Classic GK Cheer Uniform Ushers in New Beginnings for Extreme All-Stars

It's a time of new beginnings for Extreme All-Stars of Glasgow, KY. Drew Bewley-White, of the Cheerleader Magazine, recently took this gym under her wing and coaches the Mini Level 1 and Youth Level 2 competitive teams. First order of business: design a new GK Cheer uniform to sport their team pride and set the stage for this new start. As soon as their cheerleading uniforms arrived, Drew knew she had found a cheer apparel brand that can capture her vision perfectly. She tells us, "When I took this program over, I had no doubt that GK Cheer would do an awesome job! I was right, we love our new All Star cheerleading uniforms by GK Cheer! They are exactly what we were hoping for and more. We wanted a cheer uniform that screamed 'EXTREME IS BACK', and with these throwback colors and style, it was everything we envisioned."

Extreme Cheer All Stars Sport GK Cheer Uniform

Extreme Cheer All Stars GK Cheer UniformExtreme All-Stars took it to the next level in our Arc Color Block Cheer Uniform Top U173L. Only the best for these All Star athletes, who designed this classic cheer top in white and columbia blue drytech fabric that features moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties to keep these athletes cool and comfortable. A cross body arc design creates a sleek and sporty feel to this All Star cheer uniform top. They personalized it by adding a custom applique embroidery logo in columbia blue drytech across the center chest with dazzling metallic gold Swarovski® crystals scattered throughout it. They paired this girl's cheer top with our regular rise Side Panel Cheer Skirt U706R designed with symmetrical side panels in columbia blue drytech outlined with metallic gold Swarovski® crystals, side slits, and a wide white drytech waistband.

Need a champion's look for this competitive season? Check out GK Cheer's large selection of Special Order Cheerleading Uniforms for girls and boys. Click here to access our Design Studio online to create your own All Star cheerleading uniform

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Milton Union Stands Out In Their GK Cheer School Fit Uniforms

Looking for a new cheer uniform on a budget?  Check out what Milton Union's Youth Cheerleading did to take their cheerleading uniforms to the next level while staying under budget!  This sideline GK cheerleading uniform was the perfect solution to finding cutting edge, quality cheer apparel at a reasonable cost.  Carey Tiernan, director of the program, tells us, "I'm excited I could get our youth program into a high quality GK cheer uniform at a price that fits into the budget of a youth school team!  Since we came in under budget, we were able to purchase the Turtleneck Long Sleeve Crop Top CB127 to pair with this for colder games."

These sideline sweethearts are ready to sport their team spirit in their ink'd sublimated School Fit Cheer Shell SBC400 and matching School Fit Cheer Skirt SBC704. This one-of-a-kind cheerleading uniform boasts of the finest sublimation features in the industry.  The brilliant red v neck cheer top, which is printed on InkTek fabric, was designed to perfectly match the Red DryTech cheer skirt, and the sight is astonishing!  Black DryTech accents create dynamic angles throughout this GK cheer uniform for an athletic appeal!  Adding their school spirit at every angle, this personalized uniform is ready to lead their team to victory!

Many companies are in the sublimation business, but not all sublimation is the same.  The ink'd program at GK has been years in the making, taking the necessary time to research the best technology, fabrics and inks.  Click here to find out how you can design your own sublimated cheerleading uniform or fill out our Sublimation Form to get started today! 
GK Cheer. The Next Level.
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Kylee Small-Rogers Will Take South Florida to the Next Level with GK Cheer Apparel

Kylee Small-Rogers, the newest GK Cheer Account Manager for South Florida, is pumped up and ready to give South Florida's cheerleaders a competitive edge with GK cheerleading apparel!  In an interview with this former Miami Dolphin Cheerleader, Kylee gives GK the scoop on how she plans to take South Florida to the next level!

Kylee Small-Rogers, GK Cheer Account Manager for South Florida

GK:  What are you most excited about joining the cheer sales team?

