5 Star GK Cheer Warm-Ups for 5 Star Cheer All Stars

Looking for a one-of-a-kind cheerleading team warm-up that will get your gym noticed? Check out 5 Star Cheer Company's in Houston, TX new sublimated GK cheer warm-ups! We were able to capture their team spirit and print it directly into a fierce, athletic design that is sure to stand out wherever they go. 

Owners James King and Lance Baker tell us, "Our cheer warm-up design is exactly what we asked for AND MORE!  Working with the GK Cheer's design team was very easy and, like us, they did not rest until we were 100% satisfied. We only provide the best for our athletes; therefore, it only makes sense for GK Cheer to be our sole provider!  Our GK Sales Representative, Valerie Dunn, has provided us nothing but 5 Star service."

5 Star Cheer in Sublimated GK Cheer Warmups5 Star Cheer in Sublimated GK Cheer Warm Ups

GK Cheer Sublimated Warmup for 5 Star Cheer

5 Star Cheer Company will be turning heads in our Fitted Elite Warm-Up Jacket SBW100 and matching Fitted Elite Warm-Up Pant SBW200. This cheerleading warm-up suit features a flawless black to blue fade with royal drytech on the inside collar. A stunning team logo is printed on the left side and center back, while side style lines displaying "We are Ready" run up and down this cheerleading pant and jacket. This entire design is printed on inktek fabric for a clean, seamless look.

The sky is the limit with ink'd sublimated cheerleading apparel by GK Cheer. We use only the highest quality ink, fabrics, and state-of-the-art technology to provide the most cutting edge designs. Why, because you're worth it!  Work with our talented design team to create your dream cheerleading apparel today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.  



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Custom GK Cheer Uniforms at an Affordable Price

Look out, Cheer World! Prime Time All Stars Junior Prep Team of Dover, NH will be setting the standard in this sublimated GK Cheer uniform. The team couldn't get over having a custom look at such a reasonable price! If you're looking for a new custom cheerleading uniform, keep reading to see how you can get a trendsetting personalized look on a budget!

Prime Time All Stars Sublimated GK Cheer UniformPrime Time All Stars Sublimated GK Cheerleading Uniform

Prime Time All Stars New GK Cheer Uniform

Prime Time All Stars took our Strappy Asymmetrical Cheer Leotard SBC901 to the next level with a fierce sublimated design printed on durable inktek fabric. A rich purple and white abstract swirl design sweeps across the center of this custom All Star cheerleading uniform while matching purple nylon/spandex trim highlights the asymmetrical neckline and striking halter strap detail. Our Low Rise Basic Cheer Short SBC604 is designed to bring this custom cheer uniform to a show stopping finish with a stunning left to right arch showcasing their team logo.


Looking for affordable custom GK cheerleading uniforms? With our ink'd sublimated line if you can dream it, we can design it! Fill out our Sublimation Form for inspiring direction our talented designers can take and create your dream All Star cheerleading uniform.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Sublimated Cheer Uniforms Take Center Stage in Texas


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Custom GK Cheer Uniforms Bring Victory for Hylton High School Bulldogs Cheer Team

This is first year Hylton High School Bulldogs, school of GK Cheer model and Maryland Twisters Reign DJ Wright, qualified for the Virginia State Championship Series! Could their new found confidence from their sensational GK Cheer uniforms be the cause? No one knows for certain, but one thing cannot be denied, this talented team will turn heads in their stunning All Star cheerleading uniforms. Head coach, Shawnice Wright, confirms the increased unified team spirit when she says, "My kids are so comfortable and confident in this uniform, the fit was perfect!"

This year, the Hylton High ladies will set the standard in a custom one piece cheerleading uniform that is very similar to our One Shoulder Swirl Uniform Top U171L  and matching Low Rise Curve Accent Cheer Skort U7000L. This sassy one shoulder cheerleading uniform in sapphire drytech offers contemporary white and gold mystique swirls on the sleeve that flow down across the cheerleading skort and a classy gold mystique right shoulder strap. The back is equally flattering with an elegant cutout detail and a sapphire drytech applique embroidery logo across the asymmetrical gold mystique panel. No winning cheer uniform is compete without some sparkle, which is why clear Swarovski® Crystals trim the asymmetrical neckline.

