halter crop top with a fun strappy back. Shimmering ocean mystique adorned with hundreds of clear Swarovski® crystals highlight the elegant off the shoulder styling that continues into a contemporary halter top. The real beauty of this All Star cheerleading uniform is the unique sublimated mesh sleeves that feature a white to blue fade of Os printed on white mesh finished off with Swarovski® encrusted ocean mystique cuffs that emulate diamond bracelets. More clear Swarovski® crystals radiate their gym name in custom logos across the center chest, back, and neckline. The custom All Star cheerleading shorts in moisture wicking black drytech offer a sassy ocean mystique side design with a faux belt waist band covered in sparkling® Swarovski crystals. 

2015 Custom GK Cheer Uniform for Oregon Dream TeamThe Oregon Dream Team men perfectly complement their female teammates in this black v-neck men's cheer shirt and coordinating men's cheer pants. This men's cheer wear is designed in our anti-microbial and moisture wicking fabric to keep them cool and comfortable during the heat of the competition.  A sleek ocean mystique style line wraps around the center of the cheer shirt underlining the clear Swarovski® crystal logos on the front and back. A vibrant white to blue sublimated fade on the sleeves is printed on our moisture wicking inktek fabric. The custom men's All Star Cheer pants feature a shimmering ocean mystique design lines on the side.

Sublimated mesh is the latest trend in the cheer apparel industry. Don't get behind the times, bring your All Star cheerleading apparel design ideas to your Local Territory Account Manager or our Customer Service Department to create your dream cheer uniform.  

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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Introducing James Whitaker, GK Cheer's Territory Account Manager for Arkansas

We are excited to introduce you to one of GK Cheer's newest Territory Account Managers for Arkansas, James Whitaker. James will be in charge of raising brand awareness and outfitting All Star cheer teams in the the most sought after cheerleading apparel in the market. His passion for the sport of cheerleading spills into every part of his life and he is so excited to bring a more personal touch to the cheer gyms in his state when it comes to ordering their All Star cheerleading uniforms and practice wear.

James Whitaker, GK Cheer Territory Account Manager for Arkansas

James, an Arkansas native, attended and cheered for Arkansas State University where he received a Bachelors in Physical Therapy. After he graduated, James began a career in cheerleading that continues 11 years later. His experience includes gym director, coach, choreographer, head judge, safety & deductions judge, and business owner.  He is currently a coach at Twist and Shout in Edmond, OK. In addition, he facilitates his own choreography and skills camp company, GET JAMMED!  GET JAMMED started with the goal of giving back to the cheer industry by helping gyms of all sizes stay on the cutting edge of everything the industry has to offer. James has coached every level of cheerleading and won countless national championships over the years. 

James is thrilled to begin this part of his journey, while doing what he loves and bringing the finest, performance enhancing cheer apparel to Arkansas. This well seasoned individual knows exactly what All Star gyms are looking for when it comes to quality, fashion forward All Star cheerleading uniforms and practice wear.  

If you live in Arkansas and are looking to enhance your All Star cheer apparel, click here to contact James Whitaker today! Not from Arkansas? Click here to find your local GK Cheer Territory Account Manager and start designing next season's winning look. 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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Meet Julie Mihaljevic, GK Cheer Territory Account Manager for Western Pennsylvania

If you live in Western Pennsylvania and are in need of a new All Star or Under Armour Sideline cheerleading uniform, Julie Mihaljevic is your go to girl. Julie comes to us with over 15 years of experience in the cheerleading industry as an athlete, coach, and judge. When it comes to cheerleading apparel, this well seasoned individual knows what you are looking for. 

GK Cheer Territory Account Manager Julie Mihaljevic Julie began cheering at a young age and continued all the way into her adult years. After graduating high school, she immediately began coaching at Synergy Elite All Stars in Lancaster, PA and remained there for 10 years as the head coach. She is currently in her 12th year as a cheerleading judge, and for the last six has had the honor of judging for the Cheer Worlds.