KSR:  I'm excited about my expanded opportunity to offer my customers innovative and creative GK cheerleading uniforms and cheer apparel.  The GK team is known world wide and cares about our customers and the quality of our garments. Cheerleaders love our four way stretch fabrics, our variety of fabric choices, and of course GK's outstanding fit!

GK:  How does your background as a college athlete and a Miami Dolphin Cheerleader help you in your job?

KSR:  As a former professional Miami Dolphin Cheerleader and college athlete, my background is beneficial to my role because I have first hand experience knowing the importance of fit, performance, and styling of cheer uniforms.  As I was able to travel the world with the Miami Dolphins, I know first hand that your cheer uniform represents you and your team at all times!  Proper apparel and styling is essential for all teams, whether it is a gym club, school, or All Star team.  I definitely know what stands out in the crowd!

GK:  You were involved in the development of GK Cheer over 5 years ago.  What changes do you see from then to now?

KSR:  Cheerleading trends are now even more innovative and customized.  With stylized uniform backs, unique sleeve patterns, as well sublimated fabrics, GK Cheer brings fashion to the forefront. I also see the use of more vibrant fabrics and combinations in customized cheer uniforms, along with Sequinz and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that really add that extra sparkle to the look!

GK:  Is there a favorite style or category of GK cheer that you especially love? 

KSR:  My favorite category of GK Cheer is Special Order Cheer Uniforms.  With over 10 years experience working for GK, I have the creativity, expertise, backround and knowledge to work with my customers to create their vision and ensure they receive outstanding All Star and School Fit cheerleading uniforms.  I've even worked with coaches designing special order apparel for athletes attending national championships.  Whether it is a High School Team, or an All-Star Team, with traditional styling, or customized styling, I feel that working as partners with coaches and sponsors brings that vision for their athletes to reality.

GK:  What are your plans for your Miami Territory?  How will you increase GK brand awareness?

KSR:  GK Cheer is a team approach that is personal and cutting edge.  Building relationships with teams, coaches and sponsors is key to increasing the GK brand awareness.  Referrals, networking, along with meeting with clients, gym owners, coaches and teams, all contribute to connecting cheer teams with GK Cheer.

GK:  Being the new Territory Account Manager in your area, how will you establish relationships with customers?

KSR:  Providing great customer service is key in establishing relationships with my customers.  I'm the person that is available at all times on my cell phone, and the "go-to" person for my customers when they need answers and results!

GK:  What are your long term goals for your area?

KSR:  My long term goals for my area include meeting with teams and clients, sharing information about all the GK cheer apparel, widening our recognition, and building the GK Cheer community!

GK:  Do you have any final remarks to share?

KSR:  I'm passionate about cheerleading.  From teaching young cheerleaders, working with youth groups, and participating in charity functions through out southeast Florida, to cheering and performing around the world, I just love this sport!  I look forward to meeting more coaches, sponsors, and athletes and sharing in their new cheer experiences.

Welcome to the GK Cheer family, Kylee! We are so fortunate to have such a talented and seasoned athlete to be apart of the GK Cheer sales force. We look forward to seeing all the new and exciting things you have in store for South Florida.

 If you need help designing your own cheerleading uniform, contact your local Cheer Account Manager today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Maryland Cheer Chargers Compete In GK Cheerleading Uniforms

The Maryland Cheer Chargers strutted their stuff at the U.S. Finals in Virginia Beach on May 3-4, 2014. These Tiny Voltz are engineered for cheer in their GK girls cheer uniforms. Below, they posed for a picture with Season Daugherty of Epic Brands! Owner Linda Marshall tells us, "I love the variety of uniform selection that GK has to offer.  The customer service provided to me is exceptional.  I don't care how many times I may change my mind about a design or style, the reps work with me pleasantly." 