The Bulldog men perfectly compliment their female teammates with our coordinating Men's Swirl Cheerleading Top UM119 and custom Men's cheerleading pant, similar to our Men's Wide Side Stripe Cheerleading Pant UM501. Carrying the sleek swirl design throughout the men's cheer uniform proved to be a outstanding sight. A bold white mystique applique embroidery proudly displays their school spirit across the center chest of these stunning All Star cheerleading uniforms.

If you're ready to bring your cheer team's confidence and spirited swag to the next level, then check out our large selection of the most innovative cheerleading apparel in the industry. Click here to be the team that captivates the crowds this competitive season with GK cheerleading uniforms

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Sparkling GK Cheer Uniform Catches CDA Xtreme All Stars' Attention




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GK Sublimated Cheer Uniforms Set the Standard

Looking for a memorable cheerleading uniform that will turn heads this competitive season?  Take a look at Advanced Cheer All Starz in Arkansas City, KS new fashion forward sublimated GK cheer uniforms. This sensational team stole the show at Arkansas City's Fall Fest as they sported their beautiful, cutting-edge cheerleading apparel. Onlookers couldn't get over the sleek, stylish design and the clean, seamless look of these girl's cheer uniforms.

Advanced All Stars in GK Sublimated Cheer Uniform GK Sublimated Cheer Uniform is a Hit with Advanced Cheer All Stars

GK Ink'd Sublimated Cheer Uniform

These cheer cuties are showing their fabulous team spirit in a sublimated V Neck Long Sleeve Cheer Top SBC203 and Low Rise Basic Cheerleading Short SBC604. A seamless, translucent star design is beautifully printed directly on inktek fabric and flawlessly covers the entire cheerleading top and cheer shot in one consistent flow. Rich purple, white, and black ink saturate this All Star cheerleading uniform for a fantastic display of captivating color. Team pride radiates from team logo that practically jumps off this extraordinary cheer top. White mystique binding around the v neckline creates a clean, crisp finish to this inspiring All Star cheerleading uniform.

Click here to learn more about our ink'd sublimated line that gives you endless possibilities to create a one-of-a-kind cheerleading uniform, or fill out our Sublimation Form to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Platinum Onyx Rocks Worlds 2014 In Sublimated Practice Wear

Perfection Prep All Star Cheer Strikes Big in GK Sublimated Cheer Uniforms

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Sublimated GK Cheer Uniforms Give ICE Mini Flurries an Affordable Custom Look

ICE Athletics Mini Flurries will undoubtedly steal the show this season in their stylishly sassy sublimated GK cheer uniform. Standing here with her sister, this little lady shows no short supply of team spirit as she sports her fabulous custom All Star cheerleading uniform for the camera. After a couple year break from the Mini One program Amy Yoder, ICE Fort Wayne Gym Director and Coach, is so excited to have them back and looking better than ever. As Amy puts it, "We know our Mini Flurries look the fiercest of them all in their new GK Cheer sublimated uniforms." 

ICE Athletics Mini Flurries in Custom GK Cheer Uniforms

ICE Athletics Custom Sublimated GK Cheer Uniform

This adorable mini is rocking our V Neck Long Cheer Top SBC203 and Low Rise Basic Cheer Short SBC604.  Rich navy blue fades into a bright white background laying the perfect canvas for stunning golden yellow and beautiful blue transparent swirls to dance across this custom cheer top printed on inktek fabric. Intricate depth and dazzling ombre effects bring this All Star cheer uniform to the next level. Ice Athletics logo is dramatically printed on the front and back of this one-of-a-kind GK cheerleading uniform while navy nylon/spandex binding trims the v neckline. 

Design your own cheerleading uniform without paying custom prices! Ink'd by GK Cheer features the highest quality inks, state-of-the-art printing technology, and the finest fabrics to give you the most exquisite display of sublimated cheerleading apparel. Fill out our Sublimation Form today to get started creating your dream All Star cheer uniform today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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GK Cheer Uniforms Symbolize School Spirit for Patterson Mill High Cheer Squad

High school cheerleading is not just a hobby, but a passion, a dedication to something bigger than yourself, and a valiant call to keep school spirit blazing during the good and bad times. So don't you think these sideline warriors deserve a cheerleading uniform that is equally as astounding as their efforts?  Head Varsity Cheerleading Coach, Robin Yates of Patterson Mill High in Bel Air, MD did, which is why she chose to outfit her athletes in the highest quality, most innovative cheerleading apparel in the industry, GK Cheer