Throughout the years, her love and passion for the sport of cheerleading has remained the guiding force in her career. Going from an athlete to a Worlds' judge, it only seemed fitting to represent the finest cheerleading apparel brand in the industry, GK Cheer. Her extensive experience with the sport of cheerleading is a testament to the quality, durability, and style of GK Cheer and Under Armour® Sideline cheerleading uniforms.  

Click here to contact Julie Mihaljevic to get ahead on designing your own cheer uniform for next season! 

Not from Western PA? No problem, click here to find your local All Star Territory Account Manager or your Under Armour® Sideline Sales Representative. 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions. 

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Maryland Twisters Show Us How to Design a Cheer Uniform that Captivates Team Personality

Have a fierce team name that you want to incorporate in next season's All Star cheerleading uniform? Maryland Twisters International Open Five Shade's custom GK cheer uniform is the perfect example of how this can be done in a classy and sophisticated way. Worn at the 2015 Cheer Worlds, this stunning ensemble captivates their team's personality at every turn.

Maryland Twisters Lady Shade in Custom GK Cheer Uniforms at the 2015 Cheer WorldsThe Maryland Twisters Shade designed their own cheerleading uniform with specific colors, fabric combinations, and embellishments to coordinate their team name as much as possible. This custom cheer crop top in shimmering black mystique showcases cool, breathable black mesh sleeves with contrasting white and sterling silver mystique style lines along the cuff. Beautiful shoulder accents in white and sterling silver mystique draw spectators' eyes to the decadent display of brilliance Swarovski® crystals that brings an exquisite radiance to the black background, similar to the way the sun brightens the dark, shaded areas. 

Maryladn Twisters Shade Custom GK Cheer Uniform Seen at 2015 Cheer Worlds

Pairing a Special Order Cheer Skirt with a custom crop top is the perfect way to create a personalized look while staying on budget. This All Star team added their own spunk to our Low Rise Basic Cheer Skirt U701. This black mystique cheerleading skirt is decorated with dazzling brilliance Swarovski® crystals and features the signature Maryland Twisters logo in a white mystique applique embroidery on the left corner. 

Design you own All Star cheerleading uniform in your choice of colors, fabrics, and embellishments for a personalized look. Click here to captivate your team's personality in next season's cheer wear. 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions. 

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How to Make Your Cheer Uniform Stand Out with Contrasting Colors

Are you wondering how to incorporate your gym's contrasting colors into next season's All Star cheer uniform? Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading Inc. worked with GK Cheer to design a look that brought two unique colors into one sensational cheerleading uniform. These beautiful ladies took on Cheer Worlds 2015 with a sassy look that did not go unnoticed. Keep reading to get tips on how you can design your own All Star cheerleading uniform with a contrasting color combination. 

PA Elite All Star Cheer Team at Worlds 2015 in Custom GK Cheer Uniform

Custom All Star GK Cheer Uniform for Cheer Worlds 2015

The key to designing an eye-catching cheer uniform with a unique color combination is to decide which will be your dominant color and your accent color. These lovely ladies designed their version of our Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Crop Top U169 using our moisture wicking royal drytech fabric as the primary color. Next, they chose contrasting sunshine mystique to accent the sassy intertwined vine sleeves, funky criss cross straps, and square neck style line. Choosing a neutral color, such as our white drytech, helped to balance out this colorful combo. Lastly, our clear Swarovski® crystals pick up whatever color they are applied to causing a radiant sparkle along the sleeves. They finished this masterpiece with a custom sunshine mystique applique embroidery logo on the center chest. 

These same principles can be applied to your cheerleading shorts, skirts, or skorts. Pennsylvania Elite chose to pair this sassy All Star crop top with our Low Rise Belted Cheer Short U620L. As you can see, our royal drytech is the dominant color accented with sunshine mystique on the wide side stripes and faux belt loops. The white drytech waistband completes the look by bringing a perfect balance to these cheer shorts.

Design your own cheerleading uniform in your choice of colors, fabrics, and Swarovski® crystals in our easy to use Design Studio. Click here to browse through our large selection of Special Order All Star cheerleading uniforms to get started today!

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.