Maryland Cheer Charges in GK Custom Cheer Uniforms with Season Daugherty of Epic Brands

These Maryland Cheer Charger Tinyz are absolutely adorable in a Layered Swirl Sleeve Cheer Top U157L and Low Rise School Fit Cheer Short U624L. This long cheer top features an elegant asymmetrical neckline with a layered swirl sleeve design and double binding straps across the left shoulder. Ruby and Black SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS embellish the "MCC" logo across the top to bring exceptional sparkle to this sassy All Star cheer uniform.

Ready to take your youth cheerleading uniforms to the next level? GK makes it easy with our wide selection of Special Order Cheerleading Apparel available in child and adult sizes! With GK's Special Order exclusive designs you can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to create your own unique cheer uniform. Just pick your look, pick your fabrics and colors, and add embellishments! Visit our Design Studio to get started creating your All Star cheer look today!

Have a new team member and need a fill-in uniform fast? Don't worry! GK is here to help! Introducing our new Rapid Re-Order Program where your order will be shipped in four weeks or it's FREE! Click here for complete details or visit our Rapid Re-Order Blog Post for more information on this ground breaking program!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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United Elite is Stunning in GK Cheerleading Uniforms

Emily from United Elite All Star Cheer in Rockwall, TX is a show stopper in her GK cheerleading uniform! Spectators couldn't stop gazing at the endless sea of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that sparkled like diamonds under the spotlights. She tells us that, "My uniform from GK is very noticeable. The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are brilliant and they shine bright and beautifully on stage. This uniform really makes you say "WOW!" Plus, it is very comfortable and easy to tumble, stunt, jump, and compete in. My gym loves these uniforms!"  

This All Star cheer uniform is anything but ordinary in our Royal, Black and White Nylon/Spandex four way stretch fabrics. The judges marvel at this Fierce Strappy Crop Top U144 adorned with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that outline the bold strappy back and an asymmetrical neckline adds elegant audacity to the front. Bold Royal Nylon/Spandex bands add a beautiful pop of color throughout this girls' cheerleading uniform. The classic Low Rise Single Stripe Hem Slit Cheer Skirt U713L, perfectly pulls this youth's cheerleading uniform into a clean finish as clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS add extra shine to the royal blue hem line.

Ready to take your All Star cheerleading uniform to the next level on the competition floor? Check out GK's Special Order Cheer Uniforms to design your own cheerleading uniform. With GK's Design Studio you can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to personalize your cheer teams uniform for next season!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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5 Star Cheer Makes a Statement with GK Special Order Uniforms


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Maci From Spirit Explosion Takes Center Stage in a GK Cheerleading Uniform

Look out cheer world! This Spirit Explosion superstar is on the radar and ready to rumble in her GK cheerleading uniform! Maci, who has been cheering with Spirit Explosion since she was four, tells GK that, "My uniform is part of who I am and who I represent when I walk onto the mat. This past year, my Mini 2 team won 1st place at the All Star Challange Return to Atlantis, Mid Atlantic Cheer Nationals, Garden State Championships, Cheer for Charity, Northeast Championships and The Spring Festival. This year, I will be taking the mat as a Youth 3 cheerleader. I am excited to start working with my new team and I'm looking forward to representing Spirit Explosion and GK both on and off the mat for many years to come!"

Maci from Spirit Explosion in Custom GK Cheerleading UniformMaci from Spirit Explosion in Custom GK Cheerleading Uniform

This spunky Spirit Explosion cheerleader is looking GK Fabulous in this sensational GK cheer uniform. This explosive ensemble features Navy and White Nylon Spandex throughout with Red Mystique fabric adding exquisite color and incredible sheen to this illustrious girls cheerleading uniform. The halter cheer crop top, similar to our Hi-Tech Cheer Crop Top U174, creates a dramatic design with cut out shoulders and a striking white style lines. The cheer skirt, which is similar to our Corner Accent Cheer Skirt U709R, compliments this girls cheer top with thick White Nylon/Spandex accent lines and Red Mystique corners stitched against a contrasting Navy Nylon/Spandex back drop. Let's not forget about the bling! Decorated in the most brilliant jewels in the industry, clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS strategically outline the style lines and embellish the signature SE logo on the front and a spectacular star on the back.