Patterson Mill High in GK Cheer Uniforms

Patterson Mill in GK Cheer UniformPatterson Mill Varsity Cheer Squad is beaming with school spirit in our stylish Side Panel Halter Cheer Long Top U118L. This modified racerback cheer top features black drytech fabric creating a timeless appeal while providing ultimate moisture-wicking and anti microbial protection. Shimmering rainforest mystique side panels and stylish halter top design add their school color into this fashionable cheerleading uniform. Sparkling clear Swarovski® Crystals embellish the sleeves and captivate the crowds every time. The highlight of this cheer uniform is a contrasting white drytech applique embroidery logo outlined in clear Swarovski® Crystals exemplifying the bright, steady light these athletes are to their school. To keep on budget, they chose our affordable basic DryTech Cheerleading Short CB501 that flawlessly fits with their inspiring cheerleading uniform top.

Outfit your cheer team in cheerleading apparel that is as dedicated to your athletes as you are. Contact your local cheer account manager or our customer service department to take your team spirit to the next level.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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GK Cheer Uniform Outshines Expectations for Limelight All Stars

Limelight Cheer All Stars from Ontario, Canada wanted a memorable cheerleading uniform that captivated their team's sparkling personality and GK Cheer delivered!  The second they received their new All Star cheer uniforms there was no doubt GK Cheer took them to the next level.

Limelight Cheer All Stars in GK Cheerleading UniformLimelight Cheer in GK Cheer Uniforms ‚ÄčGK Cheer Uniform

GK Cheerleading UniformThe girl's were mesmerized by our fashionable Side Panel Halter Cheer Crop Top U118 and our Low Rise Side Star Cheer Short U736L. This memorable All Star cheerleading top utilizes our large variety of fabric combinations to create an innovative appeal. Black drytech is complimented by contrasting lime mystique side panels and an elegantly audacious halter top while shimmering sterling silver mystique binding crisply outlines the athletic racerback detail. Black mesh sleeves are generously embellished with brilliance Swarovski® Crystals for an outstanding shine. The spirited cheerleading skirt offers a stunning two tone star on the right hip in lime and sterling silver mystique outlined in brilliance Swarovski® Crystals. The true focal point of this All Star cheerleading uniform is the gorgeous team logo across outlined in brilliance Swarovski® Crystals heavily scattered across the center chest.

The men stand tall in our Crew Neck Raglan Men's Cheer Top UM103 and Men's Wide Side Stripe Cheer Pant UM501, a cheer apparel choice that perfectly coordinates with the girl's All Stars cheerleading uniform. This sleek black drytech boy's cheer top features striking lime mystique side panel stripes and a sterling silver mystique neckline. The same stunning team logo embellishes the front of this men's cheerleading top. 

Over the past five years, you, our loyal customer, have made GK Cheer the fastest growing cheerleading apparel company by constantly challenging us to design and build the highest quality, most cutting edge cheer uniforms in the sport. Visit our website to see how we can continue to take your cheerleading apparel to the next level and deliver better than you can imagine.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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GK Cheerleading Uniform Shows Spirit at Quapaw High School

The Quapaw Varsity Cats of Quapaw, OK are at it again in their fabulous GK cheerleading uniform.  A little over a year ago they celebrated their Battle of the Rings victory. This year, they took it to the next level by being named the Oklahoma Class 2a Regional Champions. Hard work, passion for the sport of cheerleading, and sleek, personalized cheer uniforms continue to keep this team on top!

Quapaw Varsity Cheer Team Wins in GK Cheer Uniform

The Quapaw High School Varsity Cheerleading Team took the title with our Abstract Flame Cheerleading Long Top, similar to our School Fit V Neck Liner U413L. Staying true to their school colors, this spirited cheer team chose kelly green nylon/spandex as the base and added contrasting white nylon/spandex to show off the fierce flame accents. Gun metal mystique adds sleek outlines to the v neck line and sophisticated design. They added their team name in a white applique embroidery to make it the centerpiece of this sensational school cheer uniform. Paired with our Low Rise Right Side Swirl Cheerleading Skirt U733L, in matching fabrics and colors, this cheer uniform is on the next level.