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Maryland Twisters Eye of the Storm Shine in Custom GK Cheer Uniforms

The Maryland Twisters of Glen Burnie, MD are known nationwide for their unending list of achievements (including 5 World Championship titles), technically advanced skill set, and trend-setting All Star cheerleading uniforms. But did you know their heart is as big as their trophy collection? In 2002, Tara Cain, owner of the MD Twisters, started a special athletes cheer program called the Eye of the Storm giving a place for athletes with special needs to be a part of the Twisters' family. Today, the Eye of the Storm All Stars boasts of multiple national titles and are two time NCA and Cheersport National Champions! Click here to read more about the Maryland Twister's Special Athletes Cheer Program.

2015 Maryland Twisters Eye of the Storm GK Cheer All Star Uniforms

MD Twisters Eye of the Storm 2014 GK Cheer UniformCain made sure these talented athletes were outfitted in the best cheer apparel available, which is why they are sporting custom GK cheerleading uniforms. These lovely ladies are rocking a stylish cheer top and a complementary All Star cheer skirt designed in black drytech. Vibrant ocean, white, and electric turquoise mystique cross shoulder stripes, cuff details, and corner accent design on the skirt add an illustrious pop of color. Custom logos in white mystique are added at every turn to let the competition know the Elite have arrived. Brilliance Swarovski® crystals embellish the cheer skirt, shoulders, and front team logo for an All Star shine. 

MD Twisters All Stars Eye of the Storm 2014 Custom Cheer Uniform by GKThe Eye of the Storm men are equally eye-catching in a custom All Star cheer uniform that perfectly coordinates with their female teammates. The black drytech men's cheer shirt features striking ocean, electric turquoise, and white mystique striping with custom logos. The men's black ponte cheer pant showcases their gym name in white mystique down the left leg that gives way to a fierce stripe detail.

GK Cheer is so honored to outfit these All Star athletes with cheer apparel that's as fierce as they are! We look forward to seeing their growing achievements in the sport of cheerleading. 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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Custom All Star Cheer Uniforms Steal the Show at 2015 NCA Nationals

Storm Cheer from the Northwest YMCA from Wichita, KS took on the 2015 NCA Nationals in style as they sported their custom GK cheerleading uniforms. The second they walked into the competition all eyes were drawn to their Swarovski® crystal embellished All Star cheer uniform. With a second place win and an All Star cheer uniform that stole the show, I would call that a successful weekend!

Storm Cheer All Stars Win Big in Custom GK Cheer Uniform

GK Cheer Custom All Star Uniform

The arena instantly lit up when these dazzling divas took their place on the mat. This custom All Star cheerleading uniform features a faux halter top neckline that offers delicate openings on the front and back for an elegant appeal. Shimmering rainforest mystique wraps around the shoulders and mid section displaying a spunky pop of color. White spandex and black drytech bring a timeless look to this otherwise contemporary style. Clear Swarovski® crystals and silver sequinz explode from behind custom rainforest mystique and black drytech logos. They paired this illustrious cheer top with classic black drytech cheer shorts that showcase a sassy rainforest mystique side panel outlined in clear Swarovski® crystals. For a similar All Star cheerleading uniform, check out our Open Shoulder Racerback Cheer Uniform Top U182L and our Low Rise Swoosh Cheer Short U612L.

When you are at a cheer competition and you see an All Star cheer uniform that catches your eye, chances are it's a GK. Why? Because only GK Cheer can boast of a superior fit, the highest quality embellishments, and breath taking designs. Click here to show our Special Order Cheerleading Uniforms and be the one who sets the standard today!

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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Small Town Gym Wins Big at Cheer Worlds 2015 in Custom GK Cheer Uniform

Huge shout out to Vizion All Stars 20/20 who placed second to CALI Smoed in the Small Senior Coed Level 5 division at the 2015 Cheer Worlds last weekend! This small town gym from Shelby Township, MI proves it's not all about size in order to win. It takes hard work, dedication, and passion for the sport of cheerleading in order to be on top, and these are the qualities that Vizion All Stars 20/20 displayed at Cheer Worlds. We are so proud of them and wish them continued success as they advanced into next season with a silver medal from Worlds 2015.