All of our in stock and special order GK cheer uniforms come in child sizes! Whether you are looking for cheer practice wear for your young athlete, or an All Star show stopper, GK has what you need! Flip through our 2014-2015 All Star Looks Catalog for your young All Star's elite look today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Every GK Cheerleading Uniform Is Available In Child Sizes

Need a cheer uniform for your younger athletes that is just as unique as your level 5 unis? Don't worry....we can help! Each one of GK's cheer styles are available in child sizes! Choose from our wide selection of Special Order and In Stock children's cheer practice wear and uniforms! We offer the widest selection of kids cheer uniforms in the industry and each one is sized with your young athlete in mind. 

Let GK help get your minis and tinys started with our perfect fit practice wear. Click here to see our wide variety of boys and girls cheer practice wear to find just what your younger teams need. All of our in stock cheerleading practice wear can be special ordered in your team's colors!

Ready to hit the mat? With GK's exclusive designs you can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors for infinite possibilities to create your own youth cheerleading uniformsWith long tops, one piece uniforms and cheer leotards available in every style, your young athlete will look like a star! Formulated for a perfect fit and top of the line 4-way stretch fabrics GK is engineered for cheer!

Whether your ordering uniforms for your mini or International Open 6 Team, GK cheer apparel has all the cheer wear essentials to take your team to the next level. Click here to view our full selection of GK cheerleading uniforms and practice wear for all levels of cheer. 

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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River City All Stars Know How Cheerleading Championships Are Won

We just love these cheer fashionistas from River City All Stars in River City! Not only is this team on the next level of cheer uniforms, but they are way ahead of the game. That's why we've officially moved them to the top of our hot all star cheer uniform list! GK isn't the only group looking at River City All Stars either; cheerleading judges have also taken an interest in them. At the UCA Hawkeye Classic, River City All Stars won overall best jumps and stunts, and they were the Champion Spirit Group Midwest Championships, as well as overall youth champions at the CSA Grand Finale. UCA All Star Nationals is up next! 

The River City All Stars couldn't look better in this sleek, modern, special order Off The Shoulder Cheer One Piece Uni U1101. The one piece uniform is a concept rapidly growing in popularity. As you can see, it lends itself to so many design possibilities. Here, River City took a Purple Nylon/Spandex uniform and wrapped it in faux ribbons of Iced Zebra and Black Nylon/Spandex for an animalistic torso design that can't be missed. The same zebra print adorns their asymmetrical neckline and separates the Purple Nylon/Spandex and Black Mesh on their sleeves, creating unique visuals that will stimulate their cheer audience's senses. But the best element of this one piece cheer uniform is the "one-piece!" Throughout River City's routine, while tumbling, stunting and dancing, the girls never have to worry about something falling out of place. It's all there in one stunning, form-fitting, and comfortable package. Add a splash of Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to the mix, and you have yourself a team of shining, fashion-forward champions. Way to go, River City! You look out-of-this-world gorgeous!

Sometimes it takes a big leap to step outside of the box, but in this case, what awaits you on the other side is a sense of pride and uniqueness that you won't discover otherwise. Take it to the next level with a One-Piece Cheer Uniform, where your glory awaits you. If you prefer a little assistance with the design process, our Cheer Account Managers are always happy to share their artistic expertise.

GK Cheer. The Next Level.

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Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleaders Take it to the Next Level

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading from Penn Run, PA step up their look with new GK Cheer Uniforms! The co-ed teams of various levels were ready for a look that would earn them the attention they deserve. In collaboration with their local GK Cheer representative they successfully designed three different uniforms to meet the needs of each of their teams, all with one consistent look. As you can see, the Cheer Trixx athletes are so happy with their choice!