No need to pay custom prices for custom cheerleading apparel. All of our Special Order cheer apparel can be created to showcase your team's personality at an affordable price.  Design your winning girl's or boy's cheerleading uniform or cheer practice wear in our Design Studio today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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It's a GK Cheer Sublimated Uniform World for Elite Cheer Sensation

To be a trendsetter in the cheer industry you need an excellent eye for fashion, innovative vision, and the finest sublimated technology that can only be found at GK Cheer. Elite Cheer Sensation of Newport News, VA knows that in order to set that standard, you have to make a statement with your All Star cheerleading uniform, which is why they turned to GK Cheer for these cutting edge looks that are fit for nobility. You might remember reading about Elite Cheer Sensation team Superstars'  ink'd All Star cheerleading uniform that made its debut earlier this year at the 2014 Cheer Worlds. This All Star cheer uniform was the first ink'd by GK Cheer apparel to be worn at this prestigious event and made an epic memory worldwide. Below, you will hear about two more competitive cheer looks we have fallen in love with. 

GK Sublimated Cheer Wear Is Elite Cheer Sensation's First Choice

The first of the two new Nobility uniforms features our Double V Neck Long Sleeve Cheer Crop Top SBC100 in inktek fabric with a dramatic black background and contrasting white and purple style lines along the side. Purple nylon/spandex binding outlines the deep v neck line while purple and white accent angles add a pop of color to the Low Rise Wide Print Waistband Cheer Short SBC602.

Elite Cheer Sensation Nobility Sublimated GK Cheer Uniform



The second All Star cheer uniform showcases a stunning purple ombre effect printed on inktek fabric across our Double V Neck Long Sleeve Cheer Crop Top SBC100 and our Low Rise Basic Cheer Skirt SBC700.  A beautiful purple, silver, and black ribbon design is printed throughout this sublimated cheerleading uniform and a noble reminder to strive for "integrity at all costs" is printed on each sleeve in a beautiful script text.

With ink'd by GK Cheer, the sky is the limit when it comes to designing your own cheerleading uniform. It's time to get noticed and be a trendsetter this season. It's time for ink'd sublimated designs by GK Cheer to take over your cheerleading apparel.  

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

Check out these ink'd designs by Elite Cheer Sensation:

Elite Cheer Superstars Compete At Worlds 2014 In GK Sublimated Cheer Uniforms







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Sparkling GK Cheer Uniform Catches CDA Xtreme All Stars' Attention

CDA Xtreme senior level four coed All Stars of Chester, NY were all smiles when they received their fashion forward GK cheer uniforms. Their fierce cheer wear is only the start of a winning streak for this season's senior four team. This eye-catching ensemble is sure to captivate the judges attention as they rock their sassy spirit this competitive season in style.

CDA Loves Their New GK Cheer UniformsCDA Loves Their New GK Cheer Uniform

CDA's New GK Cheer UniformThis cheerleading uniform features flattering designs, funky accents, and sparkling embellishments.  Our Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Crop Top U169 offers a black drytech base with black mesh shoulder accents.  Electric turquoise mystique and white drytech add brilliant contrasting color to the intricate woven sleeve design and cute strappy back.  Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS generously embellish the sleeve for a sparkle that shines brighter than the stars in the sky.  They added their team name in an electric turquoise and white drytech applique embroidery across the center chest and outlined it in more brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  These athletes paired this sensational cheer crop top with our Low Rise Single Waist Binding Cheer Skirt U742L in black drytech with an electric turquoise and white drytech waist band to complete this All Star cheerleding uniform. 

If you love this look, design your own School Fit or All Star cheerleading uniform with our Design Studio!  Our Special Order Cheer Uniforms are the perfect way to create a customized look that captivates your team's personality at an affordable price!   All of our All Star cheer uniforms include the finest crystals by Swarovski and give you the chance to create your dream cheerleading apparel online!  Visit our Design Studio to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level. 

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Cheerville Athletic Girl's GK Cheer Uniform Pops with Personality

These sassy sisters from Cheerville Athletic All Stars in Hendersonville, TN love showing over their spunky spirit in their perfect fit GK cheerleading uniforms. Olivia, level 4, and Addie L., level 2, have fallen head over heels with the sport of cheerleading and are so excited to have All Star cheerleading apparel that explodes with the same size passion!   