Vizion 20/20 Placed Second at 2015 Cheer Worlds in Custom GK Cheer UniformsVizion 20/20 in Custom GK Cheer Uniform at Worlds 2015

Champion teams are expected be outfitted in champion style, which is why they came to GK Cheer for their sophisticated All Star cheer uniforms. Vizion All Stars' owner, Beth Johnson, drew up this cheerleading uniform design herself and with the help of GK, was able to bring it to life! She tells us, "GK Cheer has been wonderful to us the last five years."

GK Cheer Uniform for Vizion 20/20 Worn at 2015 Cheer Worlds

This simple, yet stylish v-neck cheer crop top in black mystique showcases a beautiful ocean mystique wave that flows down the long sleeves outlined in contrasting white mystique. Gold nylon/spandex adds a subtle touch of the color of champions around the cuffs and hemline. Brilliance Swarovski® crystals generously embellish the blue wave sleeve design and spell out their team name across the center chest. The All Star cheer shorts were designed to mirror the crop top's design lines and feature a similar gold nylon/spandex waistband. Love this clean silhouette? Check out our 3 Keyhole Back Crop Top U111 to design your own winning look. 

If you want your athletes to look and feel like champions, then outfit them in the champions' choice of cheerleading apparel, GK Cheer. Whether you're a small gym or world renowned, we offer a large variety of cutting edge designs to fit everyone's budget. Click here to design your own cheerleading uniform today!

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.



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New Swarovski Crystal Adorns Platinum Athletics Cheer Uniform at Cheer Worlds 2015

Every year, All Star cheerleading teams across the globe prepare relentlessly for the chance to shine brighter than the rest at Cheer Worlds in Orlando, FL. What makes this weekend even more anticipated is the chance to debut new All Star cheerleading uniforms. This was the story for Platinum Athletics from Maryland Heights, MO who walked out onto the 2015 World's mat in a custom GK Cheer uniform adorned with a never before seen Swarovski® crystal that kept all eyes locked on them.

Platinum All Stars Rock their GK Cheer Custom Unis at Cheer Worlds 2015The Platinum Athletic ladies shined brighter than the Orlando sun in this custom All Star cheer uniform that is full of glitz and glamour! This sensational cheer crop top in black mystique showcases a unique intertwined sleeve design in white drytech and silver mystique on top of elegant black mesh. Hundreds of our silver hologram sequinz and our brand new peacock brilliance Swarovski® crystals adorn the long sleeves and explode out from behind the custom silver mystique applique embroidery logo. 

 Platinum Athletics All Stars 2015 Worlds Cheer Uniform by GK

The coordinating cheerleading shorts in black drytech feature a silver mystique and white drytech side curve accent with more dazzling peacock brilliance Swarovski® crystals outlining the side panels. If you love this All Star cheerleading uniform showcased at Cheer Worlds 2015, check out our High V Cut Out Back Crop Top U172 and our Sharp Accent Cheer Short U619R.

Platinum Athletics Men's Custom GK Cheer Uniform for 2015 Cheer Worlds

The guys of Platinum Athletics were equally eye-catching in their coordinating men's cheer top, similar to our V-Neck Raglan Men's Cheer Uniform Top UM104. This moisture-wicking black drytech boy's cheer top features white drytech and silver mystique intertwined design lines along the sleeves with a silver mystique crew neck trim. A custom applique embroidery silver mystique team logo is surrounded by sparkling peacock brilliance Swarovski® crystals. They paired this custom men's cheer top with our Men's Double Stripe Pant UM502 designed in black drytech with silver mystique and white drytech stripes along the side. 

Peacock Brilliance Swarovski CrystalOur new peacock brilliance Swarovski® crystal brings the richness of purple and the refreshing touch of teal together in this multifaceted, two toned crystal. This elaborate jewel will bring depth and dimension to your All Star cheer uniform. Click here to design your own cheerleading uniform with this glamorous peacock brilliance Swarovski® crystal today! 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions. 