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading used sparkling fabric to take their uniforms to the next level! Here, a combination of Mystique and Hologram fabrics create this radiant look. The women's special order Fierce Strappy Crop Top U144 and Fierce Strappy Uniform Top U144L both have Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to accent the straps and design lines. This top is designed in our Sunshine Mystique, Imperial Purple Mystique, and White Sparkle Hologram fabrics and features an asymmetrical neck line with long sleeves, and a fierce strappy back. The Cheer Trixx logo is proudly displayed on the front of each uniform with a Sunshine Mystique lightning bolt and "CT" in Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The team chose our Low Rise Asymentrical Swirl Short U509L in the same fabrics to create a continuous look for their youth teams, and chose to give their advanced squad a more distinguished style with a custom designed cheerleading skirt which features a bold lightning bolt pattern and a heavy dose of White Sparkle Hologram that's consistent with the pattern on the crop top. This skirt  features attached spankies in Sunshine Mystique.

Cheer Trixx All Star Cheerleading Male Athletes go brilliant and bold with an Imperial Purple Mystique Special Order V neck Raglan Men's Uni Top UM104 and matching Purple Ponte Special Order Men's Basic Cheer Uni Pant UM500. This solid silhouette is accented with  Sunshine Mystique style lines that trace the shoulders and sleeves and an embellished "CT" logo to coordinate with the rest of the team apparel. Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS give added glow to the striking men's uniform.

Cheer Trixx definitely knows how to elevate their style! Choose GK Cheer to take your team to the next level this season. Contact your local cheer representative to get started today!

GK Cheer. The Next Level.



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Warrior Elite All Stars Parade in GK Cheer Uniforms

Warrior Elite Allstars from Maui, HI were proud to rock their custom GK Cheer Uniforms in their local County Fair Parade. "Thank you for our custom uniforms! MAUI LOVES THEM! "We have received awesome compliments on our uniforms in the past and most recently our white capri suits made their debut in our county fair parade which made the crowd go wild! They absolutely loved it. This cheer apparel look was so out of the box, so different, so us!", says coach, Cyn Los Banos. She and two other coaches, Chante Diaz and Stacie Laferriere are excited to start this new season with a new cheer uniform look. Now in their third season with GK uniforms, the team is thrilled to start with a fresh modern look.

Warrior Elite is made up of 30 competitive cheerleaders and 5 exhibition cheerleaders. They have 4 teams this season and will be competing in the American showcase in Anaheim, California in April. Just this past March, Warrior Elite competed in the contest of champions and placed first in the youth level 1 and junior level 2 divisions. They also won a grand champion award for scoring the highest point in the entire level 1 division, which included a $1000.00 cash prize.

Warrior Elite is strutting their stuff in a special order Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Uniform Top U169L a square neck full length cheerleading uniform top with criss cross, knotted strappy back and abstract vine sleeve designs in White, Black, and Lavender Ice Mystique. Their team name and flower logo was created in Black Mystique and elegantly embellished in Lavender and Fuschia SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. A custom designed pant was made to match in White, Black, and Lavender Ice Mystique. This tasteful and clean look by GK is the perfect choice for this Hawaiian team to start their new season.

Are you looking for a unique look for your team? Shop our Special Order Cheer Uniforms today where you can customize your look by choosing any fabric and any color combination. Add your team name or logo in your choice of jewels, sequinz, applique embroidery or imprinting where available. If you are looking for a truly custom look, contact your local cheer representative. Tell us your vision and we will make it happen!

GK Cheer. Make A Statement.

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All Stars Australia Stand Out In GK

Based in Melbourne, Elite All-Stars is one of the fastest growing All-Star gyms in Australia. Beginning with only 20 students in 2011, the program has 3 competitive All-Star teams and several recreational squads and now has a beautiful state of the art facility for training. After substantial growth, the team knew they were ready for a stylish and a statement-making, comfortable look. 

Elite All-Stars coach shares, " I personally feel that uniforms represent that program. It's the first thing people will take notice of when you walk onto the competition floor.  Spectators make judgements based on the uniforms and it becomes the image of your program. Having viewed numerous uniform companies from around the world, I always knew I wanted to go with GK. GK has revolutionized cheerleading apparel around the world, set trends and has designs that cater for all ages."