Cheerville All Stars Love Their GK Cheer Uniform

Cheerville Athletics GK Cheer Uniform These Cheerville Athletic All Stars are feeling confident in our perfect fit One Shoulder Swirl Cheer Uniform Long Top U171L. This fashionable All Star cheer top is designed in sapphire nylon/spandex with bright neon green drytech accents along the sleeve swirl design and keyhole back. White tech mesh brings a clean, fresh pop to this energetic GK cheer top while adding an unbeatable breathable comfort.  No All Star cheerleading uniform is complete without a sparkling finishing touch. Brilliance Swarovski® Crystals outline the asymmetrical, off the shoulder neckline and accent their team name displayed across the front in a neon green and white drytech applique embroidery.  For a flawless finish, Cheerville Athletics chose our Low Rise Basic Cheer Skirt U701L designed in sapphire nylon/spandex and a thick neon green drytech waistband. 

Did you know that all of our boys and girls GK cheerleading apparel styles come in a wide range of sizes to outfit your tiniest tumblers to your level 5 All Stars?  Create a unified, professional look across your entire gym by designing coordinating girls and boys cheer uniforms for each level. Get started by checking out our girls and boys cheerleading wear size chart today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

Click the link below to see how Cheerville Athletics unified their look:

Cheerville Athletic All Stars are Stunning in GK Cheerleading Uniforms



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How to Create Your GK Cheer Apparel Total Package

Encore All Stars of Baxley, GA took their team cheer wear to the next level by capitalizing on the wide variety of cheerleading apparel and cheer accessories GK Cheer offers. Working closely with GK Cheer Account Manager, Kristin Libby, this gym created a professional, unified All Star cheer look at an affordable price!

Encore All Stars in GK Cheer Apparel Total Package

GK Cheer Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Crop Top U169Encore outfitted their athletes in our Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Crop Top U169 and our matching Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Long Top U169L for the younger girls.  This eye-catching All Star uniform cheer top is designed in black drytech with brilliant pops of contrasting color. Seaglass sparkle hologram sleeves create the perfect canvas for berry mystique and white nylon/spandex accents to showcase the unique vine sleeve design. Clear Swarovski® Crystals are intricately placed along the stylish square neckline and unique strappy back for a fire and brilliance that outshines the competition every time. To take their team spirit to the next level, Encore All Stars added their branded logo across the center chest in more sparkling clear Swarovski® Crystals. They paired this captivating cheer top with our affordable In Stock Side Twist Cheerleading Short CB527 making this All Star cheerleading uniform the finest display of team spirit on the competition floor. 

GK Cheer Fitted Micro Knit Warm Ups


To keep the unified look going, Encore personalized our Fitted Micro Knit Warm Up Jacket L1037 and Fitted Micro Knit Warm Up Pant L1038.  This cheerleading warm up suit is the perfect balance between fashion and functionality.  A sleek, fitted silhouette gives way to a media pocket on the right sleeve, adjustable sleeve lengths, and secure zippered pockets on both the jacket and pants, not to mention the soft, flexible micro knit material.  Encore added their team logo in silver and turquoise hologram sequinz across the back. 

Under Armour Hustle Backpack 6231


To finish off this sensational branded look, these All Stars embroidered their gym name on our Under Armour Pink Hustle Backpack 6231PK. This storm treated, athletic back pack offers front water repellent, vented HeatGear® adjustable shoulder straps, and two side water bottle pockets. 

GK Cheer is your one stop shop for all your cheerleading apparel needs, including sizes for your younger girls and boys on the team. Let us brand your team with a unique, personalized look that will give you that competitive edge you've been looking for. Contact your local Cheer Account Manager to create your branded total cheer apparel package today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Introducing Heath Haskell, GK Cheer's Newest Northeast Region Territory Account Manager

GK Cheer is excited to announce the newest member of our sales force, co-director of Premier Cheer Athletics in Latham, NY and State Cheerleading Director for Rhode Island, Heath Haskell. Heath will be the Territory Account Manager for Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts. He comes to us with an extensive background in the cheer industry, which includes 18 years of coaching, 20 years of judging, and being a USASF State Director for Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Heath has a tremendous amount of experience in cheer uniform sales, and when asked why he decided to join us, he said "GK Cheer looks to the future of cheerleading and is reinventing the industry."  Keep reading to hear why Heath Haskell is the perfect addition to the GK Cheer sales force.