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Top Gun Large Coed Breaks the Mold at Worlds 2015 with Sublimated Cheer Uniforms

Every year, hundreds of All Star cheer teams travel from across the globe to Orlando, FL to compete for the World Champion title. With that excitement, comes the desire to see the latest trends in All Star cheer uniforms with Top Gun being the most sought after and anticipated uniforms to behold. This year, Top Gun Large Coed debuted new custom GK Cheer uniforms that feature innovative sublimated technology on our mesh, drytech, and opalescence fabrics. Congratulations to Top Gun Large Coed that, in spite of difficult circumstances, still proved they are one of the top Senior Large Coed Divisions in the world.

Top Gun Large Coed at 2015 Cheer Worlds in Custom Cheer Uniform by GK

2015 Top Gun Large Coed Worlds UniformThe TGLC ladies never looked so stunning as they did in this custom cheer crop top featuring a faux shrug and technologically advanced sublimated styling. The sleeves feature a white to black sublimated fade printed on mesh with striking gold mystique diagonal striping along the sides while the crop top shows the same fade printed on shimmering white opalescence. Along the sleeves, black, black diamond, and clear Swarovski® crystals bring a decadent shine to each section of the fade.  A strappy gold mystique halter with a black mystique collar continues throughout the cut out back where a the famous Cheer Worlds globe can be found. Their matching cheer shorts in black mystique feature a faux belt along the waist band in gold mystique with their signature team logo front and center with black Swarovski® crystals sprinkled along the sides.

Top Gun Large Coed Men's 2015 Cheer Worlds UniformThe TGLC men are sporting a similar design sublimated on white drytech fabric with gold and black mystique striping along the sleeves, pant legs, and waistband. A globe highlighted by a sublimated yellow glow sparkle with clear Swarovski® crystals. The custom Top Gun logo across the center chest is designed with a black and gold mystique applique embroidery.

Innovative, creative, and ahead of their time are aspects displayed in every Top Gun All Star cheerleading uniform, which is why they continuously choose GK Cheer to outfit their athletes. Click here to learn how you can design your own cheerleading uniform that is fit for world champions. 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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Sublimated Mesh Makes NJ Spirit Explosion FAB 5 Cheer Uniform the Most Coveted Look at Cheer Worlds 2015

All eyes were locked on NJ Spirit Explosion FAB 5 as they walked out onto the 2015 Cheer World's mat in this jaw dropping GK Cheer uniform. The unique sublimated mesh sleeves, iconic color combination, and hundreds of Swarovski® crystals that radiated across the stadium adorned these cheer queens on the most prestigious stage in the sport of cheerleading. We are so proud of these athletes who came out in eighth place in the Senior Small All Girls division. Congratulations, ladies! You were absolutely stunning on the World's stage!

NJ Spirit Explosion Fab 5 at Cheer Worlds 2015 in Custom GK Cheer Uniform

 NJ Spirit Explosion FAB 5 Debuts Sublimated Mesh at 2015 WorldsSublimated Mesh by GK Cheer at 2015 Worlds 2015

This mesmerizing ensemble brings together spunky style lines, innovative sublimated technology, and all the bling a girl could ask for. The strappy cheer crop top features off the shoulder styling outlined in true navy drytech and red mystique. The sublimated mesh on the sleeves and back flawlessly continues the contrasting color combination and showcases a sassy snakeskin print. 

NJ Spirit Explosion Custom GK Cheer World's Uniform

An eye-catching custom logo in white mystique, true navy drytech, and red mystique decorates the fun strappy back while the FAB 5 logo is designed with heavily packed clear Swarovski® crystals that brilliantly sparkle under the spot lights. More clear Swarovski® crystals embellish the fabulous sleeves, neckline, and off the shoulder accent. 

The custom cheer shorts perfectly coordinate with this sensational cheer crop top. They are designed in moisture-wicking true navy drytech with a beautiful red mystique waist band and side corner accents. Sublimated inktek fabric ties the unique snake skin print into the cheerleading shorts while clear Swarovski® crystals decorate the waist band and side accents. 

ink'd sublimated technology allows you to design your own cheerleading uniform with no limits. Click here to learn more about how to have a one of a kind sublimated All Star cheer uniform.