The team debuted their GK uniforms at their first local competition this past June, and the athletes were so excited to show them off! Elite's Youth team debuted their tiny, mini and youth uniform in their first performance of the year. Coach adds, "As they warmed up, other clubs began taking notice and commenting on how gorgeous the uniforms were. During the award ceremony for their division, I had parents approaching me and congratulating me on how age appropriate the uniforms were and how much the uniforms stood out. Some people even stated that they were so focused on how sparkly and pretty the uniforms were and that they forgot to watch the routine! Needless to say that my youth team didn't want to take the uniform off after they had finished. They loved the attention they were receiving."

Elite's Youth Team is pictured above in GK Cheer's Off the Shoulder 3 Strap Cheer One Piece Uniform U1101. The team selected this sleek look in Gold and Black Mystique, White DryTech, and Black Mesh for an interesting mix. Scattered throughout bodice and arms are bandage inspired striped designs in Black and Gold Mystique with Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for added glamour.

Elite All-Star's senior team was thrilled to show off their new GK uniforms in front of a packed stadium. The coach humorously said, "Probably the best way to describe the reaction from everyone was mouths open and lots of drool. The photos do not capture how much these uniforms sparkled, the minute they hit the competition floor you heard gasps and lots of WOW's. I had wanted to design a uniform for the seniors that was strappy, sparkled and a uniform Australia had never seen before. I was hesitant due to the mesh sleeves. Having never had a team with mesh sleeves before I didn't know how they would withstand stunts or if they would scratch their arms. These uniforms are so well made that after they had competed they still looked brand new. Like the Youth team I had spectators, clubs, parents and coaches approaching me. I had several coaches from other clubs inquiring how they could purchase the uniform just to wear around home because it was SO BEAUTIFUL! Elite All-Stars would like to say a huge thank you to GK who has made the whole process fun and exciting! We can't wait to show them off again at next competition."

Shown below is our Abstract Vine Sleeve Cheer Crop Top U169 with cool strappy back design. The girls love the open criss-cross back, square neck crop top chosen in Black, Gold, and White Mystique with Black Mesh sleeve accents. To top it off, the Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS delicately fill in around the vine sleeves and display their custom "Elite" logo. Our elastic waistband Low Rise Round Edge Cheer Short U525L is the perfect finishing touch with it's curved crystalized styling on front and back of hips and narrow accent stripe along front.

If you love this team's extraordinary look, check out GK Cheer's Special Order section of our 2013 Make A Statement Catalog.

GK Cheer. Make A Statement.

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Southern Charms are Growing in GK!

Southern Charm Cheerleading, from Waynesboro, Virginia is growing and at a very fast pace! This program began in 2009 with only 13 athletes renting space in a dance studio a few times a week. Owner/Director, Erica Campaigne grew the program to 40 athletes that first year. After their third year together, the teams decided they were ready for new uniforms. Erica shares, "After looking at many catalogs, I knew GK was where I wanted to order through. The designs were up and coming and very chic and sporty."

The girl's team recently attended the Battle at the Beach in Myrtle Beach and were told if there was an award for prettiest uniforms on stage, it would've gone to them. Charm is known among parents and other athletes to have the cutest purple uniforms. The girls feel great in their new cheerleading apparel and had a wonderful 4th season in 2012-2013. Their Mini and Senior 4.2 teams (level 4 stunts, level 2 tumbling) were started up again, Youth girls moved into Level 2, and Senior 3, 4.2 and 6 teams won JamFest Nationals! Senior 3 received 4th place out of 17 at the US Finals and Senior 4.2 won first place! Girls team 4.2 was proud to have won the US Finals Championship their 4th season.


This year, Charm has a brand new facility complete with competition lighting and sound. Now offering MiniPrep level 1, Mini level 2, Youth level 3, Junior level 1, Senior level 2, Senior level 4, and their first IOC 5.

The girls from Charm are so excited to begin another season and their coach remarks, "Thank you to GK Cheer for helping us design uniforms that get our athletes noticed and make them feel like the stars I know they are."