Heath Haskell, GK's Newest Territory Cheer Account Manager

GK: As a gym owner and coach, what do you look for in a cheerleading uniform? How does GK Cheer meet that need?
I really look for a well fitting, custom School Fit or All Star cheer uniform that is athletic and long lasting.  GK Cheer meets those needs by offering custom cheer apparel that is fit tested extensively to ensure a great fit. The fact that I can use GK Cheer as an avenue to further my brand is something that is really exciting for not only me, but the gym as well.    

GK: As a judge, what do you notice most about cheerleading uniforms?
HH: I really notice the customization that certain cheer uniforms have. You do notice construction from the stand, but primarily you see the embellished uniforms that GK Cheer is known for.

GK: What are the gyms in Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts looking for in an All Star or School Fit cheerleading uniform?
HH: The gyms in the Northeast corridor are definitely looking for an avenue to explore their creative sides.  With that said, GK Cheer offers them the ability to do a one-of-a-kind cheer uniform that doesn't exist any where else.  The trend right now for Northeast high school teams is to have their cheerleading apparel look more like All Star cheer wear. Cheerleading gyms are definitely leading by example and setting trends on the cheer uniform front. The gyms are looking more for mesh, embellishment with jewels and sequinz™ and a one-of-a-kind look that encompasses their brand. 

GK: How will your past experience of judging and coaching help you in your new position?
HH: I have made so many great friends who own gyms and coach high school teams. Since one of my former positions allowed me to travel extensively throughout New England, I have made many connections that will help me in my position. I have a great reputation as being an honest, hard working consultant for the cheerleading apparel industry, and coaches really want someone they can trust. 

GK: What makes you most excited about being part of the GK Cheer family?
HH: Knowing that everyone is commited to helping each other out. The production facility being located right in the building with design and management is a really nice change being that errors or issues can be corrected instantly. That part makes me not only relieved, but also excited that our customers will be able to receive their custom GK cheerleading uniforms on time with little to no production issues.

Welcome to the family, Heath! We are so excited to have you a part of the GK Cheer team and look forward to all that you will bring to enhance brand awareness in the Northeast corridor. 

If you live in Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or the western part of Massachusetts and are looking to take your cheer team's uniforms to the next level, contact Heath at 603-306-1884 or hhaskell@cheergk.com to get started today!

Live in another territory and need a next level look? Find your Account Manager here!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.


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Why Cheer Tyme Chooses GK Cheer Apparel

Did you know that the first cheerleading gym in Pennsylvania, Cheer Tyme,  started out in back yards and rented spaces?  Now, 16 years later, Cheer Tyme has expanded to three locations and has over 20 different teams. We got together with Kim Braasch, owner of Cheer Tyme, to hear about her journey and why she continually chooses GK cheer wear for her All Star athletes.

Cheer Tyme Love Chooses GK Cheer Apparel

GK: You have been a loyal customer of GK for five years. What do you like best about GK Cheer?
CT: We love the cutting edge designs as well as the comfortable fabric used for our cheerleading apparel.

GK: Tell us about your relationship with GK.
CT: GK Cheer has continuously gone above and beyond to keep us a happy customer.  Thanks to our proximity to the factory, we have been given the tour to see how the magic happens.  It was amazing to see the processes involved going from the pattern department to the racks for the ready to ship cheerleading garments.

GK: What makes Cheer Tyme stand out from other gyms?
CT: As gym owners, Crasher and I have fostered many worldwide relationships within our industry and continue to participate on advisory boards and committees to try to better our industry.  I believe Cheer Tyme athletes are a direct reflection of their coaches and owners and we strive to set the positive example for the kids to follow.  We also strive to not only be the best, but to raise the bar in choreography and music.  Every day we seek ways to better our program for our customers. 