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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Maryland Twisters Reign Show Us How to Design Coed Cheerleading Uniforms at 2015 Cheer Worlds

Looking for a way to coordinate your coed team's cheerleading apparel? Check out Maryland Twisters Reign's custom GK Cheer uniforms sported at Cheer Worlds 2015 that showcase the perfect way to create individuality yet keep a team likeness that brings a unified, professional look between their male and female athletes. 

Maryland Twisters Reign at 2015 Cheer Worlds in Custom GK Cheer UniformMaryland Twisters Reign in Custom GK Cheer Uniforms at 2015 Worlds

When designing your men's and women's cheerleading uniforms, make sure you know which elements you want to keep the same, such as logos and color combinations, that will keep some consistency present. The MD Twisters Reign are pros at this and always make sure their signature crown, gym colors, and custom logo is incorporated into their All Star Cheer uniform. Once you have those similarities in place, you can figure out ways to make each uniform unique among you male and female athletes.

MD Twisters Reign Custom GK Cheer Uniform Worn at 2015 Worlds

The MD Twisters Reign ladies' cheerleading uniform is predominately designed with white drytech while the men's features a masculine black drytech. The girl's cheer crop top showcases a sassy royal drytech cross over neckline that falls into a fun strappy back and is embellished with brilliance Swarovski® crystals. The long sleeves feature elegant black mesh inserts amidst the royal drytech and black opalescence style lines. Their custom cheer shorts in royal, white, and black drytech continue the stylish striping on the sleeves while a royal drytech waist band hosts the famous Reign crown. Brilliance Swarovski® crystals decorate this All Star cheerleading uniform from top to bottom with an unmatched sparkle. 

In contrast with their female teammates, the guys of Maryland Twisters Reign are sporting a black drytech v-neck cheer shirt with royal, white, and black opalescence striping along the sleeves. Brilliance Swarovski® crystals are placed along select style lines to give a subtle shine to this men's cheer uniform. The black ponte cheer pants feature white and royal drytech striping along the sides and feature the signature Reign crown on the black waistband. 

Congratulations to Maryland Twisters Reign as they placed fifth in the Senior Medium Coed Division at the 2015 Cheer Worlds last weekend. we are so proud of you! Click here to starting designing your coed team cheerleading uniforms for next season

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.


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Cheer Sport Sharks Win Big at Worlds 2015 in Custom GK Cheer Uniforms

Congratulations to the Cheer Sport Great White Sharks for their incredible win at Cheer Worlds 2015. This All Star team from Canada seemingly effortless battled it out against some of the finest international cheer teams and came out on top as the International Open All Girl Level Five Grand Champions! Their reputation for being the most decorated All Star cheer team in Canada stands firm as they travel back home with another trophy. 

Cheer Sport Great White Sharks Grand Champions at Worlds 2015

These cheer queens worked endlessly this season to be crowned the 2015 World Champions, and it paid off. They performed a flawless routine on Monday night and were soon announced the gold trophy winners for a second consecutive year. This award winning team displayed unending amounts of teamwork, dedication to the sport of cheerleading, and fabulous sportsmanship that helped keep them on top.

Great White Cheer Sport Sharks Custom GK Cheer Uniform

A key to maintaining the confidence of a level five shark is sporting a drop dead gorgeous All Star cheerleading uniforms. Every queen needs to be ahead of the trends and sport a stylish cheerleading uniform fit for royalty, which is why Cheer Sport Sharks continue to choose GK Cheer apparel year after year. Click here to find out more about their All Star cheer uniforms. 

We are so proud of these incredible athletes and wish them continued success as they reign supreme in Canada. Click here to find out how you can design your own cheerleading uniform that is Cheer World's worthy!

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions.