Charm is wearing GK's Cheerleading Crop Top U145 in Purple Nylon/Spandex, White Mesh and Gold Mystique. The top features a White Mystique Custom Appliqué of their team name Charm along with Gold Hologram Sequinz. If you like this top you might want to check out our Sleeve Binding Cheer Crop Top U146 a V neck cheerleading uniform crop top with 3 stripe binding long sleeves and strappy open back. The team chose  GK's Basic Cheerleading Skirt U701 in Purple Nylon/Spandex with Gold Hologram Sequinz embellishment to complete their All Star look. Teams can choose their fabric and colors to design GK Cheerleading Uniforms as unique as they are!

If you love Southern Charm's look, shop GK's Special Order Cheer Uniforms today or contact your local cheer representative to help you design a look of your own!

GK Cheer. Make A Statement.

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Congratulations to GK's Cash for College Scholarship Winners!

GK is excited to announce the winners of the first ever Cash for College Scholarship Contest!   The goal of GK's Cash for College Scholarship was to recognize and reward the volunteer efforts of high school juniors and seniors across the country.  Cheerleaders are dedicated athletes who spend long hours at the gym, yet, many still find time to give back to their community.  GK wanted to shine a light on those exceptional individuals to share with the world that kindness and support for one another goes well beyond the cheer gym.

The Grand Prize winner of a $1,000 Scholarship is Lacey Dunn from Peachtree City, Georgia!  Lacey plans on heading to Clayton State University after graduation.  She currently cheers for her high school's varsity squad and for Ace All Star Cheerleading. 

Lacey said, "Cheerleading and volunteering are both huge aspects in my life.  I love to dedicate my time to helping others and changing their lives for the better! Volunteering has taught me that helping others not only benefits them, but it makes you happy! It's a way to share love to others and touch their lives."

Lacey has spent time volunteering at local animal shelters and has assisted in running summer cheer programs for youth at her school.  "Cheerleading and volunteering have brought me so much joy and I hope to do both in my life through college and beyond," Lacey said.

Congratulations Lacey on your $1,000 Scholarship from GK!


The Second Prize winner of a $500 scholarship is Alyssa Dasca from Costa Mesa, California.  Alyssa attends Costa Mesa High School and is a member of her school's cheerleading squad.

Alyssa told GK, "Throughout my high school cheerleading career, I have been actively involved in community service with my team.  Each year, as a team we donate over 10,000 hours to community service."  Alyssa talked about how a commitment to community service strengthens her squad as a group and how she has gained tremendous personal reward from her volunteer activities.

Alyssa continued, "Doing so much community service at such a wide variety of events has helped me become a better person and it has helped me to understand the difficulties that others face." 

Congratulations Alyssa on your $500 Scholarship from GK!


The Runner-up and winner of a $250 scholarship is Lauren Deutscher from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Lauren will be attending North Carolina State University in the fall in Raleigh, North Carolina.  For the last four years she has cheered with the Virginia Wild All Stars.


"Helping out others, seeing the impact, knowing someone is better off now that they received help are all benefits that come from volunteering and helping out others in the community," said Lauren in her submission to GK.  Lauren talked about how cheering for Virginia Wild for the past four years has granted her many, many opportunities to volunteer and touch the lives of those in her community and how she has grown as a person, coach, and athlete as a direct result of those opportunities. 

Lauren said, "Seeing how much something simple can touch others inspires me to volunteer and I will continue to volunteer in college." 

Congratulations Lauren on your $250 Scholarship from GK!


GK would like to thank all those fantastic and volunteer-oriented cheerleaders who applied for the Cash for College Scholarship Contest. We received many inspiring entries.  GK is proud to be part of a sport that reaches outside of itself to help in so many ways and wherever possible.  We are equally proud to outfit cheerleaders - from custom uniforms to practice wear and everything in between.  Check out the 2012 Cheer Catalog here.

Different is Better. Be Different.