GK: Why do you have team names such as love, passion, and obsession? What other names are there and why?
CT: Our gyms have a philosophy of “Love” themed teams to promote goodwill and passion toward the sport of All Star Cheer.  We want our customers to fall “in love” with our gyms and the rest of the world to love Cheer Tyme.  It creates a positive environment for the athletes and their coaches.  Our other teams include Desire, Intensity, Kiss, Crush, Nirvana, Embrace, Adore, Infinity, Heartbreakers, Cherish, Flirt, Heartbeats, Heartstoppers, Envy, Sweethearts, Secret, Cupids, Charm, Muscle, Knockouts, Devotion, Sweetie Pies, Blush, and our special needs team is called Inspiration.  These terms of endearment create a family atmosphere in our gyms.

GK: Tell us about the growth and expansion you are experiencing and about your new location.
CT: We had opened up our Chantilly, VA location three years ago and have experienced great success.  We recently bought Infinity All Stars in Fairfax, VA to add to our Northern Virginia expansion.  The customers in the northern VA area have been a joy to work with and we see big things for the future of Cheer Tyme.

GK: We saw on your Facebook page that you are restarting the Inspiration team.  What made you come to this decision?
CT: We never wanted to lose that team but since our coach who was certified in special education moved away, we needed to find a qualified replacement.  We have since found such a person and we are moving forward with our team.  The addition of special needs teams in our industry creates a humbling yet fulfilling experience for everyone who gets to either work with them or just gets to enjoy their performances. 

GK: What are some of the benefits you have seen in having a special needs cheer team?
CT: The athletes and coaches who work with the team learn so much about teamwork and humility.  They create relationships with those less fortunate, and it gives them a thrill to partake in the daily success of each special needs athlete.  Just yesterday one of our special needs athletes got to ring the bell (earned a new skill) in the gym!  What an amazing accomplishment that was!  Everyone feels like a winner who works with that team!

GK: Do you have any other comments or final remarks?
CT: We feel blessed to be able to provide an opportunity for children to learn to shine and become the future leaders of America.  We feel we have surrounded ourselves with an amazing staff of talented and caring coaches to provide the best instruction possible to our athletes.  Sixteen years ago we were practicing in people’s backyards and gymnastics studios. Today we are living our dream.  We want others to feel the “Love” and “Obsession” that we have for the kids and for the sport we have all come to Love. 

Congratulations, Kim on your continued success and thank you for always choosing GK cheerleading apparel for your All Star athletes. We look forward to continuing to outfit the Cheer Tyme All Stars in the most innovative designs in the industry! 

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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GK Cheer Uniforms Receive High Praise from Central High School Cheer Squad

Central High School (CHS) Varsity Cheer Squad was recently awarded the Best In State Sponsorship from GK Cheer for their award winning record, strong team spirit, and excellent taste in GK cheerleading apparel. At every game, this sideline team continues to keep a victorious spirit high throughout the crowd and cheer their team to victory. The CHS cheer squad recently received their sleek new School Fit cheerleading uniforms and was delightfully overwhelmed at their stylish new team cheer apparel!

 CHS Loves Their New GK Cheer Uniforms

Hanna Ducote, a Senior Varsity Cheerleader, couldn't wait to sport her fabulous new GK cheerleading apparel. She tells us, “CHS loves our new GK cheer uniforms. They make our cheer team look so sharp. I love the lightweight material that is perfect with our weather in Louisiana.” CHS Moderator, Sharon Ball, was equally impressed with the cheerleaders new look and couldn't believe the incredible amount of positive feedback from the crowd. She tells us, “CHS debuted our new GK cheerleading uniforms at our community pep rally, Meet the Wildcats. The Varsity Cheerleaders performed our home pom dance and received so many compliments on the new look. Thank you again GK Cheer for a great new cheer uniform!“   

CHS's New GK Cheer UniformThe Central High School sweethearts chose our School Fit Triple Wrap Cheer Shell E414L and paired it with our coordinating School Fit Triple Wrap Cheer Uniform Liner U415L for those cooler nights. Their school colors are proudly displayed against the black drytech backgound. White drytech and wineberry nylon/spandex accent the wrap around triple band detail for a clean, sophisticated look. Their team name is proudly displayed across the center chest in a white drytech applique embroidery that is outlined in black drytech. Our School Fit Basic Cheerleading Skirt CB703 brings a timeless silhouette to this classic cheer uniform. 

Are you ready to be the envy of every cheer team? If so, check out our Design Studio where you can create your own cheerleading uniform in your team colors. Choose from our large variety of cheerleading apparel and add your team's personality for a one-of-a-kind look that will set the standard where ever you go. 

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