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GK Cheer Uniforms Pave the Way for Success

Meet Infinity Cheer Empire of Sanford, NC. Instantly, you will sense that their confidence is contagious, their lighthearted charm refreshing, and the air of sophistication that surrounds them is envied by all. Why? Because these All Star athletes are outfitted in the champion's choice of cheerleading apparel, GK Cheer. The perfect fit, sleek, stylish design, and comfortable fabrics allow these All Stars to keep their mind focused on winning the championship title and off their cheerleading uniforms. The choice to compete in GK cheerleading uniforms has helped pave the way for an incredibly successful year as they brought home numerous first place wins at multiple competitions and a Grand Champion title at the Liberty Classic Spirit Solutions, won by their level 4.2 team, earlier this year. 

Julia Scribner, Cheer Director, gives us more insight into the relationship between GK Cheer uniforms and the confidence created by wearing them. She tells us, "GK Cheer has been our All Star cheer uniform retailer of choice for the past three years, and we have had nothing but wonderful experiences. Our Territory Account Manager, Nancy Christenson, goes above and beyond to make sure we stay on top of getting our order placed and received in a timely fashion. At almost every competition we attend, someone can be overheard talking about our purple, black, and white All Star cheerleading uniforms. We could not be more please with GK Cheer and will continue for years to come."

GK Cheer Funky Shoulder Crop Top U143

This custom All Star cheer uniform catches the attention of everyone who sees it. The asymmetrical cheer crop top in black and white drytech showcases a flattering imperial purple and steel mystique cross body swirl design that cascades down the sleeve. The fun shoulder strap adds a funky twist to this stylish crop top. Hundreds of clear Swarovski® crystals along the black mesh sleeve, sassy style lines, and custom team logo bring an immeasurable amount of sparkle throughout this All Star cheerleading uniform, especially when combined with the lights on stage. If you love this look, check out our Funky Shoulder Crop Top U143.

The custom low rise cheerleading, similar to our Low Rise Asym Cheer Short U609L, features our moisture wicking black and white drytech fabric with imperial purple and steel mystique waves that coincide with the custom All Star cheer top. 

The guys are sporting an equally eye-catching cheer uniform that perfectly coordinates with their female teammates, similar to our Funky Shoulder Men's Cheer Top UM114. This men's crew neck cheer shirt in black and white drytech features an imperial purple and steel mystique wave design. A custom team logo in clear Swarovski® crystals is proudly displayed across the center chest.  

They paired this custom men's cheer top with our Men's Double Stripe Cheerleading Pant. This black ponte men's cheer pant offers an imperial purple and steel mystique stripe accent along the side. 

GK Cheer has the largest collection of All Star cheerleading uniforms in the market. Click here to find your winning look for next season! 

GK Cheer. Choice Of Champions. 

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Under Armour Cheer Uniform Takes Center Stage at NCA Nationals

Montclair State University Cheerleading Team stole second place in division three, while wearing their new Under Armour Sideline cheer uniforms at the NCA Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL last weekend. Their confidence and competitive edge, brought on by the world's leading brand in cheer wear, was undeniable as they battled it out in front of thousands of spectators. Congratulations, ladies! 

Montclair State University Cheer Team at 2015 NCA Nationals

Under Armour Spirit ArmouFuse Cheerleading UniformThe Montclair State ladies are a dream team in our recently released Under Armour® Spirit ArmourFuse Cheer Uni UA101. This sublimated UA cheerleading liner is designed with sleek red, white, and black stripes that wrap around the side and give way to a custom MSU logo across the center chest. Bold red shoulder stripes run down the full length of the sleeve. This athletic design is printed directly on our moisture wicking inktek fabric for optimal performance and unbeatable style. 

This UA Spirit ArmourFuse® Cheer Skirt offers the same triple stripe detail along the hem as the UA cheer top and features two side slits. All of our Under Armour® cheer skirts come with an attached boycut brief for comfortable coverage. 

Wearing the right cheerleading apparel is essential to your team's success. With Under Armour® Cheer, you are not only choosing the brand with the highest reputation in the athletic realm, but you are choosing confidence, comfort, and an exceptional fit for your athletes. Click here to browse through the 2015 Under Armour Cheer Sideline Collection. 

Under Armour® Cheer. 

Click the link below to read more about our Under Armour Sideline Cheer Collection:

Under Armour Sideline Cheer Apparel is Here

Under Armour Cheer Now Online

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