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Trinity All-Stars Shine in Custom GK Cheerleading Uniforms

Trinity All-Star Cheerleading out of Powell, Ohio needed a new cheer uniform, but they didn't want anything already seen in competition.  They wanted their own custom design.  One call to GK Representative Lori Johnson got things started.  Lori worked with Kelly Winbigler and Michael Render, Co-Owners of Trinity All-Stars Gymnastics and Cheerleading, to navigate the journey from idea, to sketch, to sample - to the finished custom cheer uniform.   

"We have received compliments from other teams and coaches on our GK Cheerleading Uniforms at every competition due to our unique design.  There is really nothing out there today that is anything like it.  With Lori's help, the design process was easy and timely.  From sizing to delivery, GK exceeded our expectations.  Sizing was well organized and fast and we received our uniforms earlier than expected!  The fit of the uniforms is above par compared with any other uniform company.  The 4-way stretch allows our athletes to move withTAS 2 ease in competition.  Most importantly, our athletes and families love our GK uniforms, not only for the style, but also for the ease of care.  THANKS GK!  WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO FOR COMPETITIVE CHEERLEADING AND GYMNASTICS!”

Black Sylktech, Silver Mystique and Kelly Sparkle fabrics were chosen to create Trinity's custom creation.  The large star design on the front of the cheer top provides a shimmering background for the distinctive Trinity logo.  The style lines that wrap around the entire cheer top are what Trinity envisioned and
Trinity comp.
are an original concept not seen in the pages of our catalog. Their cheer uniforms truly started from scratch. The team boldly spelled out TRINITY in clear crystals for more sparkle - adding the name to the back of their custom uniform.

Check out some of the members of Trinity's Sr. Level 5 in their custom creation! Trinity also has a Jr. Level 3, Youth Level 2, Mini Level 1 and new for 2012 - a recreational youth/junior team.  They collected several 1st place awards in 2011 and a National Championship title.

Is your team wild about stars?  Check out GK's Shining Star Cheer Uniform Top U138L and Low Rise Chic Star Skirt U721L.  Do you need coordinating men's cheerleading uniforms? Check out GK's Shining Star Men's Uniform Top UM111 paired with Men's Basic Cheer Pant UM500 for an awesome team look!

If your team has an original idea in mind, find your local GK Representative here or visit our Design Studio to see what your idea can become!

GK cheer uniforms are created for optimum fit and performance.  You'll be able to feel the difference with our exclusive four-way super-stretch fabrics and proprietary fit formula. Dare to be different at your next competition with GK's infinite customization options from fabrics and colors to jewels, sequinz, embroidery and imprinting.

Go with the original, the innovator, the brand that started the revolution.
Go with GK.

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Meet Cassie Dib, Rhode Island and Connecticut GK Cheer Territory Account Manager

Cassie Dib has fully invested her time in cheerleading since she began her career as a cheerleader at Oskaloosa High School in Iowa and now she is continuing her passion for cheer as a GK Cheer Territory Account Manager for the Rhode Island and Connecticut areas.  After high school cheerleading, she went on to cheer at William Penn University for four years while coaching at her Alma Mater.  Cassie participated in the 2007 WPU Competitive Dance Team and cheered on the Rebel Xtreme adult AWOL team in Iowa City.

Cassie Dib, Rhode Island and Connecticut GK Cheer Territory Account ManagerThroughout her time cheering and coaching, Cassie has helped choreogaph cheerleading routines, held youth cheerleading clinics, and participated in a wide variety of other cheerleading activities and events.  Cassie's immense cheer experience will help her to serve GK Cheer customers in her new home in East Providence, Rhode Island!  Cassie says, " I look forward to helping teams from the Rhode Island and Connecticut areas design and invest in some amazing GK Cheerleading Uniforms and Dance Team gear!"

Looking for Cheerleading Uniforms in the Rhode Island and Connecticut areas?  Contact Cassie at  Contact information for GK Cheer Territory Account Managers in other parts of the country can be found here.

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